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175lb/40" chest and size M in Bedfords? Maybe you like the way it fits but it was no go for me.
Yes and yes. I'm between D and E width and 8.5 were too tight.
I'm same size as you in your listed lasts and wear Grant lasted ct boots in size 9D. Tried size 8.5 and it was no go.Good luck
I'm 5'8 / 40" chest, very developed shoulders 17'8" and weight between 168-170 lb.Brown Homespun Bedford was a bit uncofortable/tight in shoulders and chest if I was wearing medium weight flannel bd or very light knit.I really like the fit of black Moleskin Bedford in L. Will have to shorten the sleeves on it as my ideal sleeve length is at 25".I also took the advice of @cyc wid it and his Bedford fit pictures in size L.good luck
good info. I'm 5'8, 168lb and thinking to go for size L in Villain.
Alright Gents! I will burn these Disels at the cottage next time I have APC, Momos, PBJ, Tellason and still manage to wear these around the house.
noted lol. had my old denim on and decide to make a quick picture.
Glad it helped you TS.I should start taking better pictures. The jacket looks so much better in real life.
These dusty calf derbies should be mine soon since I passed on BCC boots.
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