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Will be getting a pair of white trainers for my wife. Well done Adele and Mike.
Damn..I was hoping to hear some love towards 5167 . I'm looking at 15400 as contender. I have a big milestone coming up next year and promised to get another special piece.I know you have a great collection DDD! lol @ "pictures have been posted before" warning hahahha.Now, just by looking at your pics, I love the way 5167 stands out against 15300. I'm almost passing out by looking at Nautilus lol.
thanks Dino, always appreciate your thoughts. Well, I have yet to see it in person but been lusting over this model for a few years now. Nautilus is my true Grail but I'm going to aim towards Aquanaut and make my decision. I'm glad I still have some time to finalize my choice. I also think that PP keeps its value a bit better vs AP, no?
Any fans of PP 5167A-001? I asked to be put on the list and should have one available for me hopeful by the end of this year or sometime in 2016. My AD only get 1 or 2 each year and quite a few people want to enter PP with this model. I'm pumped. Yes I know, it's AP vs PP but I'm starting to lean towards PP
I think some of us been there . That's how I feel about my new toy heheh. Never happened with Daytona or SubC but it was close!Huge congrats, looks amazing.
Thanks guys. It was a good night, 1/2 NL.
No more pics after this one for a few days. Still happy with it. Getting ready for some poker action at the local club.
^^ I was very close and almost got SDc. It's an amazing reference and just stands out.
thank you for kind words Gents. some better pictures of Batman So far I'm very impressed. It wears amazing, love the date complication and really missed it. The size is perfect and I missed a bit of heft vs my 116520. Little splash of color catches quiet a lot of attention and a bit distracting when driving (in a good way!). quick PSA: Rolex is extending its warranty period from 2 to 5 years for all watches sold after July,1 2015. All watches sold from July,1...
I am the Batman! There are some BLNR floating around but this one is mine. I'm in love. I'll take some better pictures soon (again and again lol).
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