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We are the same size MM! I have punched in "82 last" into search and trying to read every comment before sending my deposit to great folks at Skoak.So far, majority of comments suggest to go again with you Barrie size for 82 last and size down for 202 and 606. Some great posters like Tifosi, wear same size across Alden Barrie, EG 202, 606 and 82.I'm excited doing this as its all part of hunting for a new pair lol. Good luck.
8.5D in Alden Barrie lasted boots fits me a bit snug but more or less comfortable. I'm afraid if I go 8EUK it won't work. Almost ready to kop 8.5E from Skoak and trying to do last minute decisions on sizing.
Gents, I have tried 82 last some time ago and just want to confirm some sizing before placing Doak Galway preorder. Can someone post their sizing in 82 last vs Carmina and Alden? I'm 9US on Brannock and wear Carmina Forest ans Inca in 8UK and Alden Barrie in 8.5D for reference. When I tried 82 last a few years ago very briefly it was 8.5UK. I tried a free BB stores in T.O but they don't have my size to try. I'm more or less sure that 8.5UK is the right size but some...
You will be thrilled with Modified last, NY.
Unbelievable makeup on Modified last for one of the Japanese stores. I freaking love it.
This.Come to T.O Mike! Drinks and karaoke guaranteed! We can all show up wearing Walts.
Guilty as charged heheheh:). Tiffany & Co is always a safe bet. It also her bday!
You got it brother lol
Did the same scenario at 12:01 while shopping for my wife at Tiffani hahaha. I said to SA, "one second, let me just do a quick purchase on my phone". After trying for 5 minutes, I gave up
Sold out at 12:01? I can't believe it. thanks lol
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