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Hey Mike, Is the preorder for navy and camel LBM gangster coats still happening next week?
Great to know, thanks Ryden.Welcome!
No spoiler for these as they becoming my favorite boots.Congrats. We now have two LS Choco Tankers in T.O lolI got my Nano at Leatherfoot (Yorkville). They might have run out and maybe we can order from EP or Leffot and split shipping, etc..
Hi Greg,What's the deal for restock preorder, 50% or full amount upfront?cheers
burgundy would be #1 for me.
Can't wait to see it FC. I might be the lucky owner of one soon!
Tentative hand for Eidos hemp field coat in size 48 but need to see measurements once again and can someone post some pics of the green Valstar bomber jacket
amazing results Roger. I'm dropping a few pairs to Jok shortly.
good deal. I know a few members got on those Tankers. Congrats.
Last minute bets on Leffot pre-orders? Not jumping on any but will be watching the sizes disappear lol
New Posts  All Forums: