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I can't miss a good watch talk..congrats on the new BB release Ryden!
With all PP talk...anyone owns Aquanaut 5167A-001? Really want this timepiece.
Half size too small buddy I got in for 8.5D Also on the list for Alden DC cigar chukka!
Little EP action: PoW linen mix Walts and Carmina caramel DM.
Hope they fit! Thanks.
Great deal for sure. Unfortunatly need to make some room.Replied!I got a lot of interest right away. These might be sold pretty quick.Cheers
Alright gentlemen, my Viberg County Derby boots are officially for sale. Someone will get great deal on these. cheers
Unfortunately I have to sell these amazing boots and someone will get a great deal on these. Worn around very carefully and approximately 10-11 wears. I will include extra pair of brand new leather laces from Viberg. Always stored with shoe trees. Shoe trees not included. These Country Derby boots come on 2040 last and size 8. Great condition and killer price. I need some funds for a new project. Price is only SOLD + shipping and PP fees. For sizing reference, I wear...
I agree. Let's get some interest.
I wear Alden Trubalance and Barrie (both shoes and boots) in size 8.5D. Size 8 (2040 last) works perfect for me.
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