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thanks for quick response, looks like size 42 for me (Alden Barrie 8.5D, EG 888/82 8.5UK, CP 42).any approved stores to order, Gentry?
Been eyeing those as well. Hows the sizing?
After wearing them a bit more around the house I'm very happy with fit actually. Extremely comfortable once tied a bit closer. At the end, they are the same length as my lows. One of the best SW buys of 2016 for sure for me.
Welcome home common robbies. Got same size as my Achilles lows but can tell they are more loose. Don't know if I should keep them.
Deets on slip ons Kyle? Visvim?
Leska "Pica" sunglasses in genuine horn would be my pick http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/eyewear/pica-sunglasses-in-genuine-horn.html
I hear you about tapering. Wish they were a bit more tapered for sure. Overall I'm very happy with the fit and stretchy denim. Will beat the shit out of them for two seasons for sure lol
Mine should be delivered today from RG as well and I hope for the best lol Edit: just arrived. So light and I love the fit. Sized down from Cast 2 Coast.
damn, what happened?
Dirty pics from recent Archive sale: SdC hunting jacket x Niche paisley shirt SdC duffle coat (winter is coming)
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