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Don't send me the upcharge Steve, just my EG shoooz and trees
Gents, I've done some search in both, Shoe Care and this thread but still want to confirm and get some wisdom. For EG Rosewood Country Calf leather, should I apply some neutral wax and neutral polish before the first wear and continue to maintain it with the same products (Saphir) ? cheers
Got very lucky and zero charges for my Edward Green boots. They sat in customs for review, etc for almost a week as well. I was warming up my CC and waiting for the Canada Post bill lol
thisWhat a day
Really want a lighter color D. Nothing in the works.
After recent UK maker spree I'm ready for rare GG antelope..hehehe
IN for GREY Kudu!😬😉
that's amazing JK. Damn.
Thanks for all kind words Gents. I'm sold on EG. Quality of leather, attention to details, fit and I can't believe how light they feel. Two more preorders should come soon as well, Doak/CC Galway on 82 from Skoak crew and Doak Dovers on 606 from Steve at GF. Can't wait.
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