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Looking for a spot. PM with details.
hehehe, I'm on the edge of picking up distressed as well my friend!
Indigo Dyed Pique Tee Rinsed is mine. 1 Medium left. That was fast.
Trying to decide between Pique Tee Rinsed vs Distressed. Leaning towards rinsed.
These brogues on Forest last are insane.Anyone else waiting on grey suede loafers MTO that Steve recieved? I should get mine in a few days! These will be baller.
Tshirts are up on the site.
I wonder if FF shirts in the horizon?
this is the perfect model (WT derby) but plaintoe will look amazing as well (similar to the one we did with tan cordovan)
This derby is insane. I need to confirm my Simpson sizing.
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