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Damn!! I really hope we can order shearling HJ in Japanese cloth.Also hope to see some sweaters as well.
Preorders for Eidos outwear for AW16 possible?
Eidos FW16 selection looks solid on iG.
NR SB with liner order in mixed navy is in
Can't access the links still, 404 error...
I put 1K deposit early last year and had 5 people in front of me. My AD usually gets 2-3 pieces a year so there's some hope!Congrats on yours, I don't think it can get any better.
Been almost a year for me.
so much beauty in 82 lasted Galway.. and here's 202 lasted Galway. extremely nice as well but it's good to have choices and favourite lasts..
Love TT DJ! Especially if it's a gift from your folks.So that was you who snagged last pair in size 8F from Skoak? I was eyeing them and let me know if sizing doesn't work
this is still my #1 choice. I'm almost ready to go MTO route but hope we all agree on this and Stebe will stock it.Note: I still wear 82 last with denim and think it looks perfect. Just have to have right denim cut, right @tifosi?
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