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if you have your own yacht that would be acceptable.I would wear tank top and start ballin.
planning to wear tee or tank top under it and RG Richard pants with it. It's a great piece, you wont regret it.
Decided to stop at LeatherFoot during lunch to drop off a few pairs of EG for maintenance and fell in love with DOAK Newmarkets in my size for a really good price..
Nice box, congrats @MrVenneri
202 Galways in Rosewood CC looks fire. Amazing MTO .
Please don't remind me about Zug Galways I had a chance to jump on that GMTO and declined it. My biggest regret of all times.
Hey Steve! @steveyoo1983 Any thoughts of stock preorder for Galway in Chestnut Utah on 82? or Galways in Rosewood CC on 82?
Can someone tell me the reason not to buy Galways in rosewood CC on 82 last?
Almost 5'9 , 168lb (muscular at times lol) and 39" chest. I'm size 48 in RG outwear in past two seasons (except for Richard blazer that I need size 50).Also that image makes Pierre shirt look too long which is not the case even with my height.
Size 48 Breezy Pierre when I tried it on.
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