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size 43 MMM GATS fit once size larger
SdC Rabbits are out for delivery. I can't wait any longer.
these are so good. Damn.
Selling brand new EPLA Natural Horsehide sport trainers in size 9US. $SOLD shipped within Canada and US. Great deal for these, you will be very happy.
Hmmm, I got two conformations that I should be good. I'll take my chances I guess.
Need some sizing advice for suede 2015 FW Wyatts. I'm size 9US (42 in CP Achilles and 43 in MMM GATS), can size 42 in SLP Wyatts work out? cheers
Another day, another Galway.
I'm still cant get used to a lot of attention my 82 lasted Doak/walnut CC Galways are getting in the office and just by random people. It's insane.
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