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First wear of my Carmina MTO:
first wear of my Carmina MTO brogues:
Your feeling about the hype is understandable but to me it's the whole package. One of the 10 best chrono movements in the world, history, heritage and the fact that it can be perfect for meeting room and the beach.The statement that Daytona owner makes is priceless . Yes, I drink the cool aid lol
Is it safe to wear Daytona on the subway? (Frilly, I'm counting on you ) The rest of the week is casual at the office, wearing polo under my SC).
Mike, quilting looks insane. Can't wait to see final product. Leatner is on my list for this fall.
Got it. Thanks bkostko. I think I'm in.
Understandable Ryden! As long as Soller fits similar to Inca, I'm in. I think grey suede Chelsea will be very versatile boots to wear (thinking light (lamb/calf) black leather jacket and denim combo)
My latest MTO (# 5 or 6) from Steve. Forest last. Looks a bit darker in real life.
Inca last is my favorite Carmina last. No other lasts fit better.
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