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great kicks buddy, I became big fan of Chups socks and I blame Mike for it @mdubs
thanks Zenny! Natty CXL is my go to boots for any type of weather. Very easy to maintain.Congrats on Day Trippers!
Will be posting updates for sure. So far I forgot their price already. Honestly, very impressed.
thanks thams. Carpet is a bit trippy, I agree.Decided to bring my Ravello PT boots for their maiden office voyage.I'm very impressed with Modified last and unlined shell. Feels incredible to wear these beauties.
Toronto snowstorm calls for nat CXL Indy.
New projects coming up so my charcoal Merino from NMWA in size V might be looking for a new home. Trying to make my decision today. One of the best coats for sure.
Too bad no larger sizes..
I can't freaking wait Ry, yours look insane.
If you are size 8.5 D in Trubalance or 9D in Grant I'll take either one!
Just talked to LS and my Choco suede Tankers have arrived.
New Posts  All Forums: