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none. You will thank us later. It's a slippery slop.202, 606, 64, 82, 888
^^ and freaking awesome Pam 560!
it's impossible
nothing fancy, just CQB with some upgrades. Would love to get DW as well in the future.
someone has Wilson Combat on order. Another year or so....
Judging by the latest run of Doak Dovers that I have received, we might be in luck.
BOOM is right. Especially if the shade of Doak as per the image attached to the email of the arrival (hope it's OK to post it here Pat).
What a day! Doak/Walnut calf Galways pre-order has arrived, just got notification! I can't freaking wait to get it. Thanks Skoak team.
Good call, hope Leaves can help with this GMTO as always. I would even like Tan Kudu
Might be interested in Wells.
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