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thank you for kind words Gents. some better pictures of Batman So far I'm very impressed. It wears amazing, love the date complication and really missed it. The size is perfect and I missed a bit of heft vs my 116520. Little splash of color catches quiet a lot of attention and a bit distracting when driving (in a good way!). quick PSA: Rolex is extending its warranty period from 2 to 5 years for all watches sold after July,1 2015. All watches sold from July,1...
I am the Batman! There are some BLNR floating around but this one is mine. I'm in love. I'll take some better pictures soon (again and again lol).
but we already have it
Mike, DHL will have some serious brokerage fees.
Hi @Leaves any news on Galway Doak/CC stock pull pre-order from February? Still targeting August? thanks!
it's the baller LBM SC.@tricky we are twins today, wearing one as well today with EP tickling stripe walts.
wise words sir, wise words. I don't think I need to expend on this but wearing a quality timepiece says a lot about it's owner for sure .
hehehe, BLNR is the incoming but I'm might break and choose one of the APs as well.
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