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This is amazing. Boom.
I'm L in Niche, L in SdC and size 3 in TS(S) quilted jacket.
Some one please kop Leder long officer coat in size M (all sizes).
+100. I have 3 coats from SdC. I wish I can add dat slouchy coat. Looks incredible.
I would preorder size 32 right away.
Every time I see these mole suede Burnhams on Deco last I fight the urge to initiate exactly the same GMTO on [[SPOILER]] ..just incredible and love the way they age.
Well said, stay away from Saphir products for crust.
Crunchy crispy Rota preorder is here..let the games begin.
I still think sizing will not work but you better send some distraction via iG hahah
Damn, I'll pm you.
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