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You and me both. That's why I just purchased EG Galway lol
someone stop Burzan
I think this is normal behavior for SF
thanks Gents.
It's Anatomica day! More bananas for Mike @mdubs Good choice today @MrDV
thanks to both of you for your help with sizing. I hear from many that once you get into EG it's a slippery slope.Trying to figure out if I need EG lasted trees and extra pair of laces
The road was long and rocky but this happened 5 min ago.. My first pair of EG. I can't wait.
Absolutely outstanding combo MP. I must have these as my second pair. Fire.
Brooks Brothers. Stopped at RJ as well but didn't try anything. EG trunk show is scheduled for this Fall.
Good question! Im ready to order as well Meowmix
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