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I think the most successful outwear preorders items were 1 - reissue of SS Merino (let's do it again, I'm in) and 2 - Eidos outwear. (drops the mic)
If I only knew my sizing, instakop for sure. So insane. Thanks to @rydenfan for the tip. http://shop.therake.com/collections/footwear/products/crockett-jones-blue-velvet-embroidered-slippers?variant=22308343431
@Epaulet Hey Mike, Is there a chance, you can have grey or charcoal Hopsack available for next EFF suiting? I want another full suit as navy Hopsack is holding strong and I love it.
One of the best RG fits..nicely done.If anyone has current Dusters in size 48 in navy give me a shout.
Damn, you are defiantly the only person I ever heard sizing down 1.5 or 2 sizes man.. Good to hear your story though.Since we all sharing our experiences:I'm US9D on brannock and wear UK8.5E in 82 and UK8E in 202 and 606.
Add me to the list. If I didn't have GG Thorpe GMTO in VOAK smooth calf almost ready I would be all over all DOAK Galway or should I still consider it haha.I LOVE my Walnut CC/Doak Galway, no better boots out there. Can't wait to wear them soon.
I'm a huge fan of SdC and have 3 jackets already. I need some shirts in size L, time to make a trip there.
If it's your size don't hesitate. I have one from FW15 with rabbit fur and it's the most complimented piece of SW outwear I own. Unreal quality and design. [[SPOILER]]
Damn, thanks for the tip. I can see some brands such as Rick and Balmain that I was looking locally. Also strong sale section for sure.
If this helps, I just SS16 navy twill ghurka shorts in size M. I have 32" waist as well and the fit is spot on.
New Posts  All Forums: