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Sunday maintenance in a hallway of my condo Two completed some more to go.
This is perfect. Congrats.
I would get these black shell with antique edge PT boots in a heartbeat.
Hehehe FC, thanks. Time flies my friend.I'm going to try and wear these every day for a few weeks to increase fading.thanks M! Nice wardrobe buddy.
For those who remember INDIGO FARM X THE ARMOURY denim. Approximately 2 years old. Fading slowly but surely.
Team SS Charcoal Merino represent. Looks perfect DLJr. What Big John model?word FC. I like the patina.Newc, full of win. Sick.
You will be happy with EG! Very addictive as well Ry.
Thanks, Andover is next on my list. I might also get black moleskin Bedford..thanks for the comments, it is from NNY. I'll take some better quality pictures but can't compare to the first run since I've never seen it. It doesn't look very dark though.
waiting for my email!!
he speaks the truth.
New Posts  All Forums: