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thanks gosheik. Natural CXL with hand stitching from Epaulet. TB last.
Thank you Gents.
well done Ry. I assume the denim is Somet?
^^ snuff suede NST boots on Abeerden can be very versatile.
After speaking to K I found out I'm 3rd on 9D Ravello captoe boots. Crossing fingers here.Doing a bit of boots brushing therapy tonight.
I know, I love my Tankers and think these are one of the best Alden makeup.
Yes Todd, that's exactly what I'm doing!
Mike, is Alden pre-order happening tonight? I have Leffot Tankers NST with antique edge trim but excited to see and order Aberdeen lasted models!
Completely agree!
Good info, thanks. Those CT with antique are amazing.
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