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@mdubs I'll echo everyone and say that you got INSANE collection Mike. Well done.
Congrats! I got enabled by your Wyatt pics before!
My CP and MMM gats still going strong after number of years. Shell sneaks will last a LONG time as long as you don't wear them everyday. Can't wait for my Cigar EPxSF to arrive. Congrats to everyone who snagged a pair or three @rydenfan
cigar is insane. Should go well with brown horsehide Wyatt and more.
hello Cigar shell size 9
I hope its a glitch gents..
cigar sold out already!!!??
I freaking love these! What a great makeup.
Which shell to choose...
I didnt get a pair from last shipment and should be #1 or 2 for 9D.
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