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Alright guys, just came from the store. Half size down from my US/TTS was no go (med weight chups socks). Size 9 (TTS) the fit was perfect. I'm size 8 across all Viberg lasts.
Going after work and it's on hold for me. Was never a big fan of zipper when saw prototype.
I'm very close on pulling the trigger on indigo Viberg x Haven kangaroo..damn. Really like them.
If someone wants to move boucle peacoat in size 48 Please let me know.
That's what I'm thinking too. I'll email shortly Pat.
Really like these StC..freaking insane.
same here, we know what needs to happen right? Starts with the letter P.
True story. Happened to me many times too. Haha
Screw it, Mike if I'm between M and L in EPNY shirts and size 39 in Southwick you think hat overcoat will be too big? @Epaulet
Someone kop immediately that camel overcoat. If it was size 50 it would be mine. Damn.
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