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Perfect fit Don. Can't wait to get mine.
Looks like only two Medium left in Crosshatch Kamigata as well. It went fast.
Found out too late, going soon and might pick up some Barbera shirts.
I'll save some time for 8.5E gents, nothing in 8.5E except for suede penny loafers.
That would be insane make up (WT boots with antique edge trim). I would get on it as well.
Commando sole and antique edge trim my friend!
Sweet! Can't wait for mine! Great picture T.
Just double checked and I have the following pre-orders happening: - Leffot x Alden NST Tankers in King #8 - Captoe Ravello boots on Grant last (DC) - Cigar chukka (DC) - Cigar LWB (DC) Can't wait. My budget for Alden for this year is capped lol
Looks incredible!
Grey loafers are insane! Can't wait to get mine! Thanks for the pics Keen.
New Posts  All Forums: