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in 3, 2, 1...another interest for 5 eyelet pebble grain chukka for this Fall
insane boots MrDV!
thanks Steve, so similar to the one below
thanks, I wonder what it is then.
same for me lol
^^ + 1 my size was sold so quick. Whoever got 7.5UK, thanks for saving me $455 CAN + shipping
Hi Steve, Is our Tobacco suede austerity brogue MTO on single leather sole and light trim edge? similar to this great Skoak's makeup. I'm very happy that we decided on tobacco suede.
Steve! I'm in for the grey loafer.
hmm, this makes me think about what size I should order in the future. I was pretty much set on 8.5 as well.As I mentioned before, I wear size 8 in 2040 Derby boots last and it's one of the best fitting boots. When I asked Guy about 2030 sizing based on my 2040 feedback, he mentioned that I should get the same size in 2030. I do wear Alden Trubalance in 8.5D and the fit is spot on as well. Both lasts/size (Viberg/Alden) are very comfortable.I think @LA Guy mentioned that...
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