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heheheh, get ready for some comments. I posted it last week and everyone LOVED it
Jennifer Lawrence
100% #8 WT and black CT.
I guess quite a few of us waiting for LS choco Tankers to be shipped. I decided to order light cotton laces for these as well from LS.
@Newcomer Slim tapered all the way but both look great. Sweet kops bro as always.
Thanks! This was Epaulet x Alden makeup from two or three years ago.
great kicks buddy, I became big fan of Chups socks and I blame Mike for it @mdubs
thanks Zenny! Natty CXL is my go to boots for any type of weather. Very easy to maintain.Congrats on Day Trippers!
Will be posting updates for sure. So far I forgot their price already. Honestly, very impressed.
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