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Preordered size 32.
3" gap can defiantly be eliminated for me. There's enough room but I prefer that look.
At least 6 lol
Just added some SS16 Wyatts and denim to our B&S. Want someone from our thread to take advantage. Quick sale since I need the funds for new project. Cheers
Keeping them
Time to think the herd again. Brand new with fresh topy installed by my cobbler. Absolutely amazing boots at quick sale price. $SOLD + shipping and PP fees. Thanks for looking
Ajrak cardi is here. Quality and material are unreal. (apologize for bad quality l-pic)
Both coats have been sold. Great meeting you @rtto5588
Yea they were.Don't stress out, you got the robe
There are local dudes who got some great brands but I just don't feel like even start asking to give me discount. That's the feeling I get when I'm in RJ store.
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