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I'm actually guilty as well with keeping brand new whiskey tankers in dark green box. Most likely I will frame those
Back to Alden from EG..? Well done lol
CM@Fairview mall
Damn. Add me to the list. Picked up unlined Vittorio navy pique SC as well. I can see wearing it every other day.
Congrats! How is sizing?
except for iPad
Might be IMO. If you can, try to order one that can be returned.
I'm 169lb and 5'8. Size 52 L01 was perfect fit for me.
Check PM.
Wish I can help you out but you will get a lot of advice to try get fitted in person.I took the plunge on my first GG and got some fitting advice from Skoak gents where I ordered my Thorpe boots on MH71.Some reference points for you:Brannock - 9D Alden - 8.5D Barrie, 9D Aberdeen/Hampton/PlazaCarmina - 8 UK (Inca, Forest, Uetam)EG - 8.5EUK 82, 8EUK - 202/606/64GG MH71 - 8F
New Posts  All Forums: