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Guys, if you want the best in your life, try Taylor high rise. I have similar high rise trousers from different maker and it's my go to fit. Tricky knows lol.
High rise time?
Vintage chestnut or cedar is fine with me. Trying to convince myself.
Ssense shipped it one week before my arrival ( free 2 day shipping).I actually think this bomber looks amazing unzipped as well. Love every single detail and fit.
Now, this would be very tempting.
Received hooded bomber from Ssense. Fucking love it. Got it sent to Vegas hotel where I'm staying.
+1. Racing green?
Don't forget grey crunchy wool. Can't wait for that one.
I think the most successful outwear preorders items were 1 - reissue of SS Merino (let's do it again, I'm in) and 2 - Eidos outwear. (drops the mic)
If I only knew my sizing, instakop for sure. So insane. Thanks to @rydenfan for the tip. http://shop.therake.com/collections/footwear/products/crockett-jones-blue-velvet-embroidered-slippers?variant=22308343431
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