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Damn, let's do this.
I got no bone in this fight but 110 shape looks so much better vs 2045..
as well as Lost and Found
JF MTO looks awesome!Whiskey shell tankers are still brand new lol. I'm not strong enough to wear them, maybe will sell on ebay for 3K haha
Some of my favorites:
tbh I didn't have much hope for that modification. I'm out
Looking for black MMM 5-zip (silver zip) in size 50. Lamb or calf leather.
I would love if someone can photoshop some of the proposed makeups. Also, mini ripple is
Thanks brother. These are Tellason slim tapered Ladbroke Grove 16oz .
this 100%. Since opening their online doors Greg and crew helped me out a LOT.Greg and Kyle if you ever in Toronto I'll take you guys for some good times .
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