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looks outstanding. I can't believe I hesitated.Let's organize one more GMTO for this Fall.
^^ Outstanding G! Those NST are fire.
Just got myself tobacco suede but I think tan suede will be perfect for you. Farnese "tubo" belts is your answer NMWA has EURO20 promotion going for 20% off.http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/ruggine-tan-suede-tubo-tubular-dress-belt.html
Farnese belts are flying with that Euro sale. Tobacco suede in size 85 is coming to Canada..
I knew this Day would come brother. You must.
I was waiting for that size as well
I know it's just a small accessory but I really appreciate your help Gents. 85 it is.
thanks DS, remeasured from the tip of the prong to the second hole that I use and got 36".Looks like size 90cm = 35.4" should be good.
Farnese Tubo bros, quick confirmation question.. Just measured one of my best fiting belts form base of the prong to the second hole (that I use) and got 34.5 inches. Should I go for size 90cm which equals 35.4 inches using the same placement? My waist size is 32-33".. Initially I got size 85cm = 33.4" that I still able to switch thanks to G + K power.
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