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thanks Dino, I love the Daytona and not looking to sell it but it was a brief thought that I had. I don't have extra funds to purchase BLNR but talked to my friend and he offered to buy it.
I knew this day would come...able to grab brand new BLNR for 20% off (personal deal since I have a very good connection with my AD). Now, I'm able to move my white face Daytona which I got for 20% off as well to my good friend for the price I paid. I end up with extra 3K in my pocket and brand new BATMAN What would you do..?
Never get tired at looking at the 116520 white face. Love mine.
sweet collection Stitches! You got many bases covered. My favorite is TT Daytona
1 week to make decision on those brandy service boots. wonder if the price would be north of $1100.
^^ some insane deals, too bad I'm spending freeze or those Vass captoes would be mine. Someone please buy size 42 before I break. http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/theresianer-captoe-new-peter-last-in-cognac-scotchgrain
Nice! I have a great AD that I bought a few pieces over the years in another city and should be able to get at least 10-15% plus taxes.
My goal is to aim for 20% discount on Aquanaut but I might be dreaming.
My feelings exactly!
thanks Dino, 5711 is amazing watch as well.
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