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Thanks Dino, I was afraid that I always will want 5711 and unfortunately having both, 5167 and 5711 would not be possible in the near future.Thanks Gents!Thanks! At least a year but depends on the few people in front of me.Thanks and Huge congrats DLJr! Best of luck to your family, that's amazing.
GAT confirmed
Thanks a LOT!Yes, she's our first baby and I never knew you can love someone so much. She's the best thing that ever happened to me.I forgot to mentioned, I also confirmed Rolex new warranty policy with my AD, it's happening.
Thanks Gents.I'm getting insane deal from my AD and half of the watch is being covered as milestone present from my family. My seven months old daughter will own it in the future. (Yes Frilly, I used your tactics .The wait begins, I have 2 people in front of me.
Gents, I did it. Just put refundable deposit for PP 5711. I'm in shock.
Damn...sport trainer for me as well. For now.
@Epaulet Mike, my PayPal is ready for natural HH preorder in two days. Can you also remind us when some more sneakers refills are coming in?
It's a small but important investment for exact reason you mentioned! 👊
Will be getting a pair of white trainers for my wife. Well done Adele and Mike.
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