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No Tent suite for me, only limited edition Parka kopped.
I'm 40 in FW Monitaly parka and thinking to go with the same size but let's hear out options...
^^ Enabling the enabler..that's harsh. I can't believe Greg even posted that fit pic..
New Monitally Mountain parka looks outstanding. I even know my size in it 100%..that's not good.
Alden DC or SF.
I'll sport that tunic with my thick gold chain and chest hair You can do it Newc!
A bit of Sunday brushing and polishing therapy without any product. The beauty of shell. Alden x Leffot Tankers and Alden x Anatomica Paris PT boots.
^^ Newc, that's looks solid! Glad I snagged the same shirt.
^^ That's insane. Bravo Moosic.
agreed. So much FIRE.
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