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Excited about Leffot's preorder from yesterday. Hopefully mid January I get these:
new BLRO is freaking INSANE.One day, one day... Would be amazing addition to my 116520 Daytona.NF, you should still kop.
go and buy it now. Don't waste any time. It's up.about 10 min or less
Just kopped Eidos Field jacket. I'm speechless. Greg's fit was insane which made my decision easer.
Not yet!
good to know that you are happy with Vibergs.I just placed order for brown CXL from Leffot.Did you size them same as your Barrie size?
I have ordered Brown CXL boots from Leffot! I'm size 8 in 2040 last and wear 8.5D in Alden Barrie. After talking to Morgan and Guy number or times some time ago and sending my foot prints, I'm going with size 8 in 2030. 2040 in size 8 is PERFECT fit for me with a bit of toe room. I think @bkotsko wears 2030 in same Barrie size as me.
New beige Cantarelli Harris Tweed SC is insane.
thanks my friend, I do have a pair reserved for me
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