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I got mine from Epaulet. Leffot also had it some time ago.
Thank you my friend. I have not 100 % decided if I should grab cigar chukka... Do I need both chukka and LWB in cigar or should I just settle for LWB.
Gents, I think it's my lucky day. Just received a call that 8.5D Ravello LWB with antique trim on double waterlock is ready for me. I'm pulling the trigger! Also, I'm one of the first for cigar LWB run in October. Decided against cigar chukka though.
Hmm, thanks for the scoop. About 2 weeks ago I heard production has started. I was just thinking the same thing about comparing these to Leffot Daytrippers. Commando sole will be one difference but I'm sold on Commando long time ago Hopefully my cigar chukka and LWB from them don't arrive at the same time as my first baby lol. Otherwise I have to plan on mission of sneaking these in the house during the night.
Thanks BP! It will be my first Ravello boot as well. Hopefully we will hear from Mrs.K soon.
I had a chance to order Leffot's Cigar Indy but went for Ravello captoe boots from DC instead. Congrats to all who are getting those.
Congrats Eddie. You will have tons of fun sneaking in new items On baby note, I'm expecting my first one as well soon (daughter).
+1. I have both, Caine Hopsack SC and Walts. My favorite EP pieces.
Bobbo, choco NST look insane. Must be very comfortable.
I need these in my life for the exact situations.outstanding MrDV.Hopefully we can have Tanker Tuesdays soon
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