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Fok, can you also see if there's extra size 8 available
@gdl203Will the following preorders be happening? Viberg (Aged Bark Roughtout) Eidos Stephan Schneider thanks
^^ Someone grab those GG quick. Incredible boots, leather and price.
I think I have at least 15 bunnies that live inside my SdC parka...
As long as I can buy AE shoes for around $430-$450 I'm in hahaha
interested, you got me at Dainite.
I looked as soon as you posted...I guess someone was quicker.
Why you doing this to me damn lolEdit: can't find it on the site
I hear you. Don't get me started on Batman...I sold my SS Daytona and love BLNR every minute I look at it. It's one of the best SS modern Rolex (IMO)
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