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Dat iz good question Mimo Let me ask my AD.
on my radar as well. Perfect.
First time using your services @razl! Was having a coffee in the morning and just couldn't let this deal get away from me. Thanks man.
Sadly I passed on these because of the red lining...JK brother, I decided to wait for cognac or burgundy shell once Steve hears from Queen Betty.I love the way these came out though, FIRE.
I've seen 512 go for around 6K US BNIB as well on TRF.
Justin, Ive been after this one for some time, very excited. Been on lockdown lately but could not miss it.
Decided to take advantage of the sale and finally kopped IM zipup. Can see myself wearing this one a lot. My second IM!
I'm usually size M in EP shirts/tshirts and just ordered TTS M (tagged L) white slub henley. Hope the fit is good..I'm bulking a bit and added 3 lb..I know it's the wrong season but still
Hmmm, I was #1 on Cigar captoe boots for my size at Alden DC and still didn't get a call. Will talk to Kathy this morning...
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