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Noooo!! Hehehe, good move
So MUCH enabling here. Just snagged eggshell Kaihara denim!
do not feed the troll
That Thedi MA1 leather once again is UNREAL.
^^ Well done DS. Nice Daytona as well
That REDA Sunset Wheat Hopsack is INSANE. In 3, 2, 1...
Who bought all size 42 Butero slip-ons? All sizes available except for that one lol.
Great shot. This picture makes me love my Leffot tankers all over again hehehe
Double tap (delete)
No spoiler as I can't wait to get my Doak Galway hopefully by August from Skoak's preorder.They look freaking insane with light wash denim. Nice shot.
New Posts  All Forums: