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you are a good man asking this question Buda
prez, everything is on point. Great looking Ravello shade ptb and the entire combo.
as good as it gets RTP. fire.
Gents, this thread has been on FIRE lately. Great pics everyone! I think Alden thread is one of the biggest and fastest moving thread on SF.
Almost casual Friday with one of my favorites Walts
It looks on point and I agree, insane.
Galway at Pitti
Choco Tankers looks amazing! Mine still in the box.. I took a few steps wearing them on the carpet and these are like butter! So comfortable and versatile.
Thanks my friend, I was hesitant big time as I never tried Modified last and the $ was not a pocket change.. As soon as I saw the picture of these though I was sold.
thanks Gents.these boots are insane, I admit. So comfortable that I forget I wear them. There are no comparison to any lasts, period.We don't buy Aldens to get attention but I have been stopped so many times and these are the most complemented boots I have. I was surrounded by SA's at Harry Rosen the other day lol.
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