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Antonio, can you provide your advice on sizing for those in advance? Don't want to go in shark tank feeding frenzy when they are online..
I can honestly say that you need both. Smooth calf VOAK Thorpe can be The One dress boot . You know I have a few EG in my rotation and I'm blown away with leather quality and craftsmanship of GG over EG
They are defiantly insane. Service from Patrik and team was outstanding.
It's a touch wide. I'm still thinking about it. Can defiantly wear them but still on the fence.No duties or tax from customs so will let go with GG shoe trees for way under retail
Thanks Rog, unfortunately F width doesn't work for me . Amazing boots.Someone will be happy taking those off my hands for amazing deal (8F).
I promise to take better pics! GG ThorpeGMTO in VOAK just landed
Damn...I got dinged almost $5 bills on a pair of EG Galways. I will never forget that day.
Yes Rog! Can you believe it? Package included lasted GG trees and bottle of Bick4 as well I was ready though lol
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