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If I knew that I won't be hit with monster duties I would be in for Burnham on MH71 F width rerun. Just unreal.
yes, CBSA I know. Was talking in general
I wonder if Canada Post has been browsing this thread.
Sorry to hear this once again Roger. It's crazy, when I found out I owe $400 for my EG I was in shock. I will defiantly think twice now about ordering EG/GG/StC from Europe. We are talking about Canada Post, damn it. Enjoy those GG Chelseas, one of the best I ever seen.
Nooooooo, damn it Rog. We are doomed.
^^Alright, I got to admit. That SS coat is insane. I'll instakop if Greg somehow can make it happen.
Congrats, freaking unreal Roger. masterpiece for sure. Any duties? lol
What to thank Patrik, Gabriel and Alexander for my Doak/Walnut CC Galways. The shade is perfect
thanks Tif, that was the intent Glad I didn't go for F width. Wearing dress socks and with mid weight socks that I'm planning to wear these will fit fantastic.I might be done for now after 3 EG pairs.
I think I got very lucky with Doak shade. Just can't get enough.
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