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Too many enablers here. Thinking to pull the trigger on Eidos navy herringbone 12oz suit once size 50 is back in stock or reordered. Unless size 48 will fit after my conversation with Greg tomorrow. 5'8, 168lb, 39" chest.
This is insane. Ask Greg to ship it USPS next time.
these are amazing Roguls.
Need Supple wholecut in wiskey shell. I'm kidding! lol Cigar PT boots on Barrie last wih antique edge on commando sole. Horween stamp inside left boot.
Looks like you enjoying these beauties Don.
FWIW, I take size 8.5D in Barrie and TB. Size 9D in Grant.
Still enjoing my Daytona. Every day and every minute.
thanks, from where?
I agree. Really like it.Where can we purchase a pair?
Big congrats Don. I know you were on LS list for some time as you mentioned. Mine are in the mail, looking to get it mid next week.I'm thinking these will be three seasons boots for me.
New Posts  All Forums: