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Gents, I think I mentioned before that my favourite EP piece was Caine Hopsack SC and Hopsack Walts. Well I'm adding Kamigata jacket to this list! I got Crosshatch Kamigata today and I'm speechless. Mike, Matt and the EP team. This is insane piece. Fit pics later. Wow.
Congrats! Looks insane. Can't wait to pick up mine from the post office.
You did it Mike! Like it a lot.
Hmm, I think it's only 6% GST for Alberta as we have freaking 13% in Ontario. Sorry to hear you found some faults with this makeup. I will inspect mine tonight.
TBH, I'm not a HUGE fan of LWB and decided to have just one pair in Cigar as I find if I want to keep just one pair it might be it.Another reason, I'm want to leave some funds for upcoming Ravello CT boots that will cost me around $900 CAN after conversion and taxes and I just spent similar amount on Leffot Tankers.
Gents, with BIG regrets I passed on DC Ravello LWB in 8.5D. Congrats to the next person in line. I will have to settle for Cigar LWB that are currently in production and hopefully Ravello captoe boots.
I though I was #2 or #3 on the list but looks like I'm #4. Fingers crossed.My Leffot Tankers arrived and I have to make a trip to Canada Post office to pick them up. @Burzan No duties, just $105 in HST.
^^ Just a wild guess but I think Sacaphoto is talking about Carmina shell tankers.
I'm with Dino and JB as well.I was close picking up SD4000 after I sold my SubC Date but decided on a 116520 Daytona for many reasons. The way it looked on my wrist, 4130 movement, it's racing heritage, almost cult like following
They are perfect for any task. I use them in all kind of weather conditions.
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