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Yes. Both, extra shoe laces and bags were included.
Actually got it on the forum brand new with tags (almost $1600 retail) for a killer price. It's a Tenero model.
**X-POST from CM Recent Purchases** Just pulled the trigger on NWT Eidos Solaro suit in cotton. Anyone owns one?
Got amazing Eidos Solaro cotton suit
I will have pictures and measurements soon when I'm back from business travel and sorry, no trades.Here the pictures of the identical jackets:1 - navy pique cotton2 - Cotton/linen tan
Gents, someone will really appreciate this announcement I have two LBM1911 unlined sport coats size 40 in navy (navy cotton pique) and tan (tan cotton/linen). These are the ultimate spring/summer jackets. Lightly worn a few times but in new condition. Initially priced at $595 USD. I'll post pictures later. Looking for $265 CAN each. If you buy both I'll make it even better.
@Epaulet Mike, put me down for REDA fresco suit for next EFF.
Why did I visit this thread again?
You have a PM. Had to return size 42 unfortunately.
Charlie, hope you can make helmet bag. Take my money now.
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