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I'm seriously considering ordering these as my second pair of StC. I have EG Galway coming from February preorder and these will be perfect match.Some pics in the wild would be nice, glad you enjoying them. Can you also provide some specs?thanks
this sounds perfect
Greg, I know it's still early but will you carry this exact Monitaly jacket for FW? Can we also preorder?
Some ideas..
mine are Polo suede
^^ Huge congrats MGDog. Sounds awesome. Thinking about this derby as my first MTO. Time to think about leathers...
Great update Mike! Any news on Thedi MA1 preorder going live?
Carmina x Skoak Polo Suede string loafers on the day of their arrival.
I was just talking about Devil chukkas with tiffosi and rydenfan lol.I'd rock Devils really hard but after I get double monk boots hehehehe.
Polo suede loafers with Sozzi socks arrived today. No duties from Canada Post!
New Posts  All Forums: