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big day for me today. Both, Eidos HJ and Geller Emile are coming to Canada. Damn.
I've been recommended Saphir neutral polish and cream for Doak. Worked perfect on my dovers.
Breaking my new 21oz IH 634 with Nat CXL Alden x EP
It's so hard after waiting for them being made. I got a little attached hahaha
Let me be honest and tell you that it's almost impossible to say goodbye to them. Impossible!I think they are staying with their master.
Tif, if I sell them you should change your avatar at least for a bit until I feel better about my decision.
hahaha Good one. I will give some time until this evening..
Mine too.
yes yes, finally! I get your joke brother, since you are very much alike and keep some new boots on display Now, I know I'm making a terrible decision but someone will get the deal of the century on these almost new size 8.5E EG. I will be posting them in B&S tonight . Don't ask why, change of plans.I hope to sell these to someone who will love them more.
New Posts  All Forums: