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I know I post my Daytona a few times already but one more angle shot
Thank you for the specs!
I would like to go through Skoak. Most likely in.
Most likely yes!Got Crosshatch Kamigata incoming too! The camo is insane!
^^ Too many enablers here. Might pick up black sneaks too now.
I might be in for the exact LS model. 82 last?It looks insane. I was drooling once I saw the pictures on LS site when they arrived.
@LA Guy Good luck and you get attached to a high quality timepiece. As others mentioned, you will get used to wear it. I've started with Tag, moved to Panerai and sporting Rolex now. I find that Rolex service will take care of their clients extremely well. Freely and others can comment in on PP and AP CS
Thank you Gents!FC, your fit inspired me to get Kamigata Crosshatch.
ThanksCarmina snuff suede brogues MTO on Forest last which became my favorite last.
This post is not good for me PD. I'm at the crossroads if I should sell my Leffot pre-order
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