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Forgot to add my latest EG Galway in Rosewood CC on 64 last. Boom! Also just preordered extra casual Vibergs
and preorder placed 😬 Freaking unreal makeup for sure.email 3sixteen, if there are any slots left they will help you.They are doing another run that should be done in 6 weeks.
About to place my pre-order for natural roughout boots. Damn.
Damn! Enjoy them, they look perfect. I can't stop looking at my Rosewood CC Galways on 64 every day hehehe. I can only imagine how I'll feel once I receive my Galways in Doak/Walnut CC on 82 last.
^^ Finally! Congrats man, nice lug holes and SD looks perfect
Mike, can you remind approximately when is our Thedi MA-1 is scheduled to be done? October?
Cool story. Both of my linen IM are insane. I'm 100% sold on this maker. Planning to add few pieces for sure.
only option is both
Congrats! They do look insane. Can't wait for mine as his second batch should arrive in August.
New Posts  All Forums: