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this. The Tribe has spoken.
That Polo loafer on Simpson is killer for sure. Damn.
Am I the only one who can't wait to see Thedi MA-1 preorder?
Hold on, so basically you can jump on any of those GMTO that are currently ongoing?
This would be amazing.@NickPollica I hope this event can happen soon in Toronto. I was so bummed I couldn't make it to see Greg at NMWA last time.Didn't know either, will stop by this weekend.
Bakes, thanks a lot for this. I will make the jump. Snuff is too close with Polo so I should get the Navy I guess. I don't think any retailer is doing Loden.
Can't wait for mine to arrive.
Yes CC, I actually really like Loden.
Gents, does anyone own more than one pair of suede string loafers? I just got Polo suede from great guys at Skoak and thinking to add either Snuff or Navy suede. Thoughts?
Noooo!! Hehehe, good move
New Posts  All Forums: