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Crunchy crispy Rota preorder is here..let the games begin.
I still think sizing will not work but you better send some distraction via iG hahah
Damn, I'll pm you.
^^ Would grab that Stooges if it was size L. Amazing price for sure.
I dare you to wear Eidos Ajrak belted cardigan
Thanks for all the pics @mossrockssI'm on a lock down for purchasing but dat shearling lined coat is FIRE. @tricky
My only pair of shell Alden that I kept. Perfect pair for casual wear but I'm afraid for wear it haha. Hope my preorder from TSM for ravello NSTbootd second run will be here soon.
Decided to keep mine. After proper second try the fit is great.
Boom, thanks for feedback.
I should just delete my pictures after seeing Roger's haha
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