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thanks guys, I'm almost there and 90% in for tan suede.
^^ Looks like Doak/CC on 82 last. I think filter was used to enhance the picture.
this.BN, I really want to here your feedback. I have #8 and Ravello shells and really want to hear what is the best product to use in the future.
PSA: Two Leffot suede makeups going live on Monday: snuff suede Cooney boots on Abeerden and tan suede LWB on Barrie. Might go for tan suede myself.
@Jazzmenco unreal collection and really good taste!
LOL! You win post of the day Tif. hahahaha
I see Galway boots in your future Burzan.DNB club is ruined.Man, let me know!
makes sense to me again.
.5 bigger and we would talk.
Good show MP! I still need to take mine out of the box and start wearing.
New Posts  All Forums: