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@Leaves Pat, do you have enough participants in EB Tarnsjo chukka GMTO?
Ed is a cool dude. He has my credit card number and I'm hoping for second run of Ravello NST on Aberdeen will come in soon. My closet is ready for tifosing.
for sure, I would snag those as well as my second pair.
Well said but my reason is I have to walk on marble floors every day and taken a few nasty falls before lol. I rotate all my shoes/boots and never wear it two days straight.
No walking in my SS16 Wyatts. They went straight to the cobbler.
Big congrats on the move Mike @Epaulet I think you will enjoy some range time with your toys Let me know when you in T.O and we will hit my range.
That's a good move from EG. Did you get hit with customs on a pair of laces?
One of my favorite EG, unlined Shanklins. Love how they look with some wear.
^ Case closed. It's Underworld everywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: