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I know, I love my Tankers and think these are one of the best Alden makeup.
Yes Todd, that's exactly what I'm doing!
Mike, is Alden pre-order happening tonight? I have Leffot Tankers NST with antique edge trim but excited to see and order Aberdeen lasted models!
Completely agree!
Good info, thanks. Those CT with antique are amazing.
maybe exclusive to Alden DC and Leffot.
Good luck Matt and thanks for all your help man! To celebrate Matt's adventure I pulled the trigger at the new Gitman Bros Mocha Plaid twill shirt. Looks insane and will be great match with denim. Only two mediums left already.
Did I mentioned I love Kamigata? It's freaking insane piece. Lots of compliments from business partners lol. Very casual Friday, cross hatch Kami and indigo dyed pique tee.
No spoiler since it's double Tankers.Outstanding B! Congrats once again. Don't forget about Tanker Tuesdays once the weather start getting cooler.
New Posts  All Forums: