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Down to 4 pairs of Alden Getting EG Galway and C&J for RL soon.
I'm not ready for BLNR yet but soon!!!Exchange rate is killing us for sure.
I have both, all eyelets and speed hooks on my Alden boots and equally like both. Never had a problem with speed hooks catching my trousers hem.
black shell is amazing. I really like this makeup RTP!I'm waiting for black shell with antique edge myself...
these are perfect Tifosi.
these are INSANE MP! Speechless.
Same here. Size 8.5D in Barrie and Modified last. Fits like a dream.
Barrie and CommandoI hear you Mike but brass eyelets would be super insane.In either case I'm in lol
I had a chance to get on either whiskey NST shoes or whiskey Indy recent run from AoM and decided to pass.. Of course I'm kicking myself for that, damn.
hehehe, do we need another shell boots?I think so!
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