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sounds great Buda!! thanks bud
If someone doesn't want their ravello NST size 8.5D Barrie/9D Abeerden, PM me! TIA
Well, so much for Scothgrain shell from Anatomica. Spoke to them over the phone and last pair was sold yesterday.Damn...Back to our regular programming. Chukka or LWB? LOL
Mike, is that you? LOL
This is freaking AMAZING. I don't think I can swing second pair from Charles.. Still recovering from first one hahaha.
^^ Like it a lot.
This is great, congrats! I wonder if Pat has set a new record for EG orders.
Congrats! Doing last minute shopping, eh?Doak/CC club is growing.
Nice! Huge congrats Buda. No time to wait
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