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Come to me black on black MA1!
Do your offer professional help? Perhaps
Way darker, see below. Snuff is in the middle.
I would classify Polo suede as light cinnamon from looking at my own pair and others on different monitors.
Have a great wedding bud! You'll be ready to party by the time we go on gangster run to get our camels lol.
hahahah brother. I will be all tapped out after Thedi baller MA1 and chambray rivets forgot to add camel DB LBM coat @Epaulet @tricky and @TO Tie Guy I still think we should ask to ship our camel coats to the border warehouse and wear them back like a team lol
First note from Willy
Navy and brown Chelsea boots are now on my radar. Perfection.
^^ Finally my supporters are here. Doc, this Thedi will be unreal. All EP day
Used to be ferragamo and prada before hehehe. Down to just a few Aldens now, some Carmina and preordered my first EG
New Posts  All Forums: