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it's coming. denim and fitted trousers are ready to meet SS Merino. Boom.thanks Ryden.I had to use the following language to prevent myself going all in and kopping off-white toggle shawl IM.Another successful kopping hit from common sizing Team M/50eu/40RI also wonder how much will IM Aran will stretch..hopefully not a lot.
Kopped grey IM Classic Aran. I'm done.
Need more pics of SS Merino fits! Winter is coming.
I think MacGDog is L. I can't believe with all NMWA outwear kopping I missed on these...
I always appreciate yours and the rest of knowledgeable posters advice.Let the games begin.
The Tanker with antique edge is still leading
thanks again.
thanks a lot for the info. I'm aiming to pair it with some LUC militarily trousers/selvage denim and wear it outside of pant leg.Leaning towards a1923.In terms of sizing, I had experience with Guidi backzips 988 (size 43) and that's my only reference point. I was thinking to purchase at retail (hide m) and hopefully will get some sizing advice from them. I'm size 9D TTS.
I'm about to enter the dark side. For my first pair, A1923 dbl zips or CCP Tornado?
Do it. YOLO.
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