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Bobbo, good luck buddy. Leffot hopefully will do another run!Thank you kindly MrDV. You posted some fantastic pictures for tanker Tuesday! Let the games begin.Hope mine develop similar patina soon Tifosi. Perfection.Thanks CS. great choice!
Hi Mike, Any restock plans for pale grey hopsack Walts? If not I'm grabing grey hopsack. Both navy Walts and Caine sc still going strong and it's my favourite material.
Mike, hope you have some more trousers in 32 and 33!!!
missed my size 32 Navy Walts:censored: Hey Mike, is the IG sale over?
Extremely sad as well. Very big loss.
Welcome to Tanker Tuesday Gents, Maiden carpet voyage today. I apologize for low quality iPhone pictures. Leffot Tankers are my favorite Alden shell boots. These batch #8 is not too dark, just perfect. Love the narrowness effect as well.
Leffot just posted new pic on the reverse tobacco chamois Greenwich boots on his IG. Can't wait to get mine. Some sizes still left for pre-order.
Same here.@Mdubs speedy recovery Mike.
I actually really like the narrowing effect. My Leffot #8 Tankers going on their maiden carpet voyage this coming tanker Tuesday @MrDV
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