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What are our choices on lining?
All eyelets are good here as well.
Let's do it already. In for Frankenstich Jumper. Poll /
Cognac Jumper on Oscar or Forest last and I'm in.
Thanks Tif! Shipping and exchange rate will kill it for me but I know someone who can help me..thanks a lot for your offer brother, I should of ordered from LS together with my choco tankers.I will get some for sure from Leffot once my dovers will be ready as well. Let me know if you need some extra spray and I'll throw some in.
Steve, this is great shell news! I propose first captoe (from the left) from the picture below: Very versatile insane shoe.
Gents, where is a good online store to buy Alden leather defender? If Canada/T.O brethren knows local places even better. thanks
bwahahah Mike, you killed it. LOLstill waiting for the one or two fabrics..
Thanks for making it easier for me MGD! The jacket looks amazing. I'm jumping on this MTO for next FW if Greg runs it again.
This Bonafe in Brandy shell and loden suede is amazing combo (not mine)
New Posts  All Forums: