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Hi Mike, Any thoughts on bringing some casual vests back? You had it a few years ago.
All right Gents, just got Midweight Olive & Gold Windowpane! This is going to be my FU SC lol. Such a bold windowpane pattern. I'm very excited. Will be on the casual side for me (dark denim). I think we down to last one. After missing out on killer eddiemczee Loden/Orange I didn't want to take any chances.
you on fire man. Good stuff.
Nice choice! I'm trying to decide which one to pick to wear mostly with denim. Leaning towards Clay Farmer check now.
Which one did you get?
I'm in the same boat! Leaning towards Olive.
My grail Patek is 5711/1A-010. That is what I'm saving for as well. 5170G looks too close to my Daytona J/K! It's amazing.
Perfect fit Don. Can't wait to get mine.
Looks like only two Medium left in Crosshatch Kamigata as well. It went fast.
Found out too late, going soon and might pick up some Barbera shirts.
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