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That's exactly what my thoughts are. Email to Yenni is on it's way. I'd rather someone else enjoy those and know in advance that they get it.
Thanks for your feedback as well, Alcibiades. I have no plans for Alden black shell right now. Might just go with J Crew PCT and take my name off J Gilbert Indy list (Plaza).
Thanks Tifosi, I have sold my #8 LS captoe on Plaza and don't have any #8 in the stable. I also on the list for J Gilbert #8 Indy on Plaza last
thanks beebs, I see where you are coming from. J Crew captoes have leather soles and can really be used during warmer weather as well + @$533 it's a good buy.
Need some opinion gents, I have Leffot's Tankers in Color 8 and Alden DC Cigar captoes coming soon. I also have J Crew Color 8 captoe boots that are scheduled to be shipped in early May that I got for 20% off. Trying to decide if I really need J Crew captoes...
Quick PSA: cigar Indy TB last on eBay (size 9D). From Tom's collection (LS).
If anyone is selling size 8 (2030) in navy shell, let me know! Edit: black shell is fine too
I expect 13% HST when shipped with USPS/Canada Post but might use UPS next time and specify my US mailbox in Niagara Falls.
and we got 3 so far. I think it's a go by Sept lol
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