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Alright, this is not funny. Who got that vest!? If it doesn't work, I'll take it.
this is the one for me as well as my next EG
Hi Mike @Epaulet Can you give me your recommendation on staple grey and charcoal fabrics for EFF suits. I currently have hopsack Caine navy SC and Walts trousers that I love. Something for 3 seasons wear. cheers
Looks freaking outstanding Don. After I got myself a pair of highrise trousers with side adjusters I'm a convert. It's the way towards the light haha.
Yes. You should change your avatar pic immediately.
LOL bro! Because I never expected these amazing unlined super versatile buttery suede 3 eyelet chukka on incredible last beat DOAK Galways on 82 last (second favourite boots of all times).
Shanklins today as well. I think they are still my favorite EG haha
@gdl203 Hey Greg, will you be carring FW16 Eidos Sal trousers? I want to buy 3 pairs.
I should list brand new whiskey tankers for $3500 on the bay just for laughs.
New Posts  All Forums: