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Kimber tote #15 is here. Love it.
Just scored these for $400 at local Club Monaco. Hello GYW haha. They actually fit like a dream.
Damn! Congrats on both arrivals but dat Shannon VIII in DOAK...insane.
Very strong preorders. Eyeing Elusion jacket and Wonder trousers.
Beautiful Galways Justin ^^ I'll add some as well.
Done! thanks.
thanks! I think I'll splurge just for peace of mind
Gents, quick question. I have an opportunity to grab GG shoe trees for my upcoming Thorpe on MH71. Should I grab it to protect my investment or regular shoe trees will do? thanks
One way ticket for sure
Damn Roger. Well done. I have a feeling you will have another beauty coming from Skoak gents soon (me too).
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