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Fok, let's do side zip!
No idea but I think this camel suede is winner already. Hope they make it to production and be available on .com instead of shops like Mr.P..
These sidezips are instakop for me. Damn.
This is amazing. Boom.
I'm L in Niche, L in SdC and size 3 in TS(S) quilted jacket.
Some one please kop Leder long officer coat in size M (all sizes).
+100. I have 3 coats from SdC. I wish I can add dat slouchy coat. Looks incredible.
I would preorder size 32 right away.
Every time I see these mole suede Burnhams on Deco last I fight the urge to initiate exactly the same GMTO on [[SPOILER]] ..just incredible and love the way they age.
Well said, stay away from Saphir products for crust.
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