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I'm still not sure what size to get for Eidos macro herringbone overcoat. Should I get same size as FJ and HJ which is 48? @gdl203 and @NickPollica thanks guys
I did, I actually think he will be on point with some of his predictions.
SD has been discontinued after 30 months in production and Rolex IG account has been featuring GMT in their last 15 photos (same thing happened with SS Daytona C).
I didn't read past few pages but according to all the rumors we will see 42mm Anniversary SD (my AD is very postive) and Coke GMT. Am I too late with these news? haha
Sadly, I came to realization that I have a bit more room in size 8.5E for 82 last that I like and might be listing my Walnut CC and Doak Galways (Skoak GMTO) for crazy good price (around $650 USD which is a freaking robbery).
I hear you man, wtf is happening with no longer carrying EG I wonder...
Come to daddy, these are on hold
I asked Antonio in Eidos thread just to be sure.
I feel like I've seen it before but might be mistaken.
Torn between these two overcoats: and this is a must
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