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Waiting for the next SS re-issues. Hope something is in the works @gdl203
Decided to add EPLA grey crewneck tee to wear with Kamigata and LBM 1911 c-lino while it's still warm.
congrats! Great choice and I was looking at their Derby in the same leather but 2045 last is a deal breaker for me. Wish they were on 2030.
I got white index 116520. I love it more and more every day. You can't go wrong, what a timepiece. From business to streetwear, Daytona looks right at home.4130 movement is extremely accurate.good luck.
thanks gosheik. Natural CXL with hand stitching from Epaulet. TB last.
Thank you Gents.
well done Ry. I assume the denim is Somet?
^^ snuff suede NST boots on Abeerden can be very versatile.
After speaking to K I found out I'm 3rd on 9D Ravello captoe boots. Crossing fingers here.Doing a bit of boots brushing therapy tonight.
New Posts  All Forums: