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Would buy within seconds if those were my size. Great price and seller. Good luck man.
I might unsubscribe from this thread
I agree how great they look and also a huge fan of Ridgeway sole but worry that it still will look a bit aggressive from certain angles for such a classic shape.
Right, that's what I'm thinking. I got Doak Galways and Dovers and have Vintage Oak GG Thorpe GMTO that should be ready any day now.
that's not possible, how??? Congrats!Trying to convince myself to grab those Doak Newmarkets on 82. What's stopping me is Ridgeway sole. Might be a no go just because of that. What I'm thinking instead is go for same boots in either Hazelnut or Edwardian Antique with Danite.Decisions, decisions..
if you have your own yacht that would be acceptable.I would wear tank top and start ballin.
planning to wear tee or tank top under it and RG Richard pants with it. It's a great piece, you wont regret it.
Decided to stop at LeatherFoot during lunch to drop off a few pairs of EG for maintenance and fell in love with DOAK Newmarkets in my size for a really good price..
Nice box, congrats @MrVenneri
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