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That Thedi MA1 leather once again is UNREAL.
^^ Well done DS. Nice Daytona as well
That REDA Sunset Wheat Hopsack is INSANE. In 3, 2, 1...
Who bought all size 42 Butero slip-ons? All sizes available except for that one lol.
Great shot. This picture makes me love my Leffot tankers all over again hehehe
Double tap (delete)
No spoiler as I can't wait to get my Doak Galway hopefully by August from Skoak's preorder.They look freaking insane with light wash denim. Nice shot.
Mike, still aiming for Thedi MA1 preorder to go live tomorrow?
looks outstanding. I can't believe I hesitated.Let's organize one more GMTO for this Fall.
^^ Outstanding G! Those NST are fire.
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