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I hear you about tapering. Wish they were a bit more tapered for sure. Overall I'm very happy with the fit and stretchy denim. Will beat the shit out of them for two seasons for sure lol
Mine should be delivered today from RG as well and I hope for the best lol Edit: just arrived. So light and I love the fit. Sized down from Cast 2 Coast.
damn, what happened?
Dirty pics from recent Archive sale: SdC hunting jacket x Niche paisley shirt SdC duffle coat (winter is coming)
Miss my Leffot Tankers, might get them again this time or go for Naval boots. Hmm..
Picked up my first Gurkha shorts in dark navy twill. Trying to decide on Loiter jacket..
this, one of my favorites. I incredible denim and cut.
Yep, got the Fringe boots for $590.
I'm very happy to hear this, whew. Thanks for feedback.
I had Cast 2 Coast in 32 and waist was at least an inch too big as. I got white cropped denim in size 31 and hope sizing works out.
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