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I can never get tired seeing these unicorns MrDV. Not going to use spoiler feature either.Speechless.
My wallet is ready. Mike, I know you can make it happen.
I suggest size 40. We are similar size and 40 should work for you.Talk to Greg and Kyle to be sure.
thanks FCFF Olive WP came out amazing!
Looks perfect Frank. Are those new heavy weight denim?P.S. Dat Formosa is insane. Damn.
Yep, I heard the same.I also heard that there might be size 39R in Olive Windopane FF available soon for a great price from a good SF member
I don't blame you buddy, Cigar CT and Leffot Tankers are my favorite models from what is currently attainable (with a bit of effort). I sold my first pair of Cigars CT from Alden DC (2 years ago) but I'm #1 on the list for my size in the next run.
Nat CXL Indy today
hehehe, we should all aim to post SS Merinos fits at the same time soon.Oh wait, my Buttero side zips should arrive this week, let's wait!
I agree 100%.@NewYorkIslander Rob, I'm going to borrow this idea. I'm glad I still have some Aldens in my collection lol.@Epaulet Mike, let's rerun Alden SW Brixtons in Cigar or Color8 with antique trim ASAP
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