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sweet collection Stitches! You got many bases covered. My favorite is TT Daytona
1 week to make decision on those brandy service boots. wonder if the price would be north of $1100.
^^ some insane deals, too bad I'm spending freeze or those Vass captoes would be mine. Someone please buy size 42 before I break. http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/theresianer-captoe-new-peter-last-in-cognac-scotchgrain
Nice! I have a great AD that I bought a few pieces over the years in another city and should be able to get at least 10-15% plus taxes.
My goal is to aim for 20% discount on Aquanaut but I might be dreaming.
My feelings exactly!
thanks Dino, 5711 is amazing watch as well.
^^ thanks for the feedback Frilly! I have only one PP AD in Toronto and will go and try it in person. *not my picture*
I can't miss a good watch talk..congrats on the new BB release Ryden!
With all PP talk...anyone owns Aquanaut 5167A-001? Really want this timepiece.
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