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Thanks to all for well wishes Gents. I'm enjoing every moment of being a new Dad! I have also a good collection of guns and shovels to show to my daughter future boyfriends lol I haven't even touch new Ravello pt boots with brush or cloth and finishing out of the box is unreal. Thank you. It's a special makeup on a special day.
Thanks so much my friends, I'm trying to sneak in my last purchases hehehe.It's incredible day! I can give everything that I have for my baby girl. I'm walking on the clouds. No better feeling in the world.Poor future boyfriends lol
Thanks Gents! I had to stop by at home from the hospital as today I became a Dad! These were waiting for me lol. What a timing.No time to try for two reasons. I will most likely sleep in them and wear to the hospital without using Mac break-in method
My Ravello PT boots from Anatomica Paris came in today. I'm speechless. Charles was a pleasure to deal with and these boots worth every single dollar.
Huge congrats @MoosicPa What a score.
dusty calf is calling me.
Tricky, you and me will get some goods for sure!
PM me if you have spot for sale (full leather).
^^ Can someone kindly return size 50?
Thanks for the info. Will shoot you guys an email shortly.
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