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Gents, quick question. Anyone owns suede Rain lasted loafers? If yes, did you size down half size? I'm 8UK in Carmina Rain, Inca and Forest last. Thanks
Hi Mike, Any words of wisdom on Kamigata sizing? I wear Southwick Caine SC in 38 (will try next MTO in 39 for a bit more room) and your shirts in M but very fit. What size should I get in Kamigata? I'm planning to wear it with a tee without layering too much. Thanks
Thanks Keith!
I'm trying to figure out my Soller last sizing..so far I'm out but will use this weekend to try and enable myself towards this MTO!
Great write-up Dino!Happy July 4th my US neighbors!Wearing some blue, white and red colors to celebrate with you!
Insane! Wow.
you forgot to add Oyster case as well
Tifosi, when you have a chance, read about Rolex 4130 movement.
First wear of my Carmina MTO:
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