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I want whatever he had hahaha
Sal model is almost exclusively carried at NMWA.GS has very limited selection of Eidos.
Thank you, they are really great. Got them from NMWA (SF Affiliate, use SF10 for 10% discount)http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/new-items/beige-fine-hemp-wool-sal-trousers-10-oz.html
Nonnative black cotton ripstop Trooper pants
Do it! What's the scoop!? Almost free for Brioni?
Beige hemp/wool Sal, I'm so excited haha. I'm at Yonge and Eg and will go there. Thanks. [[SPOILER]] Might check him out, thanks as well.Ummmm...thanks BUT no thanks! lol
Gents, I need proven tailor to work on cuffing my brand new Eidos trousers. Need some recommendation in midtown/downtown please. cheers
Yes, I agree 100%. Nothing is wrong with supply and demand.
Picked up a pair of LV Attitude.
Once again, I'm so happy with my TS(S) padded navy version that I have. Nothing out there like it. It's freaking insane..
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