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good to know. 4 = XL?
Dropped off my tobacco Wyatts to get topy. Decided just to leave the heel as as. Will post some pics once finished.
I feel like I should get size XL in sashiko. My first XL jacket ever @conceptual 4est Kyle, what size do you wear in BBJ sashiko, L?
Alright, G just broke the internet. Blue Blue Japan is in the house, damn.
Olive Dover is really good for sure. I would get it on 606 last
One more pic..
I can't wait for my SB NR order to come in. What a tease it will be tomorrow.
A few more
If I ever get a third Rolex I would love to get EXP1. it looks incredible with new details. Damn x 2 lol
good one brother hahaha. It would be better if you said 47mm
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