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Might sell my brand new pair of nut Santiag in size 42 . Would be happy if they go to some of our thread contributors.
lol!! Ok ok, I was thinking Cloud Antique all the way along..I'm fine either way.
true. this was our initial makeup wish.
Thanks boys! Just picked those SS16 cigaro Wyatts from local SA at Holt Renfrew in Toronto. Went same size as Hedi 30 Jods and they fit like a dream.Santiag just got some company. I'm super excited.
Canada Post and CBSA are ready for us.Maybe we should fly and pick those in person hahah.
So this just happend
I see my mist tunic!
I wear 48 across most of the Geller FW15 outwear and size 50 in Eidos HJ boiled wool, SS Merino and planning to grab new RG season Garment dyed bomber in 48.
This sounds like extremely versatile and elegant makeup without storm welt. Boom!
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