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decided to keep for now
I have size 32 D02 from last SS16.Tags are gone but still new.
Gents, any idea when is the next Samuelson MTM event at Harry Rosen?
52 for Eidos?
Sage De Cret Hunting jacket size L. Worn once and purchased from NMWA. Someone will be very happy.
Absolutely amazing Sage De Cret Hunting jacket in size L. Worn once and in new condition. New projects require funds, priced to sell quick. Thanks for looking. $190 plus $15 shipping.
The price is insane
I wish I could wear casual clothing Mon-Fri
Even if you wait you won't see any new models for a long time after Basel announcement. I will most likely add SS Coke and SD 50th Anniversary.I have 1K deposit for 5711 PP at my AD from last year and most likely will jump off PP ship and add few more SS Rolex instead.
Get BLNR and enjoy the best modern SS Rolex model Two years now for me, I can't get enough of this watch. Sold my 116520 white face Daytona and 116610 Sub and have zero regrets.
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