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Hey Mike, any updates on Thedi bomber by any chance? I'll be in Vegas for poker trip in 3 weeks and maybe you can ship it to the hotel.
you will be very happy with Shanklins [[SPOILER]]
Being 5'8 SdC parka is not short on me at all and I find it perfect length for some serious protection
I wear 82 Galways with regular weight socks and the fit is great, just a bit too long but I don't mind. Wore 64E Galways with medium and thicker socks and the fit was good.Don't rely on my sizing though, I heard that most take the same size across all EG. I had a chance to try different sizes in person.I can't say enough about Shanklins. Unreal chukka and looks amazing on 202 with denim/trousers. Tempted to get another pair.
Will do.
I think I will qualify for the baller status with this freaking parka running in Nevada desert.
FWIW, I wear Shanklins in 8E UK/8.5US on 202 and the fit is perfect. 82 and 64 last Galways in 8.5E UK/9US.
I've been looking for this info for some time. I'm between size EU48-50 and need to try it before I pull the trigger.
Dude! I just booked my poker trip to Vegas for mid December and SdC rabbits are coming with me Too much for Vegas? lol
no way in
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