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Three major enablers here: rydenfan, tifosi and ddd.
They are not coming from FB but the same boots.
No my friend same makeup as FB did.
Thanks all, Trigger pulled on Rosewood CC Galways Veldt on 64E! Happy Canada Day to me
Gents, urgent question. Do people usually take the same size on 64 and 82 last? Trying to make last minute decision between Galway in rosewood CC..it's not easy. Not sure if the width of 64 is E or F. Most likely F but will confirm with retailer.
Forest 8UKRain 8UKInca 8UKUetam 8UKEG 82, 202, 606 = 8.5UK/9US
you know what to do!
This makeup doesn't need introduction. Best selling model at Leffot. Unfortunately I have to move on and these beauties were only worn 10 times and in amazing condition. Always stored with Alden shoe trees (not included). Shade of color 8 shell is outstanding on these and someone will be very happy owning them. I have lots of great references on SF and my price is SOLD + shipping and PP fees. I can only ship within Canada or US. Thanks for looking.
We still got some rad pieces and I'm sure you will get into EG soon!!
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