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Can someone buy brown Ragosta field jacket in size 48 so I don't break and order it
^^ That is perfect fit Mrk.
Hi Fok,I'll email you about Millwright boot
I'm fawking speechless Ttown. Amazing!
I find it perfect without arctic liner with either shirt/sweater/SC. Can easily wear it 3 seasons.Let me say another thing..design, quality, and features are unreal. I would buy it again multiple times.
NR SB arrived and it's freaking insane. This is size L with arctic liner and I'm only wearing tee shirt. No way in hell I can wear size M 😬 Sorry for shitty pic
So the time has come to move from driving beemers and my '17 VW Golf R (Lapiz Blue) will be here next week
Yes, i agree about the waist being a bit wide but this is by design. Once you have drawstrings tightened it's actually great fit. No way you can size down even without thunder thighs. Be careful.(Excuse bare feet).
Eidos wool/silk pants are amazing. Size 32 is perfect fit, very sharp.
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