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Maybe I should get one more pair of Leffot Tankers and frame it @tifosi @tricky here's your chance buddy to grab those Tankers! I might kop Greenwich reverse chamois boots (again lol).
Damn. I'm listening..
@EP Dylan just sent you a lengthy email regarding my measurements for MA1! TIA Dylan.
This.Let's hear about the options Steve . I really like these.
Thanks for all your effort as always Mike! This is happening Hmm, if you wear size 40 in this sample I must go for size 38. I'll call the shop later on today before placing my order.I'm between M and L in EPNY shirts and wear size 38 in Southwick SC.
I have too many hobbies and very responsible. We actually have some 3 gun matches at the range lol.
Been searching for one in great condition for a few years and got almost new one with all papers and box and couldn't pass it. Damn.
bwahaha bro! I'm on the edge and already bought HK P7M8 to make myself feel better...
Was browsing iG and saw this...
Come to me black on black MA1!
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