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Same here. Looks good.
Too late, you know this lol
I really hope so as well. The latest cigar batch is insane!Can't wait Alden DC drop.On arrival note, my JCrew #8 PCT boots just shipped. Ordered over month and half ago.
I know there is not a lot of love for the black shoes but I'm excited to get my 732 black calf on rain last!
+1. In for it.
if whiskey SW 9D, I might be interested.
+100. Although I think we'll get a surprise email/call from K next month.
Slightly tweaking my measurements from previous bomber and trying to decide between black lamb vs black unglazed goat A-2. This time, without suede name tag.
I wish this PSA was about extra orders that are available
yes Saz! can't wait for mine to arrive in a near future.
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