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unicorn(buttery calf leather for added comfort)
13 pairs were still available at 2:03
there is something about light wash denim and color 8 that looks really good.Enjoy your Tankers, there are fire.
I knew this day would come brother when we wear these on the same day.Alden Army is strong.
I'm OK with red lining, it's a bit too much but I don't want to ruin the experience for others.
This help a LOT, thanks andrez!I'm good with Danite 500.
I too looked at @namor IG and his #8 Frankenstich is unreal. I think it's on leather sole and I really want similar effect with single Danite.I'm still thinking that red lining will look similar to the Christian Luboutin pic below [[SPOILER]] But I'll go with majority..
I'm not in for this Alden pre-order but good luck to all. 19 spots is a good #.
Single Danite gets my vote as well! I really want the sleekness of the original Frankenstich in color 8 but with single Danite.
No worries bud, it's just I picture when I go to parties and put my boots with red lining next to my wife's Louboutin shoes lol
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