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Happy Holidays! Thanks for all the great discussions
Thanks for heads up for SP boxing deal. Picked up Annua scarf for $90 CAD.
I'm similar build as AC and have size V in Merino.
I think they are out of Nano...
good stuff. I'm waiting for Nano protector to arrive so I can start wear these outdoors.
Huge congrats W! This LS Pitt boots makeup been on my want list for a few years.
Read somewhere that Alden uses one of the best suede supplier.Call LS and get on the list for their next run.thanks ATL, Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Gents, just can't get enough of LS Choco Tankers. I've handled many shell makeups in last few years but let me tell you. I really think this model is best of all. Sleek enough since its suede and so freaking comfortable there is no tomorrow. I really like wearing it with denim @rydenfan No denim jokes lol
I need these. Well done.
Nice score prez. I can see color 8 PT boots in my future.Happy Holidays.
New Posts  All Forums: