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Thank you Gents!FC, your fit inspired me to get Kamigata Crosshatch.
ThanksCarmina snuff suede brogues MTO on Forest last which became my favorite last.
This post is not good for me PD. I'm at the crossroads if I should sell my Leffot pre-order
Boom! Happy Friday Gents! Manly hairy arms closeup
TGIF!Tickling stripe Walts today, it was insane deal at the time: [[SPOILER]]
It was a tough decision between Kamigata Crosshatch and Candiani linen/cotton. Well, just snugged Crosshatch! The lighter shade of denim won.
Good luck to those who getting Alden Alt Wien! They are insane. As much as I want them, I'm going to pass. New Kamigata, EP SC and leather jacket are in my queue already.
Trying to decide between Nisshinbo Mills Crosshatch and Candiani. Most likely going with Nisshinbo. Perfect Hold Em poker game jacket
Was thinking the same but might try it! You might see me around Bay St. in downtown on casual Friday lol
New Posts  All Forums: