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Some don't know what they're missing with 310 @linafelt . I'm most likely in for Millwright makeup.
Any chance of restock/preorder of Manila in tan suede?
Don't have those but TTS Viberg 8 = US9.
Damn, missed size 38 for Manila
Would love to grab these but you right, the price is too much. Damn, great makeup.http://van-afferden.com/produkt/viberg-service-boot-natural-suede/
Antonio, should I take my usual Eidos size for Carlo belted ie same Hunting/Field jackets?
Kyle, what size are you wearing in Kamoshita Balmacaan and in Eidos grey raglan coats?thanks man.
I haven't worn mine yet but they do look insane Rog.
Dovers today, one of my favorites.
Can someone buy brown Ragosta field jacket in size 48 so I don't break and order it
New Posts  All Forums: