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Alright, this is not funny anymore. Got stopped by several people today and been asked about SdC rabbit fishtail. It's officially my coolest outwear piece ever. Wears light and feeling those bunnies is insane
Anyone has Master Piece potential tote/messenger pics IRL? Traveling soon and need new carry one and might even use it for daily office commute.
Thinking hard about pulling the trigger on Bad Seed.I think preorder closes soon, just emailed PTC.
Looks perfect. The King of boots hands down.
can't wait for those SLP Wyatts.
this is natural CXL leather.
Love this future Notre makeup. Seriously considering.
Hey Mike, any updates on Thedi bomber by any chance? I'll be in Vegas for poker trip in 3 weeks and maybe you can ship it to the hotel.
you will be very happy with Shanklins [[SPOILER]]
Being 5'8 SdC parka is not short on me at all and I find it perfect length for some serious protection
New Posts  All Forums: