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^^ If those CP were size 42 I would be on my way over with cold hard cash. My CP lows are holding amazing after 4 years. Damn.. Great stuff all around Caligari, you should get on SLP quick before Hedi designs disappear.
This is genius Justin. I'm going to ask my assistant to start taking my fit pictures as well
Re: sizing. Just to add my experience, I'm size 9D on Brannock and wear size 8 across 2030/2040/2045. I'm planing to stick with same size for Hopper. Note: Alden Barrie/TB is 8.5D for me.
I need another pair of whiskey tankers. Good show @totalair1
Just snagged Gelasio navy linen M65 shirt jacket. Been wanting one since I saw it in SS16 look book. Damn.
Sublime hat arrived. Sizing is freaking perfect. Let the games begin.
Oak Kudu vs Rosewood?
You broke the internetz today Rog. Absolutely incredible. Are you ready for second delivery soon? How was CBSA damage?
I got one incoming from NMWA and thought you snagged one as well. All natural sold out.http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/makers/makersinfo/view/id/185/Anyways, two is too rich for my blood but I might consider one.Thanks Fok.
If I didn't stock up on SLP I'd try the Chelsea. Last looks good Mike. Time for some skinny denim for those who jump on Chelsea/Jods .
New Posts  All Forums: