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FW Richard coat is fire.
My go to summer shoes so comfortable.
yes JR, I got hit with a new wave of EG wants hehehe. I figured out I will have 3 Galways and a pair of Newmarkets to complete my rotation and a pair of GG Thorpe
I did. No harm asking here as well, no?
Gents, can someone help me identify these. Cloud antique and bronze CC? I want to exact makeup on 606 😈
Evening Dover action
Would buy within seconds if those were my size. Great price and seller. Good luck man.
I might unsubscribe from this thread
I agree how great they look and also a huge fan of Ridgeway sole but worry that it still will look a bit aggressive from certain angles for such a classic shape.
Right, that's what I'm thinking. I got Doak Galways and Dovers and have Vintage Oak GG Thorpe GMTO that should be ready any day now.
New Posts  All Forums: