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This would be amazing.@NickPollica I hope this event can happen soon in Toronto. I was so bummed I couldn't make it to see Greg at NMWA last time.Didn't know either, will stop by this weekend.
Bakes, thanks a lot for this. I will make the jump. Snuff is too close with Polo so I should get the Navy I guess. I don't think any retailer is doing Loden.
Can't wait for mine to arrive.
Yes CC, I actually really like Loden.
Gents, does anyone own more than one pair of suede string loafers? I just got Polo suede from great guys at Skoak and thinking to add either Snuff or Navy suede. Thoughts?
Noooo!! Hehehe, good move
So MUCH enabling here. Just snagged eggshell Kaihara denim!
do not feed the troll
That Thedi MA1 leather once again is UNREAL.
^^ Well done DS. Nice Daytona as well
New Posts  All Forums: