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+1. Mike, share some wisdom.
I'm almost there. Doing my best.
Yep, like Eidos three piece herringbone suit vs another pair of shells in my case.
PT > CT for me. @Rydenfan I hear you man. $1100 at least.
This is happening!
Ravello PT boots quickly became my most favorite.
Calling Greg shortly!
You might be right, just checked measurments, I might do it. That three piece navy herringbone is insane.I started watching "Suits" and need a sick three piece lol.
Too many enablers here. Thinking to pull the trigger on Eidos navy herringbone 12oz suit once size 50 is back in stock or reordered. Unless size 48 will fit after my conversation with Greg tomorrow. 5'8, 168lb, 39" chest.
New Posts  All Forums: