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congrats gosheik, these makeup is amazing. Might consider getting it. I passed on LS Safari boots (returned it) and was looking for casual suede boots. Also interested what last these are on.
Since there was discussion about favorite boots a few pages back and I keep looking at my Leffot Tankers and think they are my favourite. Decided to do a bit of brushing therapy tonight.
I was about to post the same reply Tif!! Did you get on the same Leffot Grenwich boots preorder!?
Heheheh. Mine too. Can't wait to hear the details.
inn8chiro, you win with best picture for sure! great post and I'm going to be a father soon as well!
+1! great pictures @Michigan Planner and @bkotsko
I agree with BK. Or go for brown CXL PTB on commando! I've been eyeing those as well on top of my Leffot Greenwich SW boots preorder in reverse chamois. I also have Natural CXL Indys from EP. The rest is horse
I know I have to pick one: either mid brown suede or vegano calf Chelsea.
No need for spoiler. These are insane.
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