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Really like my Ravello PT boots. Amazing last.
Save and get BLNR!
Holding tight to my wallet.
LMAO buddy!!! I should post them in B&S!
waiting for light wash denim to hit online. Hopefully today.
As my fellow Canadian TTG pointed out, exchange rates from US to CAN add another $100 for us.I got lucky and didn't get charged additional 13% HST on top of that lol.
100% agree. I'm still recovering after paying US$660 with shipping for LS choco Tankers.
Sunday maintenance
good luck with your decisionCHUP Army
Thanks Bobbo. You will like these a lot. Great Christmas present.Thanks DV!Unipair makeup is great if you are a fan of Loden suede. Never handled E width boots but I understand where you coming from regarding proportions.
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