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thanks, these pct boots growing on me quickly.
My JCrew PCT boots in King #8 arrived.Let me tell you Gents, these are perfect! First of all, 270' flat welt makes these very versatile. I'm going to rock these with denim as well as trousers.Not even a slight mark on these and folks from JCrew even included second set of laces. I've ordered these end of January and received it this week. I would gladly to pay full price but got 20% off during one of the promotions.Some obligatory unboxing pictures: [[SPOILER]] Leffot NST...
Not everyone will "shell" out $1100 +. Last time black and navy shell pre-orders were open it lasted two-three days until it was sold out.
hahah, you know it buddy
Time to save up at least $1100 I might be in!
TTS for me. Had to sell mine when got it in my Barrie size. After 2-3 hours of wearing it was to tight near the toe area.
these are insane, on my list for sure.
My vote for tan LWB.
Well done Steven, very tempting makeup.Almost pulled the trigger as well but got some shell purchases coming from Alden + upcoming Viberg mystery shell possibility.
Same here. Looks good.
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