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noted lol. had my old denim on and decide to make a quick picture.
Glad it helped you TS.I should start taking better pictures. The jacket looks so much better in real life.
These dusty calf derbies should be mine soon since I passed on BCC boots.
Received black moleskin Bedford from Rooney. It's incredible. I really appreciate size L vs M. So much better. Might shorten the sleeves a bit but I really like a bit slouchy fit. Moleskin feels like butter. Should develop some good character.
I wear IM - size M and Bart is size - S for me according to my conversation with G.I think FC is size M in Bart.
Time to kop! Proud FC member.
@Handcuffed Huge congrats on one of the best. From SW&D to more business casual this is great last and shape is incredible. Check Instagram for Modified last and see some great fits. We are lucky to own these.. Took Anatomica over 4 years to get this makeup.
^^ Poor Dylan lol
this is true.
EG black moleskin Bedford
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