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I'm very happy to hear this. Thank you.
Greg, I will order size M in Bull Wool Any plans to do another run?
I prefer size 42 from these pictures. I got lucky again and just snugged size 40 that reappeared in the system (thanks Kyle and Greg once again).
I got size 38 in Mountain Parka my friend..and hope it will fit. I'm between 38R and 40R in coats and as per Greg, I went with 38. Can't wait to get it. I wanted to try 40 as well but it was already sold out.Now, I'm getting my SS FW charcoal Merino this Saturday in size V and REALLY hoping the fit is good. For some reason I have a good feeling
please post your results! thanks.
I don't know how I slept on initial pre-order but soon will have my precious FW Merino I do agree, charcoal is insane.
What a day...first Monitaly mountain parka. Now thanks to @Thanks SF (a new me) a brand new SS Merino charcoal coat. Thank you!
you have PM.
Insane! So much win.
Hahahaha I can't wait to receive it!
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