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This is first time after a number of Alden, Carmina and two pair of EG when I got some duties from Europe and U.S.Your calculation is spot on and I guess I have still saved a lot from those previous purchases. It is what it is but I'm super pissed lol.I think let's not clog Skoak thread but this was a big hit for me. I'm going to tread lightly for now
they are the Kings of all boots. Edward Green Galways.Tread lightly or you will be hooked. I'm on my second pair.
I hope it will not happen to you Roger. I had a few orders from Skoak and another EG Galways from Europe. This is first time I got hit.
Yes Gents, it's insane to say the least. I should frame these Galways like Mona Lisa painting.
Not sure, they just called me from the concierge desk in my condo. Going to pick it up from the Post office.I'm boiling but that's life.Leather Foot is starting to carry EG in September. I think that's the route I'll be taking. It actually might be less money buying it locally now after CP is doing their plundering.
Bad news. Even though I never ordered EG shoe trees, I just got hit almost $400 bones in duties and tax. Did your people talked to my people in Canada Post? damn.
Well Gents, I guess I'll take it for the team...Canada Post just delivered my EG Galways from Skoak and I got hit with duties and HST for almost $400 bones. Insane.
+ 1 and also SdC drop...
All EP day except for Carmina navy monks.
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