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No words, these are insane. Wonder how sizing down will work for you for #8 shell. I have confirmed with Morgan and Guy that I should go for size 8 for 2030 (same as my 2040).
I think my upcoming #8 NST boots with commando sole will be used regularly during Toronto fall and winter. My JCrew x Alden PCT boots on leather sole on the other hand might not be good option when snowing/raining although I've read that it should be OK. Curious to hear some opinions.
my Inca lasted DM after Saphir reno + brown cream session. Alden and Viberg got in the picture as well
desk diving with my SubC
thanks BK.
*cross post from Alden thread* decided to have brushing session: really like how Viberg waxed flesh ages.
a bit of brushing on Monday evening: Horween leathers: natty CXL, Waxed Brown flesh, #8 Cordovan
^^ I hope Leffot will open pre-order for light edge and flat welt LWB.
perfect boots Ryden.Waiting for another response from Guy via email but want to ask just in case. Does anyone wears same size in 2030 and 2040 lasts?
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