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Tricky, call Alden DC and ask about #8 captoe boots on Grant last. These are on commando sole but will work great.
I might take you on that offer.
I was told end of October but Mike has some insider info heheheh
I'm glad to hav someone in the same size for the reference AC! Going to make some Eidos and Formosa entry soon.
Yes!! Which one?(secretly hoping it's Olive/Gold Windowpane)
I'm very happy to hear this. Thank you.
Greg, I will order size M in Bull Wool Any plans to do another run?
I prefer size 42 from these pictures. I got lucky again and just snugged size 40 that reappeared in the system (thanks Kyle and Greg once again).
I got size 38 in Mountain Parka my friend..and hope it will fit. I'm between 38R and 40R in coats and as per Greg, I went with 38. Can't wait to get it. I wanted to try 40 as well but it was already sold out.Now, I'm getting my SS FW charcoal Merino this Saturday in size V and REALLY hoping the fit is good. For some reason I have a good feeling
please post your results! thanks.
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