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Single Danite gets my vote as well! I really want the sleekness of the original Frankenstich in color 8 but with single Danite.
No worries bud, it's just I picture when I go to parties and put my boots with red lining next to my wife's Louboutin shoes lol
Gents, would really prefer purple over red lining!
Unfortunately due to a new project I need to sell this amazing EG Bedford in size L from EG FW2014 Jacket was worn twice and it's in amazing almost new condition. Price to move this quick is $220 US +PP fees and shipping. I can only ship within Canada and US. Jacket was bought from Rooney's and black mole skin is amazing material. Someone will be happy. First I'll take it gets it. Thanks for looking.
I'm getting same size as my Forest, Inca and Rain which is size 8UK. I'm 9D US on Brannock.
Will be listing my black moleskin Bedford size L in B&S later on today. Price will be more than fair.
Maybe purple lining will create some good contrast but im also good either way. Regular danite gets my vote as well as per original quote.
I'm leaning towards brown. Have 3 pairs of Carmina with purple lining already
What are our choices on lining?
All eyelets are good here as well.
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