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I don't know how I slept on initial pre-order but soon will have my precious FW Merino I do agree, charcoal is insane.
What a day...first Monitaly mountain parka. Now thanks to @Thanks SF (a new me) a brand new SS Merino charcoal coat. Thank you!
you have PM.
Insane! So much win.
Hahahaha I can't wait to receive it!
Never got email either, on the "list" as well.
heheheh, fit pics will happen!This is insane piece that remind me of a mix of Belstaff and Barbour that's made in US by a talented Japanese designer!
Monitaly Mountain Parka kopped
Great look all around Rob! Size 40 is defiantly the right size.Brixtons are insane.
Most likely 38 and you are third in line lol
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