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Damn, both look killer Sebastian.
thinking hard
sorry Fok, only read first page of the thread and saw ryden's bid. $650 is still good.cheers
Might be in for F last NMWA x Vass chukka GMTO
If I didn't have brick one I would grab it 100%.
Love my Doak Dovers on 606.
Nothing fits me like EG and I'm lucky to have my three pairs. I have another model that is coming from Steve at GF shortly .
Alright, this is not funny anymore. Got stopped by several people today and been asked about SdC rabbit fishtail. It's officially my coolest outwear piece ever. Wears light and feeling those bunnies is insane
Anyone has Master Piece potential tote/messenger pics IRL? Traveling soon and need new carry one and might even use it for daily office commute.
New Posts  All Forums: