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Not if he size 48R.
Shaved iguana FTW
With all due respect I strongly disagree MP.Has to be lighter contrasting colors.
Congrats Ttown, those are fire! I have the same issue as you with GG Galways. Size 8E is too tight and 8.5E is way too loose. I tried hard to make it but sadly they are gone to a new owner. I'm ordering my second GG (Burnham) to go with my Voak Thorpe and honestly they fit is incredible.
I also want grey hopsack suit, need some pics as well!Thinking this: natural shoulder, welt breast, inset flap hip, and dark horn buttons.
^^ Too casual
My favorite pair of boots hands down and thanks!These have Dainite sole and flat welt.
Thorpe after polish by @jokb
^^ Pop dat collar Nik.
Amazing collection.
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