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Kopped SS Pressure baseball collar jacket in blue-grey cotton this morning. Boom.
I'm speechless. Absolutely love this EB makeup. Just emailed Gabriel.
Yes Freely! This leather piece will go perfect with all your watches . I think Mike hit the jackpot with MA1. Can't wait for September.
Both makeups, cream leather and white canvas would be killer.
Gents, last minute advice on Buttero Tanino sizing. I wear CP lows in size 42 ( perfect fit) and measure 9D US on Brannock. Any sizing advice before I pull the trigger. Stay with 42 on size down to 41?
[[SPOILER]] and black on black Thedi MA1 koped. I would never forgive myself if I didnt get it lol
If only it was size L...
I was wrong by 9 minutes, it's now sold out lol
call the store and talk to Che or anyone else. They might help you out.
3 min or under
New Posts  All Forums: