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The Office...and can't freaking wait. Time to start saving for the jacket and a pair of CCP derbies.
Which model did you decide to go with in CCP Tornadoes?I'm waiting for the next pre-order response and decided on the following:AM/2601L LUC-PTC/010 OBJECT DYED LINED DIAGONAL ZIP GOODYEAR BOOTS
+1000000I'm taking notes. Just incredible.
Thanks TC! I can't get enough of it. It's insanly accurate as well as you know. Everytime I pick it up it feels incredible. I know some people won't understand me but you do bond with your Grail watch.
Just a quick shot of the Crown. Still in love with this freaking Daytona. My precious.
^^ Nice going Buda. I have two full RC track suits and these are the best.
I was recommended size 7 in CCP Tornadoes from our good friend Anastasios. I'm size 9 TTS and wear Guidi 988 in size 43 for the reference.
Dat Field cost is $$$.. Looks great Patrick.
Can't wait for the cold weather! Thanks again W!
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