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I know speckled is in the lead BUT loden will be mine. I can see with white tee and light weight denim
Most likely in for Thedi black leather MA-1, looks on point. For those who remember, Indigo Farm x The Armoury denim that Mike stocked some time ago. Approximately 1.5 years of wear and one of my most worn pairs. Paired with EP Nat CXL belt.
thanks to both of you. I might pull the trigger on Dylan slims..
TS (S) arrived Excuse the robocop pose lol
Do you guys take the same size between low straight and slim fit denim?
these are on point. Congrats zippy, jackpot.
drop ship will be amazing for sure. We win this time.
Gents, Edward Green trunk show coming to Robert Jones on May 7-8.
thanks Greg, by how much, over an inch?
Tried searching but can't find it. I think someone mentioned just recently but what's the difference when ordering "short" vs regular Eidos Field jacket? Just sleeve length?
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