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I looked as soon as you posted...I guess someone was quicker.
Why you doing this to me damn lolEdit: can't find it on the site
I hear you. Don't get me started on Batman...I sold my SS Daytona and love BLNR every minute I look at it. It's one of the best SS modern Rolex (IMO)
Keep the Hulk at least!
Toronto! Yeashhhhh.
Zipper wasn't very functional as I still had to loosen up the laces quite a bit. I really like the design and boots definitely stand out. Kangaroo leather is extremely light, soft and very comfortable once I dialed the sizing.
As much as I like them, I decided to stay strong haha. A bit too much indigo dye transfer for my liking. I'm sure they will sell though.
That's correct but something to keep in mind that many size down only .5 for 2030In my case I size down the whole size for for 2030 as all other lasts.
I went for 8.5 right away haha and my toes were hitting the end of the toe box.
Alright guys, just came from the store. Half size down from my US/TTS was no go (med weight chups socks). Size 9 (TTS) the fit was perfect. I'm size 8 across all Viberg lasts.
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