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I was trying to pick my favorite but no can do. What a haul CFML. DAMN.
Come to daddy my sweet Doak Dovers. Thanks Steve
Skoak and another SF affiliate are my go to businesses for EG and Carmina. Both are outstanding.Also, very happy submitting my Doak Galway stock pull order.
Damn. I always return the favor!
Oh Canada!
Always appreciate the support and enabling Gents. Watch is on hold for me and I might take the plunge.
Found a local deal for this trillium classic Sub two liner E serial. Just came back from full service. Almost full kit. Really like and thinking hard to add in rotation with Batman for now. $4400.
delete, wrong thread.
this.I think Mike mentioned sometime ago that camels coming in August.
I'm with Dino. Personal deal from US AD for AP 15400 (silver or black dial) is $13600 BNIB.
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