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thanks man. As for PCLs, I baby my watches hehehe.. When I had my SS Daytona for almost a year, I only had some very light desk diving marks on the clasp. BLNR has almost zero hairlines as I got some experience with previous PCL and don't rest my left wrist on the desk LOL. I think I will get over it, when I had my Pams the bezel was a scratch magnet.
Some Batman action to brighten everyone's Monday.
EG Galway boots #1. #2 coming in August hopefully, right @tifosi ?
Alden x Anatomica Paris Ravello officer boots waiting for arrival their British cousins. Sunday brush session.
If anyone want to move their saddle jumpers in size 8UK I'll take it!
Russian derby might be walking the streets of Toronto in size 8F
IM sweaters are amazing. I snagged this one from Marketplace B&S and its 100% linen Melange cardigan. This is my third IM. I think I'm addicted.
thanks AF, Inis Meain.
Outstanding kop@Handcuffed
Slub henley and tan L&G rivets repeat action again
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