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I initially ordered grey/beige but system screwed up and I got grey/burgundy. Notre took care of me and I'm still keeping it as it's amazing. I have good variety of knits and have to say, this is got to be my favourite.
Received Notre's exclusive Mountain cardigan...holy shit. It's unreal, slouchy and very light.
I even know why you need one ☝️
Shroom chamois is sick https://instagram.com/p/BNc40YGhzxI/
Until I got my GG Voak Thorpe (Skoak GMTO) I was all over EG Galway Doak/CC Walnut (from Skoak GMTO as well). You have to have both but I find I like GG more and more in terms of style and design.
They will shortly, will be a big one.
:censored:Love my navy one and almost snagged camel too..
+ 1. My order will be placed for small or large duffle.
ANyone has experience with Eidos down vest with shearling collar in terms of sizing? I'm 48 in Field jacket. @NickPollica
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