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Solid fit. That SdC Hunting jacket is one of my favorite buys from NMWA. Along with SdC bunny parka
Saved these pics on my desktop to make my decision easier for Millwright on 310
Some don't know what they're missing with 310 @linafelt . I'm most likely in for Millwright makeup.
Any chance of restock/preorder of Manila in tan suede?
Don't have those but TTS Viberg 8 = US9.
Damn, missed size 38 for Manila
Would love to grab these but you right, the price is too much. Damn, great makeup.http://van-afferden.com/produkt/viberg-service-boot-natural-suede/
Antonio, should I take my usual Eidos size for Carlo belted ie same Hunting/Field jackets?
Kyle, what size are you wearing in Kamoshita Balmacaan and in Eidos grey raglan coats?thanks man.
I haven't worn mine yet but they do look insane Rog.
New Posts  All Forums: