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you can get some from DJ actually, it is the collonil, rosshaar brush, horsehair in German
Quote: Originally Posted by oshinex Rothschilds in DG70 Vintage Chestnut. glad to see you got them too
Quote: Originally Posted by ethandesu Ha! Go take a powder - I love it. To clear it up, I am making the move to Hong Kong because the chance for international exposure is too great, the guys at The Armoury are good friends I want to work with, and my wife and I figure this is the time to make the move - if we leave it any later, kids may come along and the opportunity mightn't still be around. I made this decision with some sadness, and PJ and I are...
799!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!must Resist
beautiful, my size and base c, shame that i dun have that much money now free bump though
never too warm for tweed
TOM FORD always on my list, as well as Rubinacci
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