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Does that mean you think the 34" ones I'm seeing now are out of the norm? I.e. I might see them back at the 35.5" length if I check again?@Dbear - OK I'll bite. The spec is: NS fit, no visible embelleshments/patches/tags of any kind, inseam 35.5" or longer. I liked the denim from APC - without washing it would turn this polished silvery finish and was not too light and not too heavy. So what's all available that fits that spec, "beyond the gate"?
Ug - does anyone know how recently A.P.C. changed the inseam length? I last bought a pair of NS from them about 2 years ago - at the time they had inseam of 35.5" (for waist 32), as did all the NS and Rescues I had bought prior to that. I recently went to get a new pair - they *all* have inseam 34", which unfortunately is too short for me (literally, this isn't a question about stacking). I'm totally bummed - if this is relatively recent, I'll track down resellers that...
The straight Indy boot (not the shell or special makeup) look very much like work boots. They have a few details which make them not *exactly* workboots: a stacked leather heel, a composite sole material, and good leather. But that's it. Nothing more. I wear them with nice jeans, or with nice pants of a coarse fabric. People who are into shoes sometimes notice they are a little different, but to anyone else they appear ordinary. And that's why they are so good.
I have a very (*very*) similar suit in the same fabric, from Chan. I hope it looks as good on me. Will post picks at first free moment (probably sometime in '09... )
MIJ 21 == APC Rescue.
I own 1 pair only: APC Rescue. Though I did recently try on a pair of DH mij raws that I *loved*. Wash day?! As I said to the salesperson: "these will never see water."
myself: 1 suit (on deck: trousers, coat, another suit) my dad (recently introduced): 1 suit
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Metal business card. 'Nuff said. The ornateness of a business card is inversely proportional to the position of the owner. If you must have one, the plainer the better. Unless you are a young "creative", in which case go ahead and make the metal one!
My feet are almost as wide as yours, but not in the same way. I usually end up getting shoes that come in a wide width, AND I get them a size larger than I would. They end up being too long, but fit "ok" in the important ways. Brands I like that come in wide widths: AE, Alden (VERY wide in some cases), Santoni, RM Williams (very wide and stretch nicely). Plus there are some shoes that, although not specified as wide, just "are" for some reason. I keep my eye out for...
Quote: Originally Posted by polar-lemon Is that navy wool? If it is, I'd think of trying to have something else made besides pants- navy odd trousers are not the most desirable pieces of clothing. Navy trousers are great. Who says otherwise? Dark brown shoes, navy pants, shirt with a good pattern...if you're not in a suit this is a very reliable combo, a touch more elegant than grey.
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