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I bought these and never wore them, not even once. Never washed, either (obviously!). Just like every other pair of new APC Japanese selvedge jeans, these are stiff as can be. Size 32 - APC sizing is a bit off, so you probably should know how APC fits you before ordering them. These are the Japanese raw indigo denim, and are a terrific pair of jeans. $50, plus relatively-quick shipping to you (UPS ground). (If anyone is interested in buying them, I also have a worn-in...
Does that mean you think the 34" ones I'm seeing now are out of the norm? I.e. I might see them back at the 35.5" length if I check again?@Dbear - OK I'll bite. The spec is: NS fit, no visible embelleshments/patches/tags of any kind, inseam 35.5" or longer. I liked the denim from APC - without washing it would turn this polished silvery finish and was not too light and not too heavy. So what's all available that fits that spec, "beyond the gate"?
Ug - does anyone know how recently A.P.C. changed the inseam length? I last bought a pair of NS from them about 2 years ago - at the time they had inseam of 35.5" (for waist 32), as did all the NS and Rescues I had bought prior to that. I recently went to get a new pair - they *all* have inseam 34", which unfortunately is too short for me (literally, this isn't a question about stacking). I'm totally bummed - if this is relatively recent, I'll track down resellers that...
The straight Indy boot (not the shell or special makeup) look very much like work boots. They have a few details which make them not *exactly* workboots: a stacked leather heel, a composite sole material, and good leather. But that's it. Nothing more. I wear them with nice jeans, or with nice pants of a coarse fabric. People who are into shoes sometimes notice they are a little different, but to anyone else they appear ordinary. And that's why they are so good.
I have a very (*very*) similar suit in the same fabric, from Chan. I hope it looks as good on me. Will post picks at first free moment (probably sometime in '09... )
MIJ 21 == APC Rescue.
I own 1 pair only: APC Rescue. Though I did recently try on a pair of DH mij raws that I *loved*. Wash day?! As I said to the salesperson: "these will never see water."
myself: 1 suit (on deck: trousers, coat, another suit) my dad (recently introduced): 1 suit
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Metal business card. 'Nuff said. The ornateness of a business card is inversely proportional to the position of the owner. If you must have one, the plainer the better. Unless you are a young "creative", in which case go ahead and make the metal one!
My feet are almost as wide as yours, but not in the same way. I usually end up getting shoes that come in a wide width, AND I get them a size larger than I would. They end up being too long, but fit "ok" in the important ways. Brands I like that come in wide widths: AE, Alden (VERY wide in some cases), Santoni, RM Williams (very wide and stretch nicely). Plus there are some shoes that, although not specified as wide, just "are" for some reason. I keep my eye out for...
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