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I'm try to check brown and black with navy suit, but I always look smart when I wear brown shoes.
Generally I want to wear mine unbuttoned suits because I think it will show my personalty.If you have good personalty then must be go for unbuttoned suits.
When it comes to quality and fitting of the shirts, I think tuxedo shirt are considered as one of the most stylish and fashionable shirts among different types of shirts
Dear friend it's difficult to shorten tie u may try to purchase new one otherwise go to tailor may be they can shorten ur tie. one more try to re-adjust knot, may be it'll short.
You may try khaki suit, white shirt black tie with brown shoe. Really its looks so good.
In Cruise is there any formal dress code??
Good suit. I think buttons are ok blue with golden button looks much pretty.and i think cost is also.
Black Suits with white shirt n tie. Its looks like a very professional.
Wedding is very special occasion. So I think you have to wear Black suit with white shirt n black shoe.
My condolences for your father straight from my heart.
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