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can't see any of the new sale items or chambray
are these sale items the old fabric you really recently found?
wool looks good. pls provide prics when u can. thanks
correct me if I'm wrong but the chambray shirts at self edge are made in Japan and are more work shirts, with those details such as being triple stitch, hence the higher price tag. Mauro can't buy a lot of fabric because he is a smaller business hence he is setting his prices at what they are. Yes he is very transparent with his pricing with how much it cost which is always great. At the end of the day we can all pay what we want. As nice as the chambray dognal is I...
I too have noticed price increasing.
hopefully u have, ore and you can squeeze out a small
great Montage of pics
what old shirts are u putting out?
yep Canadians get raped big time. Hence I avoid the above
Hood is removeable, won't be wearing it without. Just don't want to come off too gaudy....
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