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so we shouldn't go by website measurements?
http://lerayonfrais.fr/fr/88_sns-herning you can use 40 off code blackfriday14 anybody know how to size last year pull over sweater if I'm a small? heard the ion if bigger and I don't want a slouchy fit. thanks
grabbed basket weave in green and charcoal, one for buddy. also grabbed denim blue chino and aloha shirt for next SS with the 50 off sale.
^One can never have too many graphic tees
some nice wide lapel jackets, shame shipping is a tad high and the CAD dollar will take pounding against the GBP
Never mind found code
geez i totally forget the loyality program code...
I'm guess not. I find Amazon very accomendating and I doubt the will claw back your discount
^Hoping they will do another 30 / 40 off sale with the current drops
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