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Anybody own the Black Batik Print baker jacket for this season? Would it be a jacket you can dress up a bit? Wondering if i would be able to pull it off attending a summer wedding.
^Aren't they consider a staple peice??
That is how my beefrolls look now. They area little loose without socks. Heard mabe anding in an insole might help, but not sure I want to as sometimes I wear them with socks (which they fit fine)Intersting I'm a 7.5 barrie but went also 8.5 on the beefroll. next time I will maybe size down half. I was afraid to do this as I tried on the ranger in an 8 and it was crossing my toes so I just decided to go 8.5 on the beefroll
How do they ship??
^I was going to suggest inverallan but saw you own one already. As much as I love invernallan, I have two, I find it just to bulky to layer under a jacket. at leaset with the SNS you can. I think both has their place in the closet.
Hey Mauro are u able to combining the free shipping for the chinos and the sale item, i notice on the sight u can only add code or the other
the memorial discount code only works for items in he sale section
seems like SMALL BD are always the first to go
is there still free shipping for chino?
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