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Curious what is the ideal pant width to wear with the marrow penny. Unsure if I should get a pair. But you guys make it so hard to resist...
I just got my chinos in the navy. I'm a canadian so I have mario ship my stuff down to my mailbox in the US so it takes awhile as I don't awlays go there. Bang for buck these are very much on par with Wings and Horns (have 3 pairs) & Unis (have 2 pairs). The tote price you can usually get W+H & Unis on sale. Standout thing about the chinos is how soft they are. I always thought canvas was a rougher cotton. They feel like a brush cotton, and 10 oz gives the pant a...
^thanks. Still not sure if i should pull the trigger on them as i don't really haev enough "brown" shoes and i don't have a dressier loafer
Thanks for posting. Was curious what Ed's shoes would look like. Thought they be darker, or is it just the picture.
^agreed i washed all of my clothes in cold water gentle cycle hang dry. Unless I'm trying to shrinking something on purpose
^Yes they do, think they do 50, then 60 I think.
Thanks guys. I'm still waiting for a 7.5 to appear on website so i can make my swipe. Think of the pennys, just seems of a dressier loafer
^Thanks was refer to barrie size, as I'm a 7.5 and I think the 8 would be too big.
^how did u size them? did u get them from Ed?
Need some 7.5 in there....
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