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^ouch sorry to hear? Have you tried to contact Mauro? I know the turn around times can be long. I know when the over dyes came out i waited approximately 2.5 months. I just cancelled at that point since they went on sale on the site eventhough I got it for regular price.
don't see any online, guessing you are referring to the store?Never mind was on the Canadian section
Not sure. First day wearing them lol. Perhaps one of the CJ experts can chime in.
No oil leather...
Breaking in the CJ boots... Thanks Zippy for the sizing advice.
Just got a 25% card in the mail that is valid from oct 6 to oct 11. Works in store only.
Thanks for the input. No i would only be wearing a shirt. I was just afraid the shoulders might be a little too narrow
I know its not current season but do you guys think the EG Primloft vest is too small? Thanks
Vest too small?
Dig the entire look. How is the equality of their blazers. Think a lot of them are made in Italy?
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