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Just got a 25% card in the mail that is valid from oct 6 to oct 11. Works in store only.
Thanks for the input. No i would only be wearing a shirt. I was just afraid the shoulders might be a little too narrow
I know its not current season but do you guys think the EG Primloft vest is too small? Thanks
Vest too small?
Dig the entire look. How is the equality of their blazers. Think a lot of them are made in Italy?
^Yes Yes Yes
Superfuture put up their stock. Wow prices are high these days for NC. Pining over a Mallory as I get rid of my army one....
CJ NST scotchgrain and Anonymous socks
Thanks I will look into that
Thanks was also hear Enamel paint might work. I'm guessing it's better to go over all of the eyelets even the ones that aren't chip to ensure they look uniform ?
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