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CJ NST scotchgrain and Anonymous socks
Thanks I will look into that
Thanks was also hear Enamel paint might work. I'm guessing it's better to go over all of the eyelets even the ones that aren't chip to ensure they look uniform ?
Here in Canada, no RW, plus they aren't RW, they are Alden's. I don't see why they would change them for me when they aren't even the same brand
For me no such luck as they are Alden. I think replacing the eyelets would be a little too costly.
Any advice on what to to do with paint chipping in my exposed metal eyelets?
I don't think so, they only did leather and suede
Hi does anybody have experience with the pea coat? How substantial is the wool? Is it as thick as Nigel cabourn Harris tweed on the Mallory?
I guessing its k1000 stuff is really bad if its not moving at such steep prices, I think the MOUNTAIN RUCKSACK looks decent minus the rucksack and the SHORT MOUNTAIN JACKET is pretty plain. These things are made in the UK so the quality can't be that bad...
Some deep discounts on Nigel Collabs with addition 10% off at Flannels: http://www.flannels.com/SearchResults?DescriptionFilter=nigel%20cabourn Anybody know how the Fred Perry stuff is? Kinda interested in the polos.. The K100 line is really hurting....
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