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The fabric feels sorta of rubbery cotton. I'm surprise it wears so fast. If it didn't i would for sure get one.
Is the british khakie darker like the abvoe picture or lighter like the pic on the website?
^Same offerings for the 7.5D, nothing really good this time around
I've felt the fabric once in person, and it felt awesome, very rugged. However I was a little disappointed when I found out how quick it looses its water repellence and how fast it wears down.
From what I've heard, canvas doesn't stretch too much, correct if I'm wrong.
^THere is a bday code?? for tote holders??
Did I miss the memorial day special?
Thanks, good to know
Interesting, I thought mine was a one off. Wonder if I should just ditch this model. I was hoping this won't happen again. Anybody else have this speed hook problem??
have these all been shipped out?
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