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Great find. Been eyeing this company for awhile, but never heard any reviews on this brand. According to them, all of the materials they used are sourced locally (reminds me of SEH KELLY). Sorry to get a little off topic but anybody have any experience with PW VC?
^That is indeed a fair price. I would jump on that if i wasn't sitting on my that I got on the 65 percent glitch. Still waiting for my size to get restocked
Lol I just called, only MEDIUM and LARGE
Anyody know of the olive avaitor floating around in SMALL on sale?
^their sales usually do.
I took am curious as I'm looking at the wind shirt, which is 100 percent nylon.
^That WvG one?
^Sorry I mean what sizes lol, not thinking today
^How much were they going for??
Thank you kind sir. I should read this thread more often
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