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thanks for the insight. no worries about the above.
no need I was just asking in general. no need to take that tone. sorry I don't know what 175 grams feels like
how is the weight of the heavy weight long sleeve t compared last year thermals?
how substantial is the fishtail parka? description make it sound like ventile.
Ditto on officer Chino in a 29 (assuming I'm a size 31). Been trying to get these forever.
- WvsG- Inverallan- Monitaly- W+H- QuoddyDetails [[SPOILER]]
Shame about the gloves. As much as I like cashmere I think it always seems so delicate
Guessing enough to size down?
so I got my two gunpatch beanies - grey and green. The grey was for my friend who loved it, fits great. The green was for myself, but I thought it was a military green but it was a forest green. Still a really nice hat, but will have to go back as it doesn't go with anything I have. Either way the whole garment thing is very cool. My friend actually knit a hat for his baby girl and appreciated the construction of the hat.
love the montage. everything u guys put out is just so darn classy..
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