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I own the business and I need to take in the sleeves.
^says not available to CJ...but might as well give it a go!
Can anybody here recommend a decent price watch too kit? I just got my SARB035 and I need to remove some links and I'm probably going to pick up some different straps. Wondering if its better to get a Kit or just the tools needed to remove links / watch strap. Cheers
Ahh no wonder you got it so quick. I haven't recieved my email confo yet that package is being shipped out, however i requested they do Royal Mail.
Nice pick ups. Eric can I ask where you reside? Did you get a tracking number?
I actually like first two...
Cotton looks substantial though, made from Fox Flannel (not sure if that is good or bad)
^Check to see if you get confo email.
http://marrkt.com/ god no funds would buy so many mallory but managed to snag a harris tweed business jacket.
Great haul, so jelly..
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