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When are left over fabric shirt expected to drop??
Anybody chime in on the fit of the King George Jacket? Wondering how one with size it compared to Cameraman and Mallory. I know not a lot of people picked up this coat.
Some more goodies added in 48 on the http://marrkt.com/sales/sale/all.html Crazy mallory in camo - little too crazy for me.
Shame they don't post these amazing deals online.
^Just a killer spots coat!
Correct at least for me. I find CJ shoes (I only have RL Marlow and a pair of boots from BB) fit a half size bigger.
at least it is for me. I am brannock 8.5 however I am 8 for CJ for BB
^I have to disagree with the above. I have RL marlow in US 8 and I tried on a pair of calf at BB in 325, was also US 8. I also have a pair of BB boots in the 241 last which I went US 8. People say 241 last is more snug then 325.
Details on the blazer.
So I got my tweed business jacket from the recent Marrkt sale. They said it was harris tweed but the tweed is actually from Fox Brothers, very nice neverless. I also have a business jacket in grey flannel by Fox Brothers which I got last year. Both jackets sleeves are too long so I took it to my tailor. When I put on the jacket he says that the shoulders would need work to be done since it doesn't sit right. The blazer it seems doesn't seem to lay flat against my...
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