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Thanks deciding between the two duke straps. Which below would work better? I know light brown usually goes well with light dialed watches, but not sure if I would want to go with something lighter then the below.. Duke Grand Duke
Just ordered a Seiko Sarb035: My first entry dressy / casual watch. Heard many good things about this watch. Want to swap out the metal bracelet with a brown - wanted a darker brown Hirsch alligator pattern (calf) band to give it a more casual look. Any rules in terms of matching leather band with a white (cream - heard its more cream) dial on a watch? Guessing I should try to go for a white stitching to match the dial? Thanks.
^Frank Leder looking good...
^anybody recall what is the lowest UM goes in terms of %off before they pack up everything?
^Think you could have suggested to them mailing it by Royal Mail which would have reduced the brokerage fees...
Always so impressed with your offerings....
Anybody know the quality of Spalwarts and how to size them relative to Common Projects?
A little late to the party but just got my stuff from the BIG sale, I'm a Canadian customer and I have my stuff sent to my mailbox in the US. Picked up a SS jacket and TS(S) button up. The TS(S) as always is top notch and love the mismatch patterns. I am very impressed with SS outwear piece. Never had anything form this brand and I'm just blown away with the quality. Are all SS pieces this top notch??? SS Stuff doesn't always fit my style but may look further into...
Anybody know what is the lowest additional ? Percent off they do before they pack things up for unionmade
Yeah having both they are worlds apart. in terms of thickness
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