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Details on the blazer.
So I got my tweed business jacket from the recent Marrkt sale. They said it was harris tweed but the tweed is actually from Fox Brothers, very nice neverless. I also have a business jacket in grey flannel by Fox Brothers which I got last year. Both jackets sleeves are too long so I took it to my tailor. When I put on the jacket he says that the shoulders would need work to be done since it doesn't sit right. The blazer it seems doesn't seem to lay flat against my...
Are they all made by CJ?
Just picked up a pair of Tan scotch grain boot (Coniston) from BB on the 240 last. Still debating if I should keep them. Can somebody chime in if scotch grain leather will develop a pantina. I know its a good leather for wet weather as its a little more water resistant.
wonder if any store will stack the corp discount on top of the 40%...
Does anybody else have the problem of "loose" ankle/ heel on CJ? I have a pair of RL marlows in 8D, fits perfect in the toe box but the back of the shoe ever feels slightly wide, not to the point where its slipping out. Also the same when I tried on a pair of scotch grain BB boots in a 8D, 240 last. Toe was a little snug - guessing to the 240 last, but again I felt lot of volume around the ankle / heel area.
Mine never came in the last shipment. I just got a refund. Little disappointed since I ordered back in August and still no shirt now.
Anybody got their stuff from the sample sale yet who doesn't live in the UK and opted for Royal Mail?
Thnks for posting. How is the quality of the shirling? Is I Yzerman. Real? Guessing it's on the thinner side. I'm looking for a bomber but I don't want ie that screams techy, was thinking of the private white vc...
I only really grab their pants and trousers which I think is well worth it on discount. Their shirts seem decent but I'm between sizes. Usually their wool trousers, material wise comes from Italian mills.
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