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oh they say they will Co ed shipping?
Nope sale is online only
Seems like canadian lucked out on this one. Was eyeing the burgandy beefroll on the US site - not availabe on the Canadian side.
You can call their customer service, give them the web code and they can find it for u in their barney outlet stores. Stores have more inventory. But like I said stores might not be running the promo.
http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13334288&prodFindSrc=rv&prodFindSrc=rv Anybody know what type of suede is the above? Repello or orion? Sorry, CM doesn't give the description. Think it be a good fall boot. Still on the fence about the beef roll.
So got my CM beef rolls. I thought the suede be smoother, but seems kind of nappy. Looks like a rough out / reverse suede - wonder if anybody can confirm. Wonder if this would be too heavy for a beef roll summer shoe: Think the above would be better suited for a boot. Regardless the construction is solid
It won't process in their systems, they told me their barney's site process Canadian credits cards (not sure if this is true), but not their warehouse site. You can try calling the stores, they will process it for u, but chances are webstore and physical stores run different promos.
^Yep join the club.
ed any chance u getting more sizes in or is this pretty much it for the year
BTW if anybody needs a proxy for any racnourt at CM.ca website please message me. I won't be charging anything - all i ask in return is you return the favour if I ever need you to proxy me something. I have a US mailbox, so majority of the time I order stuff to the mailbox with my Canadian CC. But sometimes stores won't accept my CC. Just pay for the item, plus the taxes and shipping to you (not sure how much this will cost).
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