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That is. Killer jacket. Hopefully CAD will climb back up by next fall / winter
Don't suppose there is a code that van work for us common folks
I'm guessing it won't hold up to Canadian winter too well if it's consider 3 season in Houston. I'm guessing it's lighter then the wvg brown plaid trouser they currently have on sale.
Was wondering if anybody can comment on the weight of the new trousers
Initially I think they had a lot of selection in size 48. I only picked up a business jacket, would have grabbed a mallory but low on funds. As of right now its really slim pickings. Have to wait till next year.
Yeah I prefer those buttons rather then the ones he used in his shirts which seem rather thin prone to chipping. Good to see stuff like split yoke being incorporated into the shirts.
Is there pant alternative for the officer chino? I find the pant too low rise so have troubles tucking in my shirt and a little too wide at the bottom.
No longer post on the thread.... that doesn't sound good.
Has everybody in Canada got their FF post card? I still have not received mine yet.
^Yeah that is what I'm afraid of, with the whole fashion forward thing...thanks again all for the input.
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