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Curious too about the patchwork shirt as I see it on sale everywhere with a decent size run. Guessing its the style that is turning off people...
Go Pro for product shots??? Or day in the life of WvG? Have a safe trip. Stay away from tourist traps when it comes to food. Have a safe trip
Nice. please tell us how it is when you get it.
Are the measurements of the westpoints accurate on what is on the site, talking about the thigh / leg opening etc. I know they change the wesetpoint season to season
Think you should maybe open up the rewards membership on yearly basis
Details on basic oxfords please!!!
^Those are nice
Yes the cloth is very soft to the touch despite it being so rigid.
Picked up my first SEHK piece at trunk clothiers (great customer service): http://www.trunkclothiers.com/sale/s-e-h-kelly-for-trunk-sb3-blazer-fawn.html Pros - Jacket is well made. - Design wise I like the jacket Con - Jacket is made from Lancashire Brushed Cotton Twill which is really thick. They say it will soften up with some wear but right now it honestly feels like im wearing cardboard. There is now real drape to the jacket so it just sits awkward. Sizing wise I...
- Rogue Territory, TS(S), RRL and SNS
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