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anybody provide any insight on the above
the new over dye are a size big does that also apply to the neck size. also the aloha print, I know it's linen does it wrinkle as much as the stuff u find in the malls?
Im still waiting for a restock of the marlows...
Anybody here handle the Babour x White Mountineering peices from this year??
the Fishtail from last yaer is that nylon cotton blend right? If so how do you guys find it for winters?
Just got some stuff in the mail. I have a mailbox in the US so it takes awhile for me to get my stuff since I live in Canada Thermals - Damn Mauro these are very beefy. I can't believe how sturdy they feel, the waffle body is awesome and the cuffs are a softer cotton. Hoping these will hold up well in the wash Light weight Cotton Trousers - I can't stress how "light weight" these pants are. I have a pair of this years chinos and the light weight trousers really have...
I think you have a good base line of how well made a product is given your experiences with other brands.
looks good. pls provide opinion when u get it
Whoever grabbed the monitaly vest in a mediuam and it doesnt work out message me.
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