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Pre orders for over dyes are up. Question, I oxfords were retail 185.00 shipped... rewards members have to pay shipping?
Yeah guys there are great
I'm guessing this wouldn't be the best time to pick up Peal and Co - made by CJ shoes???
^There is no balance left on this redemption code Yep
^Love that pic since I'm a father myself.
Hopefully u won't get ding to much. Let us know
great prices / slim pickings on whatever is left in Barneys. Only experience I have with CJ right now is my RL marlow wing tip in a US8 and aI tried on a pair of BB Algonquin Split-Toes in a US 8. Guessing both is 325 so guessing I would need a US 8
Chambray look to be a size large in measurements, do the shrink down to tag size after wash? Also what are measurements for the wool shirts?
hrmm i tried a damp cloth first and it was still there. Sorry when u say putting cream on it, I'm guessing you are referring to polish that matches the shoe color? I always just us neatral sapphir on my shoes. Thanks.
Hi wondering if anybody can help me identify the below stain. At first I thought it was oil, then thought it was a water / salt stain: I've tried vinegar and water but with no avail. When I do wet it the stain gets darker: Thanks
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