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Thanks time to saving me pennies....
Has this been confirmed and any idea when? I know the Marrkt site is down now.
Anybody know if they will eventually bring the BBBF remake shirts back in January when they are done making them??
I still really like the brand just really heavy on the wallet these days due to the price and the weak CAD..
Yeah that is the reason I like ventile over modern tech fabric because of the breathability. If feels like fabric vs plastic.... Good to know about Grangers I will give a try, thanks
^That is great to hear? I always found ventile more water resistant then water proof...i'm sure the above with remedy that for sure.
Not that I live in Vancouver but this is what somebody posted.
I was looking to pick up more shirts for the over stocked fabric. Hopefully they will bring them back online.
As per Hillside those shoes fit similar to Chuck Taylors, half size big. Those are nice shoes. Hard to spend retail these days on sneakers so will keep eye out for sale
Digging the cardigan.
New Posts  All Forums: