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Was there suppose to be Inidgo? Guessing it didn't make the cut?
BoO sale - Are these still "cool?" on Myhabit: http://www.myhabit.com/
Looking for the small in the bomber if anybody has any leads
anybody try on the wool relax fit trouser from this season with the drawstring. Wondering if I would be a 46 / 48 if I'm like a 31.5 inch waist. Thanks
What would a xs actual waist size be close to???
Great chinos
Recently I got the officer pant. Curious do any of you guys taper down the leg, I find the leg opening a little big for how slim it is and can anybody suggest another style of RRL pant that is a little higher rise with a more taper leg? As much as I love the officer pant, I just find it a little low and I can't tuck in my shirts. Thanks.
Dunno if its my monitor but the indigo chinos look more grey then blue. Will check when I'm at home on my own computer. nvr mind mauro posted some pics here.
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