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BTW if anybody needs a proxy for any racnourt at CM.ca website please message me. I won't be charging anything - all i ask in return is you return the favour if I ever need you to proxy me something. I have a US mailbox, so majority of the time I order stuff to the mailbox with my Canadian CC. But sometimes stores won't accept my CC. Just pay for the item, plus the taxes and shipping to you (not sure how much this will cost).
the light beige, i got it from the .CA website, for once the Canadians lucked. Figure it be a nice summer shoe. I have the 8.5 in the CXL and it stretched out like crazy around the back heel, so for these ones I ordered the 8.5 / 8.0.
Just order a pair of beefroll in suede from Club Monaco. Curious if the sude stretches out like the CXL beefroll
any ETA on the bicycle chambray back in the beginning of spring???
^That is why I wish they put the chest measurements for the items. Their CS is non existant, I've emailed them a couple of times and I never get anything back.
Looks like CM is trying to take a page out of Engineered Garments - They make pasiley jackets every year.
^agreed, SNS always done it for summer, which didn't really take off. But I think it look good layered under a long sleeve tshirt / thermal for the fall. Hoping the wool tshirt is textured.
lol u click on a sale item and it brings u back to same page
I would suggest Rancourt all the way. Not that I've seen that shoe, but I've seen Roots other Made in Canada footwear and I have not been impressed. Rancourts are miles ahead. To be honest if you are buying shoes, I would suggest sticking with a company that makes shoes rather then an apparel company (which is what roots is more known for)
Good catch I didn't even realize that with the missing tags. Wish they put the mesurements like they did last sale.
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