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FF discount only valid for regular price items?
Anybody have the mallory in Raf blue harris tweed. Wondering how easy is it to wear.
Yes it is but after not that little wear. The pilling is concentrated on the seat area. Just wore pants to work and sat on my rug / hardwood floors.
How is the suiting for OL? I got a pair of relaxed fit drawstring relaxed trousers from last year made out 100 % virgin wool. Wore it maybe 10 times and surprised how fast it's pilling. Can't say I'm not disappointed.
^I just called BB customer service, they say their e gift cards DO NOT work at Canadian retailers.
Nice pick u Z. look forward to your impressions of the jacket when you get it.
When are left over fabric shirt expected to drop??
Anybody chime in on the fit of the King George Jacket? Wondering how one with size it compared to Cameraman and Mallory. I know not a lot of people picked up this coat.
Some more goodies added in 48 on the http://marrkt.com/sales/sale/all.html Crazy mallory in camo - little too crazy for me.
Shame they don't post these amazing deals online.
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