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ahh hate it that Barneys warehouse won't take my billing address in Canada to ship to my US mailbox. If somebody can kindly proxy for me that be appreciate, i just need the item shipped to Niagara falls, New York, and if you need something proxied from Canada I can return the favour.
That is a steal. Can't see it must be all sold out
I was looking at these wool jogging pants : was when I saw the tag if it being only 50 percent wool I decided it past. I don't know where CM is heading with their trousers.I have a100 gift card guess I will just wait till their inis knots get knock down so I can put it towards that. Their 3rd party stuff is the only thing appealing these days to me.
Tried on a pair of wool Sutton , tapers too much at the ankle. It seems like that is the only fit they have for their trousers
Anybody have the charcoal / navy trousers in Enzo that can comment on the rise? Wondering if you are able to tuck your shirt in or no? Want it for work pants. I like the leg opening hem of the Enzo as I find the predator too wide, however worried I won't be able to tuck in my shirt.
Any yoox code out there that they can stack on top of this?
Like the texture of the fabric. More pictures here: Wondering if the belted back looks too feminine
Anybody going that can proxy??
What CJ model is 50-60% with the code apply??
Anybody know how the Beetham duffel fits? I'm guessing they don't fit small....probably will be swimming in it since im a usual 46 / 48 in NC...
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