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No longer post on the thread.... that doesn't sound good.
Has everybody in Canada got their FF post card? I still have not received mine yet.
^Yeah that is what I'm afraid of, with the whole fashion forward thing...thanks again all for the input.
Thanks. I recalled that leather when I was at Leather foot. The SA there said that it will age like cordovan and it will have rolls oppose to creases. Not sure if he was just yanking my chainNot sure. I wear a lot of khakis, so not sure if it will go with them.
Thanks for the quick reply gents. Question is now if I should snag them due to their design.
Found this at local BB. Its CJ made for the BBBF. Not sure about the design as I think it looks a little busy with the cap toe and the wing tip design, think it will be a hard to pull off as an every day shoe. Anybody else seen this shoe in person? I suspect its calf leather, but it looks and feels almost the same as the BB cap toe cordovan boot.
FF discount only valid for regular price items?
Anybody have the mallory in Raf blue harris tweed. Wondering how easy is it to wear.
Yes it is but after not that little wear. The pilling is concentrated on the seat area. Just wore pants to work and sat on my rug / hardwood floors.
How is the suiting for OL? I got a pair of relaxed fit drawstring relaxed trousers from last year made out 100 % virgin wool. Wore it maybe 10 times and surprised how fast it's pilling. Can't say I'm not disappointed.
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