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Hi wondering if anybody can help me identify the below stain. At first I thought it was oil, then thought it was a water / salt stain: I've tried vinegar and water but with no avail. When I do wet it the stain gets darker: Thanks
I never got my jacket, some reason it got lost in transit. Had to get refund. Curious how people sized the Compton Jacket: Relative to FW of the Mallory / Business Jacket (48) and FW of Camerman (46) I don't have any NC jackets form the SS line so curious how people sized it. Also can you comment on how practical the jacket is with Chinos? Wondering if it would be too loud for work environment. My wife says it reminds her of wall paper
I know prices aren't firm till the product is made but is the 185.00 is retail or rewards member?
FYI La bottle won't mark down packages so keep in mind of potential customs / duties.
blazers are up. Nice
^Is the white a little see through???
Anybody know what kind of discounts there will be? Hoping it will be enough since the CAD is hurting these days...
how you size the gun patch. Usually a Small BD shirts wondering if I can get away with an XS gun patch.
thuoght was suppose to be at 3... damn i lost out again.
Anybody chime in on how MH mainlain stuff fits? Is it as generous as the MHL stuff? Looking at a small in the below: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-MARGARET-HOWELL-Mens-Blue-Linen-Herringbone-Blazer-Sz-S-950-2845-/381225450937?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58c2cebdb9 Been on the search for more summer blazers and wonder if it would work with khakis or does it look odd without the pants. Also looking for something a little more tailored then the MHL stuff.
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