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Sizing is confusing. I thought when I heard over dye are being, are they would be correspond to the traditional xs, s, m etc not the neck size which corresponds to dress shirts. From, what I gather the chart provided by Mauro has 2 different sets of measurements. One for the shirts sized by xs, s m. Lg and the other by dress shirt size- neck size. What is with the shipping, is it I closed in price?
I think they put up the dress shirt sizing which is by neck size while the "Size Chart" is linked to xs, s, m, lg, etc sizing. Either way I guess we can wait for Mauro to clarify
Oh good question
Pre orders for over dyes are up. Question, I oxfords were retail 185.00 shipped... rewards members have to pay shipping?
Yeah guys there are great
I'm guessing this wouldn't be the best time to pick up Peal and Co - made by CJ shoes???
^There is no balance left on this redemption code Yep
^Love that pic since I'm a father myself.
Hopefully u won't get ding to much. Let us know
great prices / slim pickings on whatever is left in Barneys. Only experience I have with CJ right now is my RL marlow wing tip in a US8 and aI tried on a pair of BB Algonquin Split-Toes in a US 8. Guessing both is 325 so guessing I would need a US 8
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