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Thanks. Hopefully. Even with low CAD, couldn't resist. Have to claw back on purchases now. Think it will be my last for awhile.
^ 8 D. did half size up form barrie 7.5 D
Just snagged a pair of Leffot snuff short wing boots in Plaza. Was used for a month. Don't have anything plaza so hoping I sized it right. Looking forward to something more sleek since all I have his barrie.
Nice. Been wearing my olive for awhile. Will post pic later
Wonder if it will hold up like this
Anybody know how water proof is the parka?
Been waiting for restock forever
Anybody know on the combat vest if the "flappy" pockets relax after awhile?
how does one size Plaza? I am a 7.5d barrie / Trubalance....
great reviews
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