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anybody chime in on the Germans. guess they aren't really. heavier in weight and pretty ice same weight as the west point chinos
Man that is an impressive collections
http://youtu.be/8LsG51M4e20 does it hold up like the private white vc?
how water or windproof is the parkaparka.I have a nigel cabourn one andwater soak through after some time
http://www.trunkclothiers.com/ Up to 60. Couple of SEH Kelly peices, stuff never goes on sale.
http://www.trunkclothiers.com/ Has some SEH Kelly on sale. Picked up SB3 Jacket despite the weak CAD Can't wait as i've been eyeing this brand for awhile
Having a hard time tracking down a 7.5 and just called NYC RL store since they had only one. Apparently its only used for displace purposes which they don't even have access to. When asked if they will be getting any in, he informed me of the shell shortage rumour
^take15off http://www.gentrynyc.com/
additional 15 of sale at Gentry...
those look amazing - what do u use on them and where u get the laces
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