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FD-40287HTrying to call but all ops seem to be busy
Can anybody confirm if this is black shell or not?
only drawback of inverallan knits. I have a couple of raglan jackets that can be paired with knits but a little snug
ahh nice grab was lusting after that jacket when it came out
anybody care to chime in on the above?
how much was the a2 melton? What sizes and colors did they have?
thanks name for the insight
From your measurements I think u can do a 48. I'm 5'9 155, with a 37-38 chest and I take a 46. Its a little snug with a knit.
Kool thanx for feedback. I say keep it if you like it and it fits into your wardrobe. I was looking for a more traditional looking duffle
46 are hard to come by for NC stuff it seems. Best of luck on your search
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