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I took am curious as I'm looking at the wind shirt, which is 100 percent nylon.
^That WvG one?
^Sorry I mean what sizes lol, not thinking today
^How much were they going for??
Thank you kind sir. I should read this thread more often
Anybody own the Black Batik Print baker jacket for this season? Would it be a jacket you can dress up a bit? Wondering if i would be able to pull it off attending a summer wedding.
^Aren't they consider a staple peice??
That is how my beefrolls look now. They area little loose without socks. Heard mabe anding in an insole might help, but not sure I want to as sometimes I wear them with socks (which they fit fine)Intersting I'm a 7.5 barrie but went also 8.5 on the beefroll. next time I will maybe size down half. I was afraid to do this as I tried on the ranger in an 8 and it was crossing my toes so I just decided to go 8.5 on the beefroll
How do they ship??
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