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Man that is nice.
Galway 2 Is in 325 last??
Anybody chime in how the slim fit chinos fit compared to rigid officer chino!in rise and thigh - that is only rrl bottom I have. I'm a size 29.
Are u talking about the slim fit canvas pants for 94.00?"Slim Fit.Size 32W has an 8½" rise and a 15" leg-opening circumference."Are the measurements accurate for them? I'm guessing they are a lot more low rise then the officer chinos. I only have the rigid officer chino in 29 which I like the rise - had to get hem tapered
Arrrrgg somebody please pm me if they can order something off barney warehouse for me as they won't take my Canadian credit card. Item will be shipped to my mailbox is the United States
Bumping this thread. Need somebody to purchase something from barneys website and mail it to my mailbox in the us. Barneys won't take my Canadian credit card
ahh hate it that Barneys warehouse won't take my billing address in Canada to ship to my US mailbox. If somebody can kindly proxy for me that be appreciate, i just need the item shipped to Niagara falls, New York, and if you need something proxied from Canada I can return the favour.
That is a steal. Can't see it must be all sold out
I was looking at these wool jogging pants : was when I saw the tag if it being only 50 percent wool I decided it past. I don't know where CM is heading with their trousers.I have a100 gift card guess I will just wait till their inis knots get knock down so I can put it towards that. Their 3rd party stuff is the only thing appealing these days to me.
Tried on a pair of wool Sutton , tapers too much at the ankle. It seems like that is the only fit they have for their trousers
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