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I would suggest Rancourt all the way. Not that I've seen that shoe, but I've seen Roots other Made in Canada footwear and I have not been impressed. Rancourts are miles ahead. To be honest if you are buying shoes, I would suggest sticking with a company that makes shoes rather then an apparel company (which is what roots is more known for)
Good catch I didn't even realize that with the missing tags. Wish they put the mesurements like they did last sale.
whoever snagged the 7.5 in penny, if it doesn't work out pls message me. thanks
Ha website keeps crashing.
Curious what is the ideal pant width to wear with the marrow penny. Unsure if I should get a pair. But you guys make it so hard to resist...
I just got my chinos in the navy. I'm a canadian so I have mario ship my stuff down to my mailbox in the US so it takes awhile as I don't awlays go there. Bang for buck these are very much on par with Wings and Horns (have 3 pairs) & Unis (have 2 pairs). The tote price you can usually get W+H & Unis on sale. Standout thing about the chinos is how soft they are. I always thought canvas was a rougher cotton. They feel like a brush cotton, and 10 oz gives the pant a...
^thanks. Still not sure if i should pull the trigger on them as i don't really haev enough "brown" shoes and i don't have a dressier loafer
Thanks for posting. Was curious what Ed's shoes would look like. Thought they be darker, or is it just the picture.
^agreed i washed all of my clothes in cold water gentle cycle hang dry. Unless I'm trying to shrinking something on purpose
^Yes they do, think they do 50, then 60 I think.
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