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- Rogue Territory, TS(S), RRL and SNS
^ we're currently experiencing heavy demand. try again in a few minutes. thank you for your patience. questions? contact us on twitter, facebook or email. sign up for our newsletter. Think their buys last couple of seasons have been meh...
Thanks for the insight Namor.
Thanks. Love the shirt
Just got the "raw" officer chino in the green herringbone (9.4) and Beige (10.8). Pants feel bomb proof. Not use the the lower rise and the slim thighs. I think I sized it correctly as I'm sure the waist will stretch a little however wondering if u guys can tell me if there I'll much stretch in the thighs. Also do u guys do a cold soak before wearing it? Will wearing it damp help relax the thighs a bit.
Killing it
just got my raw chambray, little slim. Wondering when you wash it and wear it, is it completely wet or do u wring it out
Killer price for the gansey. Wish it was a small
would sizing up help or would I be swimming in the waist?
anybody chime in on the Germans. guess they aren't really. heavier in weight and pretty ice same weight as the west point chinos
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