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Thanks for the update, was considering buying that, but then again its been so long since I bought anything BoO, not sure what size I am. I have some oxfords from like 4 years ago where I was a medium, not sure what I am now.
Agreed about their sales, plus usually stuff in Canada is more expensive, hence I do most of my shopping in the US
Became a tote member. Just wanted to chime in on Mauro great communication and service answer all of my questions. Will look forward to bring him business once I clear up my xmas shopping. Your knits - beanies and sweaters look great. Maybe next year you might want to make some scarves.
That looks awesome
Anybody can comment on the fit and quality of the io merino henly?
^They won't mark it a lower value, i've asked before, unless they have changed it
Yes that I know of
Stupid barneys warehouse won't let me use a Canadian credit card to ship to my mailbox in the US . if there is anybody that would be kind to to process the transaction on my behalf and have it ship to my is mail box it would be much appreciated. No need to forward to canada..
My haberdash order still says processing
Cant add anything to my cart lol
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