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Can you tell me the model names of the two sns sweaters you have on sale?
yep, it works on the regular price items, just not the sales store.... I will send email. thanks
^Ugh the PATRONPRE doesn't work in the sale section anymore...
Got my Monitaly Geometric Stripe blazer from the recent sale. Great service from NMWA like always, fast shipping and well package. Made the mistake of getting 38 and not sizing up, great piece through. Anybody interested hit me up before i put it on the BAY / for sales thread.
For some reason in don't see the above are they all sold out? I only see alt shell for 695
Please put the stuff online!!!
Bunch of NC x K100 collab on sale at: Guessing the line is not doing so well since there is a lot of sizes. Anybody seen the stuff in person? Only stuff that looks promisnig is the short mountain parka and mountain rusk sack jacket minus the ruck sack...
I have a NC ventile cold weather parka that is made in Japan. The material is listed as cotton however its ventile since when it gets wet it stiffens up. I would say the material at least in my experience is more like a rigid cotton. Its soften a bit over wear but the material is still a little rigid. Awesome jacket listed... wonder if the throat latch is remove able.
I have a mailbox in the US so I'm actually relieved to hear now that US doesn't get dinged with duites and customs with END. Now all we need to do is get the dollar up so I can actually start to buy stuff again
^Love the montage, keep up the great work!
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