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But I wouldn't size up since im only wearing a shirt underneath it. However you can't wear a knit for sure.
actually mine was the non-speckled one , just grey flannel. Still like it though. Yes they are a little trimmed. I'm a 48 in Mallory and 46 in Cameraman (both FW) and 48 is a little trim. Little tight aroudn the back, but nothing too extreme. Hoping with some wear, the wool will relax a bit
Agreed I'm finding that im leaning away from denims these days. Qustion, woudl the above trousers be okay to wear with a oxford or a button down that owuld be a little more dressy and less casual.
^Very nice, perfect for office wear
I just got the my busines jacket in grey flannel (Fox Flannel) from last year off the bay. Jacket feels great. Don't have any sports jacket so this will be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Also got a reversible fllanel (also from the bay). First thought, the shirt was a little thin, but found out recently they make light weight ones. The whole reversible thing was a novelty for me but i actually found myself wearing both sides. Besides the thinness of the...
Twill looks good.
keep us updated Z on the jacket. when I felt the jacket yes u are right it felt bomb proof, very substantial. who knows maybe it's different now.
yeah I think that makes he hesitate on the Brandt. I've seen iy once known person about 2 years ago and the fabric was amazing. however after started seeing people say it lost its waterproofness / extreme wear and tear
tss fireman jacket had in my cart but was too slow 😑
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