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It will, looks good.
Yeah guys there are great
I'm guessing this wouldn't be the best time to pick up Peal and Co - made by CJ shoes???
^There is no balance left on this redemption code Yep
^Love that pic since I'm a father myself.
Hopefully u won't get ding to much. Let us know
great prices / slim pickings on whatever is left in Barneys. Only experience I have with CJ right now is my RL marlow wing tip in a US8 and aI tried on a pair of BB Algonquin Split-Toes in a US 8. Guessing both is 325 so guessing I would need a US 8
hrmm i tried a damp cloth first and it was still there. Sorry when u say putting cream on it, I'm guessing you are referring to polish that matches the shoe color? I always just us neatral sapphir on my shoes. Thanks.
Hi wondering if anybody can help me identify the below stain. At first I thought it was oil, then thought it was a water / salt stain: I've tried vinegar and water but with no avail. When I do wet it the stain gets darker: Thanks
I never got my jacket, some reason it got lost in transit. Had to get refund. Curious how people sized the Compton Jacket: Relative to FW of the Mallory / Business Jacket (48) and FW of Camerman (46) I don't have any NC jackets form the SS line so curious how people sized it. Also can you comment on how practical the jacket is with Chinos? Wondering if it would be too loud for work environment. My wife says it reminds her of wall paper
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