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My jacket soaks through but maybe because the seams aren't sealed... but when my jacket gets wet..I actually the inner layer of the jacket actually feels moist..
I have an aircraft jacket in ventile - even thought it doesn't say it is. But when water hits it it stiffens..but eventually soaks through. I would say ventile is shower proof at the most, from what I experience. I don't know how companies like Private VC say their ventile garments are waterproof, when I think of waterproof I think if gortex. I would not wax the jacket, maybe you can washing and reproofing the jacket. Below is straight from ventile site: CLEANING -...
anybody comment on their quality? What is it comparable too?
Beware of customs from end clothing
Not that I have a lot of NC pieces but camera man for sure. The look of the jacket with the details......
Soak it in warm water I say first...then wring it out. It will take a couple of days to dry - laying it flat.
So got my shoes 8d are definitely too small. I think I'm a 8.5 on brannock but I'm a solid 7.5 D on on barrie and trubalance. So was hoping 8 d would work. Think I'm one of the few that size down a full size
Thing shrinks everywhere.... becareful of the lapels. I have the Mallory in same color way and washed it, everywhere fit fine, but the collar and lapels look a tiny bit short... if I had to do it again i wouldn't wash that part of the jacket.
Guessing that doesn't throw the symmetry off too much of the pants? Forgive newbie questions, never had pants taper before.
hmm that makes sense...always thought that when pants get taper they do it from both sides.
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