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^Sweater looks pretty bullet proof. Are you able to layer long sleeve button up under that??
Really good to know about hardlex. Maybe my next purchase. I meant blue second hand
Amazing watch. I was looking at that before I got the Sarb035. Only thing that turned me away was the hardlex, but i heard it costly for seiko to make a dome in sapphire. Needless to say its a great looking watch, love the blue dial.
Keep in mind knits are a little stretchy...
How is the quality of the blazers?
^I doubt it... but i heard its pretty thick...
Thanks deciding between the two duke straps. Which below would work better? I know light brown usually goes well with light dialed watches, but not sure if I would want to go with something lighter then the below.. Duke Grand Duke
Just ordered a Seiko Sarb035: My first entry dressy / casual watch. Heard many good things about this watch. Want to swap out the metal bracelet with a brown - wanted a darker brown Hirsch alligator pattern (calf) band to give it a more casual look. Any rules in terms of matching leather band with a white (cream - heard its more cream) dial on a watch? Guessing I should try to go for a white stitching to match the dial? Thanks.
^Frank Leder looking good...
^anybody recall what is the lowest UM goes in terms of %off before they pack up everything?
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