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This is how my ventile soaked through... This is my NC Short Wet Parka - Mainline.My jacket doesn't say its Ventile and it doesn't have the ventile logo, but the material behaves like it, when it gets wet it hardens. However it just soaks through.Curious on how companies like Private White VC say ventile is Waterproof, when at best this is water resistant
I wish this was a small lol....
I actually bought that.... I returned it, wasn't all that....
Looking for somebody to proxy me something from Australia. Item will be shipped to your door and I will just need you to send it to me in Canada. I can do the same if you ever need anything from Canada. Cheers
It will, looks good.
Yeah guys there are great
I'm guessing this wouldn't be the best time to pick up Peal and Co - made by CJ shoes???
^There is no balance left on this redemption code Yep
^Love that pic since I'm a father myself.
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