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Jus order marlows, not in my size, but will try to exchange later. I'm sure RL does exchanges. I doubt it will go through, but hey give it a go. You can always say you got it as a gift. Worse comes to worse you can return it for store credit for original price, and you be sitting on credit note. I did over night shipping best of luck to all!
Don't have my size in the marlow, but figure I order and try to exchange later when my sizes comes in. Will be kind of troublesome since I live in Canada and will haev to ship it back and forth but if it falls through it will be worth it.
Anybody chime in on the Military peacoat from FW 13? Its MHL, but made in UK http://unionmadegoods.com/product/mhl-margaret-howell-wool-patch-pocket-military-pea-coat-in-green/
Ha i've tried that, had them in for two days. Didn't do much. Thanks though for everybody input. I just wanted to know if i shoud avoid the cobbler b/c the suede is unlined.
Naa I've had them for awhile. Not that I wear them a lot, but enough to think they should be broken in. I would like the option of wearing them with socks, hence i don't midn them being more roomie
I have unline suede chukkas and they are a little snug in the toe box area. While they are okay without socks, I woundn't mind them being a little roomier. Thinking of going to cobbler and having them stretch it out, wondering if anybody has done this? I don't wanna mess up the shoe its unlined. Thanks
I don't mind the waitng for special order for next round. Thanks
+1I'm hoping anything that comes out we can do that, we get the pre order as I need the neck size adjusted.
Is that a chambray fabric???
^Are those new??
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