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Guessing that doesn't throw the symmetry off too much of the pants? Forgive newbie questions, never had pants taper before.
hmm that makes sense...always thought that when pants get taper they do it from both sides.
Hey for the people that get their officer chino that are selvage taper, when its done does it screw up the selvage?
Awesome deal be all over it if it was a size 2
Don't think I do. Maybe a tad but not enough to go to an E
Hi all, Looking to pick up some Ralph Lauren (RL) Marlow PTB in brown cordovan and BB (Brooks Brothers) Peal and Co cap toe boot in burgundy cordovan, both made by C&J Wondering if anybody can give me some sizing advice. I haven't measured my foot in years but guessing I'm a 8.5 D on the Brannock. I own the following: Alden barrie / truebalance - 7.5 D Quoddy / Rancourt - 8.5 D I also tried on a pair of BB (C&J made - said last 325 on the inside) in sizd 8D I...
did you mean wool? Are the measurements for their wool chinos accurate on their site?Anybody chime in their cardigan - alpaca / cotton? Wondering how it does with pilling over time and how does it compare to SNS herning... thanks
I haven't got my feet measured in ages, but I'm guessing I'm a 8.5. Quoddy / Rancourt I'm a 8.5, Alden barrie / trubalance I'm a 7.5 (guess I'm one of the few people that size down 1). I was hoping me trying on a CJ 325 last shoe (even though its made by BB) would give me more guidance on what size I would be.Thanks
So I've been sitting on a pair of Marlow WT (size 10.5 - wrong size) for almost a year now since that whole 65 percent off fiasco ... Waiting patiently for a restock online but that doesn't seem to be happening. I went downstairs to Brooks brother and tried on a pair Peal and Co made by CJ (Hoping its by CJ since it said 325) and 8 was a little snug with minimal heel slip. I know that RR madison has some PTB, wondering what size I should try. Keep in mind I'm going to...
Anybody want to proxy me the nomad parka in navy blue (150.00) please proxy me
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