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Ditto on officer Chino in a 29 (assuming I'm a size 31). Been trying to get these forever.
- WvsG- Inverallan- Monitaly- W+H- QuoddyDetails [[SPOILER]]
Shame about the gloves. As much as I like cashmere I think it always seems so delicate
Guessing enough to size down?
so I got my two gunpatch beanies - grey and green. The grey was for my friend who loved it, fits great. The green was for myself, but I thought it was a military green but it was a forest green. Still a really nice hat, but will have to go back as it doesn't go with anything I have. Either way the whole garment thing is very cool. My friend actually knit a hat for his baby girl and appreciated the construction of the hat.
love the montage. everything u guys put out is just so darn classy..
That is true yoox pics are pretty shit most of the time, thanks for the post. Can you advise on sizing when compared to SNS. I wouldn't mind trying a new brand
in Canada not convenient for me
so we shouldn't go by website measurements?
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