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I've felt the fabric once in person, and it felt awesome, very rugged. However I was a little disappointed when I found out how quick it looses its water repellence and how fast it wears down.
From what I've heard, canvas doesn't stretch too much, correct if I'm wrong.
^THere is a bday code?? for tote holders??
Did I miss the memorial day special?
Thanks, good to know
Interesting, I thought mine was a one off. Wonder if I should just ditch this model. I was hoping this won't happen again. Anybody else have this speed hook problem??
have these all been shipped out?
had that exact same issue. call up jcrew, they will either do an exchange or offer money to fix it. return it and still waiting for my size to stock again
pity their 30 or 50 percent doesn't apply. Takes awhile for third party items to go down. Sometimes they have a 30 percent that may apply to ALL items.
amazing color. does loden green change color as it ages???
New Posts  All Forums: