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Anybody chime in on how MH mainlain stuff fits? Is it as generous as the MHL stuff? Looking at a small in the below: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-MARGARET-HOWELL-Mens-Blue-Linen-Herringbone-Blazer-Sz-S-950-2845-/381225450937?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item58c2cebdb9 Been on the search for more summer blazers and wonder if it would work with khakis or does it look odd without the pants. Also looking for something a little more tailored then the MHL stuff.
^Funny I ran into that site yesterday...i'm sure its too good to be true.
Size is 8D in Plaza last. Flex sole. Bought this second hand. Previous owner said they wore it for a month. I didn't wear it since the last didn't suit me. Lot of life left in shoes. Some marks on shoe but nothing big. Shipping will be around 30.00 USD from Canada. Please add 4% to final price. If you have a decent offer shoot me a message. If you need more pics please don't hesitate to ask.
^Cool good to know.
Nice. Got the same, but won't be able to grab it for awhile as its going to my us mailbox. Can u describe the fabric and how substantial it is? Looks thick for a summer / spring jacket
30% off Union: http://store.unionlosangeles.com/collections/sale
Weird I got email - guessing i'm a Founders Circle Member, but when I put in my email addy it says I don't have an account. Made by first NMWA purchase, SS Decks Jacket (Looking forward to this as I've heard good things about this designer) and a TSS crazy short sleeve shirt.Greg thanks for the quick replies.
what does SS outerwear usually equate to? If I'm a 37 chest or so? Looking at the stephan schneider decks
Only shipping label has been created - just checked today.
yeah Duties suck from End... shame they always carry really good stuff.
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