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yeah its pretty itchy, but u ain't going to be wearing this with a short sleeve.
Thanks for the review. We need more review like this.
some guy on ebay has a bunch of sizes going. I'm sure he got it form the sale. Smallest is 8 though. I too am looking for a 7.5
Agreed, awesome shirt
Anybody know if RL B&M stores will do a straight exchange for size without a receipt? Forgive me for asking as I'm in Canada and there are no RL stores here.
Anybody know how often they do restock online?
Hrmm that makes me SOL. I order a 10 and need a 7.5 I was hoping store would do exchange if I had manage to track one down at a store
I'm hoping so, will be easier with layering
I just picked up a shirt jacket x SW from the bay. I'm hoping its not too puffy, as I want to see if I can layer it under a jacket. It seems liek the wool ones seem beefier, while the streak free ones are less.
South willard is putting all of their CDW stuff on sale. Funny b/c they never do this. Wonder if they are not carrying anymore.
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