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had that exact same issue. call up jcrew, they will either do an exchange or offer money to fix it. return it and still waiting for my size to stock again
pity their 30 or 50 percent doesn't apply. Takes awhile for third party items to go down. Sometimes they have a 30 percent that may apply to ALL items.
amazing color. does loden green change color as it ages???
I too am looking for PTB.
Just got a 3A in natural from Inverallan in PURE NEW WOOL (LIGHTER WEIGHT). I have a 6a in 38 in the clerical grey (not sure what type of wool). The 3a much mroe light weight, probably close to SNS. Its a little loose, so I'm going to try to give it a hot hand wash. All its very well made
probably a sample. Yeah if would return it if you not happy with it. , they should give u the coat they advertise
Speaking of the marrkt sales, anybody hvae any experience with the highland hats?
I hope bicycle chambray is in there somewhere
No I do not. I actually live in Canada, and I get them mail to my box in the US. I did ask them to put a note on my account for them to honour the original price I got them for (645.00 for 30 percent off). I had to return my original ones b/c the speed hooks started to come off. It just sucks I gotta wait for x number of months before they do a restock.
Got email this morning saying my Jcrew color 8 PCT was put on hold b/c of my CC. I called back just now and they sold my boots. They don't know when they will be doing another order plus the price now is up from 645.00 to 690.00
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