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^boo maybe next time.
If anybody willing to.proxy pls pm me
Agreed wish it was smaller
Thanks everybody for their input
No I had a pair from the 65 percent fiasco last year and manage to of am exchange
RL madison
CJ newbie here. I'm brannock 8.5 D and I'm the follow: - 7.5 D Barrie (one of the few that sized down full size) - 8.0 D in RL marlow wing tip cordovan - Toe is good with minor heel slip. May go away as I've only had shoes for 2 weeks - Fit into a 8.0 in BB aloquin model, again toe is good with minor heel slip Would I be a 7.5 E in coniston on the 325? I'm guess all CJ comes in E width. Thank you in advance for any input
Oh that be an awesome price if it is indeed CJ. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Ralph-Lauren-Made-in-Italy-Distressed-Country-Grain-Tan-Macomb-Boots-13-D-/371280051142 Above is link don't think its made by CJ though...
Pockets too big?
Yeah it was raining pretty hard... I think I'm going to give it a wash and reproof it with Grangers...
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