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I have unline suede chukkas and they are a little snug in the toe box area. While they are okay without socks, I woundn't mind them being a little roomier. Thinking of going to cobbler and having them stretch it out, wondering if anybody has done this? I don't wanna mess up the shoe its unlined. Thanks
I don't mind the waitng for special order for next round. Thanks
+1I'm hoping anything that comes out we can do that, we get the pre order as I need the neck size adjusted.
Is that a chambray fabric???
^Are those new??
Mauro will the next chino run 110.00 be a light weight summer chino or is it a mid weight one you can wear all year round?
My jcrew cap toe won't shipp till JUNE . Hope you don't have the speed hooks coming off
Me 2, but our CAD dollar is doing a little lower these days
Thanks good to know.
Or are they older stock?
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