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Oh didn't know there was a chart.
Wasn't there size chart posted for the Henley? Anybody if the sizing chart is accurate, is the BD picnicshirst longer then AD picnic shirts?
some nice sweaters, limited sizing though. Looking at the measurement I guess u should size up from your usual shirt size
Barneyswarehouse has some additional mark downs. Website won't let me use Canadian CC to buy item and ship i to my mailbox in the US. If anybody can order on my behalf and have it shipped to my US mailbox i would appreciate it, i would PP the funds back to you. I would also be able to offer any Canadian proxy.
Wasn't the sale suppose to be today?
^have the same watch love it. But for some reason its running a good 5 mins fast each day. Not sure why as I've had the watch for less then a year . Have to get it looked at.
Thanks all for the sizing advice.
Can anybody advise on the sizing of the knitted polos. Need some for work and I see there is a stripe one left. I'm usually a SMALL in BD shirts, but as per the measurements it looks kinda small. Thanks
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