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Picked this up on Ebay. Suppose to be ventile. Emailed cabourn and asked what type of ventile, but they didn't get back. Anybody know anything about this piece.
I Tried on the mainline Isaora insulate shirt yesterday. I'm usually a small in GBV and I was between sizes for the shirt. Small fit fine, but the collar seem too small and the medium was too loose. In terms of craftsmanship it seem well made. I would have picked it up as I'm looking for a mid layer piece for my shell outwear. Hopefully I can find an arcteryx veilance mionn blazer on sale still.Anybody experience White Mountineering stuff? Never seen the stuff in...
Didn't know u can vote more then once. I picked butter yellow. Guessing we can't see color swatch for the over dye?
The new overdye colors sound great.
Where is it at 135?
Did another news letter come out?
Anybody order from the UK site and get hit with customs or taxes? In Canada but I have a US mailbox
Heard the sweat pants (tiger fleece) didn't hold up well. Wonder how this year is, was looking at some RC since they look more durable
Get better soon bud
Yeah people that has purchased from Isaora pls comment on what are the good buys. Looking at the insulated shirt. Wondering it can be combine with a wind resistant shell for Canadian winters
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