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thanks for the input. I'm 30 in cm so guessing those would fit. but looking at it the pants do seem dressier. was looking for a pair of moleskin pants...
When you say slim is it similar to Davis??
http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=23422296&prodFindSrc=paramNav&size=30 Anybody tried these on in person. Wondering if they are a good weight for fall winter, also the fit is not indicated.
I'm curious about this also as Cameraman is spot cleaning only.
thanks guys for the input think i will try one. been wearing thermals at least twice a week..
thanks for the insight. no worries about the above.
no need I was just asking in general. no need to take that tone. sorry I don't know what 175 grams feels like
how is the weight of the heavy weight long sleeve t compared last year thermals?
how substantial is the fishtail parka? description make it sound like ventile.
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