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Shawl cardigan looks good. Hopig that falls through
Up to 70 percent at http://www.notre-shop.com/ Some good deals on Rogue Territory
Notre has some RT stuff on sale. Would have loved to pick up the trouser, but all out of my size, managed to snag a raw chambary work shirt... does it actually fade? Would you wear it like denim?
Hate the downward spiral the CAD is taking
always found SNS sleeves long. I thought the new starks these days are suppose to be shorter in length?
can't wait for the Indigo items
shows it being regular price
eying the MiJ heavy weight Oxford button down. how is the fit compared to Gitman vintage? also of I'm a small in gbv what would I be in this season Oxford? thanks
thanks just on the fence since I don't want the neck / collar to look weird as I have a thick neck for a small. guessing they are suppose to fit a little looser. see people wearing their shirts Un tucked
question about sizing in shirts. if I'm usually a small (gitman vintage), would I be a small in their shirts. are their shirts sizing consistent? SW has a size small listed as a 40 or would I be a x small listed as a 38? shirts look good just not sure about their sizing. thanks
New Posts  All Forums: