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I've always wonder how the quality of RRL. I've only seen one shirt and it was on par with jcrew. I've asked before how their shirts compare to Gitman vintage something I have a lot of.
Very nice post
agreed very nice tweed
Navy, will get pics later. 5'9 155. small in old stark, fisherman pull out over. pretty much like a knit summer jacket. more well suited for fall. like anything sns makes, hard to wear for summer
got segment, I say go your usual sns size. sized up and little big. hoping it will shrink
condition of the shirt
Beware of customs from END.
hey Z how is quality compared to brands like NC and EG?
^love these contest.
for some reason I it was 50 percent off earlier instead of the 70. anyways now it's good and order a medium. I'm small across the board when it to sns. order the segment in a medium bc somebody mention how small the are. I see myself wear it more for fall winter
New Posts  All Forums: