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Are there any different in the constructions of the dress shirts from your other shirts such as split yoke or gussets?
anybody comment on their quality? What is it comparable too?
Beware of customs from end clothing
Have a pair. Just washed them and hoping to drop them off to get hemmed this week
^Sorry I mean the fabric on the pant looks good....
Wow the pattern on the pants look pretty crazy....
Yeah for me I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to knits. Buttons or zippers. The magnetic closures and that design seems aLittle too "techie" for me
Not that I have a lot of NC pieces but camera man for sure. The look of the jacket with the details......
Soak it in warm water I say first...then wring it out. It will take a couple of days to dry - laying it flat.
So got my shoes 8d are definitely too small. I think I'm a 8.5 on brannock but I'm a solid 7.5 D on on barrie and trubalance. So was hoping 8 d would work. Think I'm one of the few that size down a full size
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