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Like the texture of the fabric. More pictures here: http://anatomica.jp/products_detail.html?id=692 Wondering if the belted back looks too feminine
Anybody going that can proxy??
What CJ model is 50-60% with the code apply??
Anybody know how the Beetham duffel fits? I'm guessing they don't fit small....probably will be swimming in it since im a usual 46 / 48 in NC...
Smashing SehK outwear...
Curious how you find the K100 Rusksack jacket? I don't know anybody that bought into the collab. Wondering if you have other NC pieces and how does it stack up to the collab?
How do these fit like the officer chinos??
Hopefully the prices will start to come down as the sale progresse...
Tell me if the Harris tweed work jacket doesn't work out. Yeah prices are a little high I find..,
Wish they carried the boots in a 8 online...
New Posts  All Forums: