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Recent hauls in the last 2 months. Nigel Cabourn and Monitaly Polo - Oliver Spencer Button Up - MHL Pants - RRL, Unis and Beams+ Uniqlo Padded Liner and Tshirts GRP knit
Looking to grab some basics tees. Can anybody's point me in which ones are the better supima tee? other basics people can recommend, probably grab the UU indigo tee
Thanks Mook. The colour in real life looks less charcoal. , either way a comfortable shirt
Got long and short sleeve yummy tee. As always wvg elevates basics to the next level. They both have a good hefy to them and is extremely soft. I got the smoke colour however it's a lot lighter in person, reminds me of more the glacier colour. Can anybody confirm I got the smoke (pic above) colour?? I also end up getting the flannel charcoal grey flannel trousers. The pants are thinner then i liked and I sized them incorrectly however they are well constructed..
bunch of BBBF shirts came online, but they are $99 oppose to the $58
Z have u tried sizing up on the officer? I bought 2 pairs of Officer Chinos 2 years ago both in 29 - Olive Herringbone and the Rigid. Wore the olive for about a year and a bit, just found them to slim. Had 2 crotch blows. Grabbed another pair from the recent sale in 30, hoping they will fit better. I am now breaking in the Rigid in 29, which fits great out of the box. I also picked up a pair of Officer cords and Hbone slims. I sized up to a 31, sizing is so wonky on...
Thanks for the side by side comparison
Crazy good deal
Probably China- not that I'm knocking the product always impressed with RRL despite them being made there
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