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in terms of water proof I find gore performs the best. Mackintosh holds up well but like u said doesn't breather and ventile feels the nicest. Foret just feels very much like plastic. I would get another ventile piece just to see how it is
anybody comment on their knits quality wise. what is the quality comparable to?
yeah I heard it not. that's the whole thing with ventile u don't treat it with anything. anyways I still want more ventile to see how water resistant it is
only ventile piece I have is the short wet weather parka that is made for the Japanese market. I find it water resistant but far from water proof - either that or its not ventile. However the cotton does harden after it gets wet but I feel the moisture through the fabric.
think one of the stronger parts of rrl are their pants from what ive seen in this thread. want to pull trigger on robert brown but sizing seem so wonky. if I need a 31.5 waist would a size 30 be sufficient assuming it will stretch a bit?
thanks for the input. I'm 30 in cm so guessing those would fit. but looking at it the pants do seem dressier. was looking for a pair of moleskin pants...
When you say slim is it similar to Davis??
http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=23422296&prodFindSrc=paramNav&size=30 Anybody tried these on in person. Wondering if they are a good weight for fall winter, also the fit is not indicated.
I'm curious about this also as Cameraman is spot cleaning only.
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