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the business jacket, its consider a sports jacket vs an outwear jacket (like the mallory)
Lol, didn't know that was in Pic. Got all of my NC stuff from over seas. Only place in TO that carried NC I think is Haven, but their prices are just a little high
Actually wings and horns. I haven't had the funds to purchase any cabourn besides his outerwear
I like brown wool jaket. Hoping pricing won't be too crazy
Short Wet Parka. Take back what I said about the jacket. More I wear it, the more I like it. Wish the color was a little brighter orange
This years cameraman is a little too "crazy" for me, but still a great price.
Finally got my CDW x SW down shirt picked up. Love the fit of it as it fits (surprise surprise) like a shirt. Only gripe is I can't button the top button due to my fat neck but I sized to a medium where my vest / parka I was a small. Thanks drtchock for the fit pic and Jet for sizing advise. I would have sized to a small if it wasn't for you guys.
yeah then u are going to be itchy.
yeah its pretty itchy, but u ain't going to be wearing this with a short sleeve.
Thanks for the review. We need more review like this.
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