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Just got some stuff in the mail. I have a mailbox in the US so it takes awhile for me to get my stuff since I live in Canada Thermals - Damn Mauro these are very beefy. I can't believe how sturdy they feel, the waffle body is awesome and the cuffs are a softer cotton. Hoping these will hold up well in the wash Light weight Cotton Trousers - I can't stress how "light weight" these pants are. I have a pair of this years chinos and the light weight trousers really have...
I think you have a good base line of how well made a product is given your experiences with other brands.
looks good. pls provide opinion when u get it
Whoever grabbed the monitaly vest in a mediuam and it doesnt work out message me.
saw this in EP thread company that makes whole garment knit hats http://www.americantrench.com/shop/caps-and-hats/merino-watch-cap/
think they might to do 30 later and the always ship FedEx meaning u will get hit most likely.
yep I too also recalled that but nothing yet
can anybody comment on their quality to compared to other worker / heritage brands?
More pics here: http://ameblo.jp/whitemountaineering/archive-201310.html
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