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Anybody that has order size 0 and changes their mind please hit me up
^na man you don't want to do that. As per the website it's one of the features : Featuring a round TimberlandĀ® logo detail on the sleeve Cool alternative. Be nice if they made other jackets using that material...
Anybody try the Sherpa 1930 jacket this season? Wondering how substantial is the wool - similar to thickness of the Harris tweed Mallory?
Have mine for a year. Held up fine but then rotate my knits a lot...
I did but the SA seems pretty slow at the San Fran store....
I regret not picking up some when they were online
is the inventory in the stores and online linked? SA told me if its sold out online that means its sold out in all of the stores....
Don't see any Aldens on sale
Yeah i have maybe 2 years old. Crotch has blown twice and I want to get another pair. I went with 29 originally but I think I sized them wrong since they are the same as my tan sanforized officer chino. The tan ones feel a lot looser out of the box then my 1.5 years olive ones..
I'm guessing the final tee will be different in terms of the neck? Was suppose to be a rib neck right?
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