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How is the weight of these compared tot he last run of the chinos...i think they last run was 11 oz...
^Sweater looks pretty bullet proof. Are you able to layer long sleeve button up under that??
What are the weights of the new chinos???
Really good to know about hardlex. Maybe my next purchase. I meant blue second hand
Amazing watch. I was looking at that before I got the Sarb035. Only thing that turned me away was the hardlex, but i heard it costly for seiko to make a dome in sapphire. Needless to say its a great looking watch, love the blue dial.
Nice been looking for a burgundy pair for the longest time...
Keep in mind knits are a little stretchy...
How is the quality of the blazers?
^I doubt it... but i heard its pretty thick...
Thanks deciding between the two duke straps. Which below would work better? I know light brown usually goes well with light dialed watches, but not sure if I would want to go with something lighter then the below.. Duke Grand Duke
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