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very nice Z
^Ha I'm the say way. Eying OAMC and TSS peices. Both I've never seen in person and don't want to spend a lot on..
Hrmm good to know. I always thought Small would be a 46
^thanks, just kopped a sweater
^Those penny pinchers your usually RC size in chromxel beef roll? Or do they needed to be sized up or down? Thanks
anybody try their trouser this season. usually a 31, wondering what size I should go
oh they say they will Co ed shipping?
Nope sale is online only
Seems like canadian lucked out on this one. Was eyeing the burgandy beefroll on the US site - not availabe on the Canadian side.
You can call their customer service, give them the web code and they can find it for u in their barney outlet stores. Stores have more inventory. But like I said stores might not be running the promo.
New Posts  All Forums: