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Spoke to a sales associate by phone at the Tyson's Galleria RL store, who informed me that Black Label is not included as part of the private sale
Coordinating did mean complementary, i.e. not the same pattern as the tie. I think a pocket square that exactly matched the tie would be a bit (or more) tacky.
Thanks for the input. I'll go with the option 2 without the vest. I have seen pocket squares and french cuffs around the firm when partners wear suits (by default the firm is business casual), but have yet to see a vest. Thanks!
There's no definitive thread with an answer (I searched!), so I am bringing the topic up again. I have a holiday party tonight for my law firm, and the invitation says "Cocktail Attire Suggested (no tuxes necessary)". Between the two options (or any additional suggestions), what would be more appropriate? The party is on a boat cruise in Washington DC (if that makes a difference), and I just joined the firm three days ago, so I'd obviously like to make a good impression...
I'm going to order a bigger size either today or tomorrow, but based on the comments about the length of the jacket, would you suggest I sized up to a 40S or a 40R? The measurements of the 40S has the same length from the bottom of collar as the 38S, so that wouldn't solve the problem with the length. Once I order and receive it I'll post updated pictures, as well as change the shirt/tie combination to something that looks better. Thanks for all the help thus far.
Just bought this suit from eHaberdasher. It's a Benjamin, part of the separates line, the navy herringbone, with the vest. (incredibly quick shipping, by the way, I ordered Monday and got the suit Tuesday) For the most part it fits nicely, but I'm going to the tailor this weekend and I'd like to get an idea of what I should tell him to get it to look better. For reference, I'm 5'7", 160lbs, with an overdeveloped chest and smaller waist. I usually wear 15/33 slimfit TM...
Thanks for the help thus far. I'll try to take a picture with better lighting. Since I just received the suit, I haven't had the sleeves or trousers hemmed yet, I realize that needs to be done. nonissue: excusing the poor photo, what makes the shoulders seem too big? This is something that I've never been able to self-critique, so if there's some tell-tale sign that I should be looking out for I'd really appreciate it. haganah: what exactly do you mean by...
I bought this suit from the recent Gilt Groupe RLBL sale. I usually wear a 38S (at least, the two suits I had before this are 38S). I'm 5'7", 160 lbs, athletic build. I went to a Ralph Lauren store a few months ago to look at RLBL suits, and the salesman suggested that I size up in Black Label to 40, and that I could fit in either a regular or a short. I tried on a 40R in the store and it fit pretty well, but they didn't have the style I was looking for (they did have it...
ordered around november 8th, just received the confirmation today with an apology for late reply, ricky says the shirt is being sent out next week. my first order, here's hoping!
they end up being cheaper than the advertised price if you're in the US because they deduct the VAT. I have four of the duke of york slim fit shirts, and I love the fit, though I wish the sides were not as short (back and front are fine). I just ordered a whole bunch more in the windsor collar, we'll see how they turn out.
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