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NOTE: I will be returning these today on the way home, about 5 PM eastern. Thanks. I bought these on clearance from BB. They are marked 11.5D, and I believe they are on the 240 last. Double leather sole. I am a TTS 11D US, but these are just too big for me. Length is 13"; width is 4 5/8". Comes with box, bags, and Peal information card. Not making any money, just trying to recover cost. If these don't sell, I will return them. Cost is $295.00 US plus actual...
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna Today half asleeping on, the F train my eye caught on Delancy, to a man sketcing my, pant cuffs askew . I noted him as, a creative director of bottoms from, the company Lipschitz. I asked him, "son, why are your , peeps biting on my style since, my posing of the, triple tweed? " for which, he scuffled down train, back threading in silence , sucker cold dropping sketches of my, swagger like expired, Metro cards...
Fix the tie and use that top button on the shirt, as well as what has already been said.
I say keep the lighter pair. Send them off to Ron Rider and let him put them back in order. It's still a better deal than the list price, and they are nice shoes.
One other thing-as noted before new shoes can be stiff. The dover on a double sole is very stiff, and coupled with the thick upper and the way the apron is sewn, you will have quite a break in period. I am estimating it took 13 months to break in mine, wearing them twice a month. You can accelerate this by wearing yours more frequently.
Try some of these, and show a bit of style.
What size did you buy, and what size do you wear? I have the same shoe, 10.5D UK. I wear an 11D US, and the fit is perfect.
No need for everybody to get all freaked out. Just wear a black tux, black cb, black bow tie (a real bow tie-learn how to tie it) or a black formal tie, and get a red and white striped formal scarf to go with it. Or just skip the scarf. Failing any of that, try these, if you have the physique for it:
Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana After xmas. Got a navy w/ pinstripes 1818 regent for 170 this past winter. That suit is available again on the clearance page of BB. 399 this time, but still a good price.
Quote: Originally Posted by blazingazn bump this for some more opinions. Navy Trench Coat? None of these. Try a sport coat-cotton for summer and tweed for spring. A cardigan works well, as does a lighter car coat.
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