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Lately I've been hitting The Tie Bar. Quote: Originally Posted by gregor Hi, Where does everyone buy their ties? I have no department stores/boutiques in my area with anything worth buying. I use buy and sell but lately I haven't seen much that I like. I don't use eBay for ties, should I ? provide me with knowledge, wise SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by butterflystyle They look affected outside of formal settings. FTFY
Be careful with Bruno Magli. I have a pair of black BM captoes that are absolute rubbish. My advice would be Crockett & Jones or Alfred Sargent. Good shoes at a fair price, though more expensive than those BMs. Try Sky Valet:
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Fitty cent? He is harder than Eminem... Sarcasm, man. Sarcasm.
That suit actually cries out for shoes a colonial barrister would wear. Top off the costume with a white barrister's wig.
My recommendations: leather soles. Tan or lighter brown in color. Captoe oxfords or wingtip blucher full brogues. Leather soles allow you to go sockless and not destroy the shoes. Wingtip blucher full brogues are very versatile-great with a summer suit and great with jeans. Captoe oxfords are a bit more formal, but still just as versatile as the wingtips. Good luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by jemcgarvey I want these shoes! Are these narrow heels made anymore? Sure, mostly found on women's shoes. Go for a 1.25" heel stack height to really set them off.
Quote: Originally Posted by 53trdf53 The second tie is an expensive, high quality tie from Great Britain. Any recommendations what I can wear it with, if the navy pinstripe suit doesnt go well? That second tie is a very nice tie. I would pair it with a lighter colored suit or sportcoat. I think the knots are just fine, but it really depends on your face, of which we can't see. A wide knot can overwhelm a narrow face. For the first...
Black + khaki is rarely pulled off well. If the chinos are stone colored, yes.
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