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Burgundy and black saddle shoes. White and black saddle shoes. Black on black saddle shoes. White and navy saddle shoes. Blue suede wingtips. Burgundy suede wingtips. Fully brogued balmoral boots of any color. Check back tomorrow for which belt to wear.
My son is 7. From a summer sartorial perspective, he wears jeans, sweats, shorts, tees, and rugbys at his own choosing and in his own combination. Shoes are entirely optional unless a bicycle or skateboard is in the mix, in which case a helmet decorated with flames and a Kick Buttowski sticker is also present. Dirt, sweat, scratches, bugs, and a stick are the required accessories with the occasional band-aid for emphasis. Personal grooming includes a full-on milk...
I always purchase the Clark fit and have them tailored. I find the Milano fit is too tapered for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by deamondeac How was the quality? I was looking at their site and I like what I see .... By any chance could you post pictures of your purchase? The quality is excellent, and I'm impressed. I will try and post pics later.
3 Sea Island Cotton shirts that I had made in 1997. A bit frayed on the cuffs, and the buttons have all been replaced. I still wear them on a regular basis.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola I'll translate. We brought in a white guy to watch those savages and make sure they aren't taking any lazy shortcuts. Where did it mention the expat's race? Funny how we reveal what we are, eh?
BB pants are good quality. Plus, if you order or buy today, you can save 25% due to the Friends and Family sale. The code is Friend1A. This brings your pants price down to 150 for 2 pair. Still, the best thing to do is to take your pants to your tailor and have them altered to your body type.
Those shoes are horrifying on every level.
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