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I put in my two orders-black monks and walnut suede full brogues. Thanks for the heads up-I hope it works out for us.
Thanks, I will do so once I have the shoes in hand.
The trouble now, of course, is going to be shoe trees. Not sure what tree will fit with these-the trees shown on the AE site don't look anything at all like these shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by deacon.516 Stunning shoe. I am extremely tempted, but I don't know how I will feel looking down at them. Can anyone comment on their feeling about the fact that the a-symmetrical design? I don't mind the punching. It's not my first choice, but I plan to use these as more of a casual shoe. I am guessing many people didn't prefer the punching, which is likely why this model has been discontinued. I like...
Payment sent for 11Ds, thanks!
Are these sizes in US or UK?
Thanks very much. I will check there, and perhaps tonight I'll upload a pic as well.
Hello everyone. Thanks to this forum, I purchased an Anderson Little Blazer. I'm a 46L (according to my tailor). When I put on the blazer and stand normally, the two vents pop out and it looks like I have a duck tail. Otherwise the fit is pretty good. Anybody have any suggestions or comments on why this happens and what I can do? Does it need to be tailored, or is the size too large or small? Thanks in advance for your help.
I met with Tony today. I commented that the website is very well done and while the shoes on the website look wonderful, they all look so much better in person. I'm having some Sinatras MTO. September seems such a long way off......
Hello Holdfast. Is the 44 coat still available? Thanks. Garrett
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