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Sounds like a job for your tailor. I like to take my old chinos and linen trousers to the tailor and have them converted into shorts. Quote: Originally Posted by Jay687 I'm looking to get some shorts to wear around casually this summer. I've never really worn shorts, well... it's been a while. So, need help. I'd like them to stop right above my knee and currently have one pair of Gap shorts from years ago that have 10" inseam and 10" rise....
This is an email hack. Don't click it.
Quote: Originally Posted by slappy No Edward Green shoe lasts 25 years without being recrafted and resoled. You can get Kenneth Cole shoes for generally $70 maybe less depending on sales. Ive never seen a KC shoe thats 200+, on their website they average in the low to mid 100's however I see them for significantly less in the mall. The KC shoe will surely last at least 2 years, at which point it already is a better deal price wise. Get a new shoe...
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats That Prince Charles photo again. Those are NOT the same shoes. Good quality leather shoes, IF taken care properly, will last a long time. Taking care includes proper maintanence, resoling/recrafting whenever it is time. Having a reasonable number of shoes in the rotation helps immensely. You're right-the shoes in that article are not the same. This is the photo I was trying to...
One pair of EGs will outlast one pair of Coles, given the same use and care. Nothing absurd about it. One Mercedes Benz will outlast one Hyundai Accent. And look better doing it. And have a higher resale value. Prince Charles visited the John Lobb store last year wearing a pair of Lobbs that were 40 years old. Love to see a pair of 5 year old Coles looking so well, let alone a 40 year old pair.
If you drive this much, then get some driving shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by armaniwang07 Last fall I bought a black Paul Smith military-style jacket with breast pockets. It's so great, I often leave it on in the office over my dress clothes. Is this okay, or am I inviting ridicule? What's wrong with a little ridicule?
If you wear an 11.5 US D, this is your shoe:
Pink. White. Blue. Grey. Yellow. Red. Orange.
I don't get rid of my shirts.
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