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This thread has suddenly turned into a Woody Allen movie.
The last email I had from the EG store in London: The cost of Chelsea or Newbury would be £452.00 tax-free, shoetrees cost £43.50 tax-free. Made-to-order prices start from £535.00 tax-free. The email address is Tel: + 44 20 7839 0202 Fax: + 44 20 7839 0404
Typically shirts also come with sleeve sizing, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 You resurrected this thread and got my hopes up I sent a very detailed email to Sky Valet asking for sizing assistance for a pair of Edward Green shoes and never heard back This was my one and only interaction with this establishment. Quote: Originally Posted by wingin' it And hopefully keeping your stock and website updated with what is or isn't available. Last order I placed...
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv From my understanding, and afet discussing the matter with Tony Gaziano, all their lasts should size equally. I.E. if you are a 10 in MH71 you should be a 10 in TG73 and so on..... Adrian Not so in my case. My MH71 lasted shoes are sized down .5 size.
Are the Becketts marked with an R or S?
I have some tie bar ties. I think they are just fine, and about 99% of anybody you do see will not know (and will not care) if they are not self tipped and are not 7 fold ties. I tie FIH, Windsor, and Christensen knots with no problem. Most of my ties are BB and Borelli (Borelli ties are quite thick, as well) and I find the tie bar ties are lower quality, but then the Toyota Tundra has 4 more horsepower than a Nissan Armada. BFD-it's not as if the tie bar ties are...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 whatever you do, make sure you've got the 2" cuffs on the shorts. I disagree. If you are about 6' tall or taller, then yes, the 2" cuffs will look ok-if you prefer cuffs, that is. If you are not tall, then I suggest you take the shorts that are too long and then experiment with rolling them up yourself in different cuff widths until you find one that is proportional, and then use that size to have the...
Get a white dress shirt. Don't wear the black tie.
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