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What does a JLP 10.0 EE equate to in US sizing on the 8000 last? Thanks.
Did I miss it?
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I quite like it: Yes. This is a win. Solid/solid/solid=boring/boring/boring. Have some style.
You can wear a striped tie or even a tattersall tie with a gingham shirt. Make sure the stripes are thin and spaced rather far apart. To me this looks much better than navy/navy/navy.
Bump for a great seller. Sorry Frank-none in my size.
I'm thinking about it.
I am awed by it's awesome awesomeness.
Just because a man may have ordered and worn these shoes does not make them men's shoes, any more than if my wife bought herself a pair of men's shoes for wear. Definitely women's shoes. Sloane Ranger? Cha.
My guess: women's shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by East Oakland Disclaimer, I am white, so think it's probably ok for me to have a avatar that makes fun of white people. Ha ha-sure, as long as they're not also homosexual, short, fat, old, handicapped, female, pregnant, mentally retarded, Muslim, Jewish, or trans-gender. Basically, you can only make fun of non-obese young or middle-aged heterosexual Caucasian christian males.
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