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Bought it some years ago while on a business trip to Japan-an impulse purchase. I think they are discontinued now, but maybe somebody else can tell you more on that.
I'll play, and possibly bring a bit of variety. I really like the military style of watches, and here is my collection of poor man's watches: Marathon Mechanical US Government Issue, with mechanical ETA movement, circa 2005. Tritium tubes for lume. Hamilton WWII watch-67 years old, and was issued to my grandfather. Hamilton mechanical movement. Gains about 4 seconds a day. A great watch, and surprisingly heavy and amazingly accurate. I wear it often. A gift from...
Thanks for the feedback, and can you post some pics of their work?
turnaround time is usually 1 week, but if you request it they may be able to work faster. I have never asked them for expedited service, so I can't comment.
I am a TTS 11US D. I wear 10.5E on the 888 last. Still, as suggested earlier, you should try them on.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff G&G from what ive seen is so subtle a step up that most common persons won't notice it. they are both in the superlative rtw realm. you have to go with what looks the best to your eye. EG has the lasts that put it over the top for me. i dont particularly like G&Gs pointier lasts. and there is something off about where their punches end up falling on the toe. sometimes a bit too high up in the vamp area. that is off...
I will still vouch for Lee's Custom Tailors in Fairfax. They do all my tailoring, from suit alterations (including buttonholes) to shirt alterations to turning my old Incos into shorts and even altering my Levi's. I just used them right before Christmas to alter a cashmere sport coat for a cocktail party. This included slimming the sleeves and sleeve length alteration + adding working button holes, pulling in the waist, and adding a loop on the back of the lapel to hold...
A deep, rich burgundy is my favorite colour for an overcoat, and will go with pretty much any colour suit you care to wear.
Here is a link to a picture of the shoe box: Please let me know your thoughts.
Thanks very much-greatly appreciate your help.
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