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Soccer= British Term, shortening of "Association Football".
Hong Kong France UK Italy Jamaica Russia South Korea Spain Australia Germany New Zealand Austria [/quote] When did "Douche Bag" become an Olympic sport?
Park Central. 3 blocks from Central Park. 5 blocks from Times Square. One block from the NQR trains. Right next to Carnegie Hall and Broadway. Check out Broadway Diner around the block (each portion is enough food for about 3 people, so be careful). Ray's Pizza across the street and down one block, and Redeye Grill right next door.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kali I think that's a modded Seiko 5. This is a great look-love that band on this watch.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Lets really think about this. Lets not.
Quote: Originally Posted by Restart This is just lovely! Oh how would I love to own these. Too bad they are using a cheap Miyota 1L22 movement. The website states it is a 40mm diameter and that the crown is so small, it would be a nightmare to deal with.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs She looks like a glass of milk. Yea-only she doesn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast "Easter in Harlem" I don't like the colour play/concept here, but it is certainly interesting, and quite striking. No, not really. Quite boring. Another poster commented that this guy has swagger. Old men do not have swagger. They have dignity. This is what you are seeing in that photo.
I don't own or wear burgundy shoes.... I have brown, black, navy, tan, all in constant rotation. To me, the worst thing in the world is a square-toed shoe (full-on square blocks, not chiseled or soft square), followed by (and usually accompanying) cheap shoes with a suit. Pointy toed shoes=awful. I'm sure none of you care about my preferences, and I assure you that I return the favor.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh ^ get it if you like it. its cheap anyways right? hook up on the hamilton canteen? The Hamilton Canteen has been discontinued. There is a newer version (discontinued as well), but I don't really care for it myself-has two canteen covers on it and some crazy action going on the crystal. Here is a stainless version with a bracelet on the bay (not mine). These retailed for about $1200 when new, I...
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