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I believe the original price was $65 on the plunger's post. A friend bought this for me, but I am looking to return because it doesn't really work for me. If anyone wants it, I'll sell it for $65 + shipping.
Sorry, I'll remove the photos--I should have asked before using them.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilcram nice price Thanks, it's 2.75" thick (at it's full thickness, but not extended). The sides just look like the front and back (solid piece of leather)
This is a nice tan - brown leather Coach bag. Made in the USA. Has some minor outer wear (a couple of scuffs), but otherwise does not look used. Bought this from the plunger; looking to return/resell. Price will be $65 + shipping to the continental US. Pictures will be up shortly.
I need someone in Canada in to help pick something up in the Niagara Falls Outlet and mail to the US. Please message me if you can do it! Thank you! I can proxy for members needing J. Crew in the US.
Looking to buy something urgently this weekend! Willing to pay a decent proxy fee for someone to go pick an item up for me and ship it.
Hi, I'm looking to buy something in Canada, but the store won't ship to the US. I'm willing to offer $25 on top of item and shipping costs for you to purchase the item for me and ship it to me. Sale ends tomorrow, so please let me know. Located at M5C 2L7. Thanks! -S
18.5 inches at the waist 13.5 inches at the thigh 1 inch below crotch seam 11.5 inches front rise 12.5 inches back rise 9 inches at hem Quote: Originally Posted by jrobjr Is 33" length from BOC? The jacket measures 31 inches from the bottom of collar, but 32.75 inches from the top.
I need to sell this one! Only $575!!!
Thank you, its a very nice suit, made by Caruso--price drop again
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