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Weren't these $99 here a few weeks ago? NOW: $105 NWST Tom Ford Cash/Silk tie, $45 RLPL, $40 Isaia, $99 15.5/15.75 Barbas
Selling an excellent condition black iPhone 3gs 32gb. Screen is perfect with no scratches. Minor use on back. Comes with mint original box and accessories. No water damage and is covered under applecare full replacement warranty! Price is $360 + shipping via personal paypal.
Did not mean to offend, but the coat has been discussed here on SF in the ebay thread:
Is this the jacket? I remember seeing this and thinking it was weird because I don't believe RLPL has been made in England for a long time now.
Do you have two pairs to sell?
Haven't seen too many Borrelli suits around here. Looking for a NWT or like new solid navy Borrelli suit in 42R. Price range around $1000.
Looking for single breasted dual vented navy suit in 42R. Pants 35-37 waist. Looking to buy a purple label, isaia, borrelli, attolini, sartoria partenopea, or other higher end brand with a tailored fit.
Looking to buy J Crew Gift Cards up to $1000 for around 20% off. Thanks
Something like this has been done before, but warrants an update:
Quote: Originally Posted by snowhite1 I believe the original price was $65 on the plunger's post. A friend bought this for me, but I am looking to return because it doesn't really work for me. If anyone wants it, I'll sell it for $65 + shipping. Sold
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