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Herman Oak is fantastic leather! I love using it because it dyes so well, it's consistant in color across hides, and breaks in well. My avatar is Herman Oak.
I'll have to try this. Both my Indy and LWB are too roomy. I think I tried a Dr Schollz but it became too tight.
Ahh! Tell me what happened! I killed my cable for dish to save money but now have no HBO. I only watch this show on there anyways. I was hoping Amazon would sell it right away. Is Richard killing people for his sister? Who is the jerk from Harlem?
Thorogood's Oxfords are comfortable and perfect for fall, featuring Goodyear welt and Vibram Crispy, er Cristy sole. Made of dark brown horsehide leather from Chicago's Horween tannery. Wiped and brushed after each use. I've worn these a few times but they are still in great condition, a lot of life left, and smell of fresh leather. Includes original box. Free second day shipping CONUS via UPS
Those are growing on me. I wonder if anyone will be bring some out this fall?
I would love to watch them fix that. I make holsters. It's very crude compared to shoe making.
Why Caucasians voluntarily go out to pick apples is beyond me. Those boots are fantastic!
I've always wanted to do that how do you get started?
I really like my no8 Brixton. A ravello pair would be perfect!
I wish I had commando souls on my 403. That would speed up my walking on icy sidewalks. I've worn the 403 on a ranch a few times this summer. It only makes them look better.
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