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I did have a bag with a newly purchase bottle of Woodford whiskey and a nice little cigar with me.
I thought that about myself. I've been coming home each day really beat between my sick father(chemo) and a business trying to recover from a few bad partnerships. I thought, that must suck for the wife and came in with a smile and hugs.
They are doing the jean distressing very well.
Some people on here might be in a high political position. TMZ will sniff them out. Maybe Chris Hansen too!
haha they prob had to pack just one more in the tiny shipping box from the factory.
A friend on mine is has Costa Rica o their short list for retirement. They were going to do round rock but I think the congestion is scaring them off.
Murakami's new book has just come out in English. I need to wait until fall to read his moody stuff.
I think so. I would want the less hot LED under the cabinet and also over me if I was using the counter.
tucked in polo shirts. You look like a cop.
Chelsea has it this year. The PL, I mean. Not sure about the CL.
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