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What? How? Was he shot?
I don't think anyone else is placing the shoe on a red brick sole right now.
Shooter's box http://gerstnerusa.com/opencart/index.php?route=product/product&path=72&product_id=233 Heads up on a nice wood storage box. Another forum member posted this link on a thread here. Looking through them I came across this gun supply chest.
They look perfect. I hope you sell them.
Should have posted them here for free for a week or two first.
This was tooled by an 85 year old guy who has since retired. The piece isn't old, just the style. I think this was an old California pattern. The Ruger symbol is new, of course. This looked awesome in person!
I really like mine. Brush and enjoy the unique smell!
That last is so wide a fit on me. I think if they are even slightly uncomfortable then go a size up and get the 8. I read the consensus is 70-30 on shell doesn't stretch much.
Crane's, I look forward to the photos.
More of this boot in action, please. I don't care if this is an Alden thread.
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