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Oh man, I liked Barcelona.
I wonder how much a small solar power set runs?
Radiators. Reminds me of living in Chicago. I once had a stern Polish landlord who wouldn't turn them on until November 11th. He would say in a thick accent. You Americans, you want to walk around in a t-shirt and shorts all winter. Put a sweater on!
I have a small Sig .380. I think I'll put back in action for early morning jogs. My guys knocked the back sight off it when blocking a holster with it. Dumb @&$)!! There are so many gun part sites. Which one is reliable?
Plastic guns created by those 3D printers = > Crocs shoes .
$800.00 is a good amount. My current animal problem is a dog. The neighbors brought home a puppy, play with it for a few weeks then just left it outside with the other dog. Now its turned into a super bored, untrained, anger machine. He pokes his head in the space between the wall an our fence and barks at our little girl and myself every time we are out there. He just wont get use to us like the other neighbors big guard dogs. I'm a dog lover so I can't just kill it....
Man, that is perfect.
HEADACHES I have a positive story. My new little house was spared a lot of expense by the builder. This past rain season killed my porch roofing and water came into the house. The adjuster decided we needed a new carpet (potty training a 2 yr old is no joke) and issued us enough money for the fix, paint and a new laminate floor.
Japan 1941, Eri Hotta Ol' WW2 from the Japanese perspective. It's really good so far. I bought it on audible for my daily commutes.
I'm really enjoying the Chambray Service Blazer this year. I was short staffed at work and had to unload and stack 200+ sides of leather. The Blazer was tough enough to take it. The buttons stayed attached, the jacket kept the wind off me, and I looked good going to lunch afterwards. I bought it one size up so I would be able to really move at work in it. Great product.
New Posts  All Forums: