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When is amazon going to start selling this season's streams? I'm patiently waiting. For about a day they offered the ability to buy as it airs like the do the AMC shows. Now that option has disappeared. HBO is funny, not a good funny.
Mauro, thanks for the advice. I'm pretty pumped up to try this. Thanks Bankes and Cranes. This will all help.
My fall buy. Woodlands/Oak St Bootmakers chukka. Shown here with a rough out 1911 rig someone custom ordered.
Now into Why I left Goldman Sachs. Greg Smith. Very enjoyable if you are into this subject.
My brief history. Stephen Hawking What a curious man. Actually listen to it on audible. He start a chapter in his distinct voice and then the narrator continues. I really enjoyed it.
Alcibiades I can see this. I'm only 5'6" so the PTB on the Barrie can look like well made clown shoes on my foot. That's why I enjoy the LW more.
Perfect. This is a perfect transition into fall look.
That's a nice church shoe. I was thinking about the Leffot captoe, http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/alden/907-captoe-balmoral-black.html. With the discount the price is about the same.
I would just do button down and chinos with some casual bluchers. Add a relaxed sport coat in the cooler months, like an Apolis jacket. No polo, no canvas shoe or boat shoes. I'd also start seeing what you could do to help him with accounts. Make his job easier on top of your work.
BARISTA $17, and that's not per hour. First job using my degree, $28,000. Manufacturer logistics and IT. Single and no kids. I was going to London a few times a year!
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