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Japan 1941, Eri Hotta Ol' WW2 from the Japanese perspective. It's really good so far. I bought it on audible for my daily commutes.
I'm really enjoying the Chambray Service Blazer this year. I was short staffed at work and had to unload and stack 200+ sides of leather. The Blazer was tough enough to take it. The buttons stayed attached, the jacket kept the wind off me, and I looked good going to lunch afterwards. I bought it one size up so I would be able to really move at work in it. Great product.
My boss is old school and uses President and Owner.
Oisin's photo is my favorite this season so far.
Our has some deep mold I can't clean. I will be buying a top loader as soon as I pay off my credit cards. I priced just buying a new front end but that will be $500 to replace.
Thank you. We just started leaving it open. I haven't tried the bleach yet.
One thing I've learned not to do is buy a front loading washer. The thing molds so fast.
Edited: I'll google this simple question. What are your favorite reference sites?
This has been a great read. Thanks veg tan. I only work with the lower forms of the leather since I make gun holsters in my factory. I have not gone through all 25 pages yet but another good topic is the difference in the tanneries world wild. In prefer to stick with the American tanneries because the hides finish in a uniform color. The Mexican or Argentine hides are very hard to control as far as shades and the actual color. I'll make 50 or a hundred at a time and the...
It's skin. Are you not water proof?
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