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Fantastic look, Simplicio. The hooligan black out face is throwing me off a bit. We won't tell the OB. Chelsea!
I found their tracking to be fine until about two months ago. Now it's very bad.
You don't just buy it. You sell a bunch of stuff you don't use anymore plus maybe something nice and BAM! spend'in money!
Just loosened up my credit card and waiting. Andale por favor, it's getting cold!
Hi what last is this on?
You have the best collection of fall items that I have seen so far.
That is very nice. I must not let myself break into my child's college fund. I will have to pick up that Gloverall DC, though.
Has the government shut down effected the USPS as well?
Anything goes in New Mexico. I could wear a gun on my hat, should I choose to do so.
My book for the Halloween season, The Devil in the White City. I've been meaning to read this for years. I like the way this Larson writes. I use to live in Chicago and imagining the city in it's archaic state is a lot of fun. I wish I had this alternate cover. This just came in the mail. There are some awesome suits and shoes inside. SO far this is the best collection I've seen. On the down side, my wife is looking at me sideways after spying a few of the more...
New Posts  All Forums: