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I wear in my factory and just take one bullet out the revolver. A cowhand recommended that. Sometimes they fall out during work on the range and such. In my environment it would maybe fall out when I use the bathroom and forget I'm wearing it. I'm not the sharpest though.
It will always be Albucracky to me.
I watched A Late Quartet tonight. There is some great acting in here, perfect for a Sunday.
Garbstore! I haven't heard that name since '08. Great look.
To rise up against chick-fil-a.
Take care, amigo.
I can't believe you are selling these. They are my go to workbook. The design is easy on the knees and lower back if your wearing them all day. Good luck on the sale.
That stuff makes my father sleep walk. He walked outside and to the lake this past summer. That's dangerous but he was also naked That's his story, anyways.
Thanks. I bought some of that for a hat and it's worked wonders.
I'm looking for at least year old alden suede pics on here. How may I google that? I know you guys are good with using search parameters and all that. I'd just like to learn. That Epaulet Olmsted shoe would really look great for what I'll be wearing this fall. I'm hesitant on the suede since I'm a Dad of a little one and maybe not to conscious of my feet and stains anyway but I can't stop checking it out.
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