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Thanks. I bought some of that for a hat and it's worked wonders.
I'm looking for at least year old alden suede pics on here. How may I google that? I know you guys are good with using search parameters and all that. I'd just like to learn. That Epaulet Olmsted shoe would really look great for what I'll be wearing this fall. I'm hesitant on the suede since I'm a Dad of a little one and maybe not to conscious of my feet and stains anyway but I can't stop checking it out.
They fit like a true 8.5 and are not wide.
I had a gentleman ask me for $6.79 in front of the a Popeye's Chicken at the Lawrence stop in Chicago so he could buy some chicken. I laughed and said Sir, that will not buy you the chicken you crave. You are forgetting about sales tax, and went into the station. True story. He probably waited all day at that station to kick my ass later.
That reminds me. I don't get why all radio talent from the UK or AU pronounce Obama as Obamer. Go listen to the BBC. You'll hear this over and over.
I did have a bag with a newly purchase bottle of Woodford whiskey and a nice little cigar with me.
I thought that about myself. I've been coming home each day really beat between my sick father(chemo) and a business trying to recover from a few bad partnerships. I thought, that must suck for the wife and came in with a smile and hugs.
They are doing the jean distressing very well.
Some people on here might be in a high political position. TMZ will sniff them out. Maybe Chris Hansen too!
haha they prob had to pack just one more in the tiny shipping box from the factory.
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