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What does everyone not in California or Arizona do with their plants during the winter. I have a potted lemon tree that made it through last winter but I need a better plan this winter. I basically just covered it in plastic. The lows here are only 20 degree here at most.
Any plans for a restock of the Doyle over dyed navy denim? I should have grabbed a size 42 but had to sell some boots first. Thanks
I felt bad for a reloader at a SASS shoot who was having a bad show so bought some cases. Lesson learned.
Are the aluminum casing jamming your .380? I seem to have this problem with my sig .380.
Cheese Steak? We all know what is involved in carrying. This is styleform, we need to think outside the box. Why would anyone be on this forum if they wanted to look like Larry the Cable guy?
I'm making a shoulder rig that might be suited for better clothing. For well dressed a small .380 in an ankle holster if what I carry. For casual I try OWB and never tuck in my polo shirts. I can't believe this Oklahoma group did that article and didn't even include my little shop here in TX. I need to get some marketing going! Right now i just have casual, Saturday work style jackets and vests.
Started The Americans. I like the story line so far. Uhm this might me on Amazon prime though.
Sold, thank you.
Companies who bother my email with 10% off.
Great look. I promised myself I'd buy a Barena this year as soon as I loose this extra father weight.
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