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Crane's, I look forward to the photos.
More of this boot in action, please. I don't care if this is an Alden thread.
These Boots have been sold. Thank you for looking.
I'm trying to talk myself out of picking up the new Alt Wens. I think I promised the wife a larger bed.
Thank you for the kind words, b-ewing.
I'm selling these fantastic Indy's due to them being too large for me. Clean and in great condition. Size 8.5 D, 403 Chromexcel Indy boot purchased from Epaulet. Shipped with original box. Please support my shoe habit. Price is CONUS with second day air via UPS.
That's why they are awesome.
I think the length is fine when he straighten his back. Neurtino was probably just trying to fit everything into the photo.
What articles? From which publication? I've grown tired of Esquire's Black Books. The pieces are too out of my reach and the articles to elementary.
New Posts  All Forums: