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What do you all do to kill backyard mosquito? Are you spraying the yard or just spraying yourself and using mosquito-irritant products? I live off the rio grand and it's monsoon/corn season, little buggers are everywhere. I just don't my family catching any disease they devil span carry. I'm using non-deet spray and some candles but this doesn't work too well when I'm jogging to working out in the backyard.
My summer read. I'm loving this book. Great narrative and interesting subject. I really need to move out of the desert and somewhere coastal. God I hate Nazi. I over heard two geezers talking about how good this book is. It's mostly about a few of the heavy hitters that built strong fracking companies, really going agaist the grain of profit margin common sense. The hard work these guys put in is inspirational to my lazy butt. I am just learning about fracking so I...
I picked up a simple BA. Then I took electives that would help round out my understanding of things. I knew I might inherit my father's factory so I didn't specialize in anything, just partied. Bad move, I should have focused on an accounting MBA. I have a great accountant now and lawyer, two things that are a must for a business, but I think I could plan better if I knew more tax laws and things.
No, it's too bloated for that. Maybe do something else. Then take an intro marketing course. You can read up on simple accounting for personal business and get a business plan tutor.
The measurements are Outside sole: 295 mm or 11 1/2" inside shoe: 275 mm or 10 3/4"
These fit like an 8.5 US. I'll get some actual measurements asap.
Wholesale hides have gone up $60-$80 for the good stuff this year. I bet they put a new hire on the product while someone was on vacay. Where was quality control though?
I watch PL, Chelsea supporter. If you throw lot of money at them then you can watch all their none televised games off the web via their site. You have to join their international club. It's good to join a local suporter club too so you can get together. Then save up each year and go watch them live. Have you watched the French league. Man, they are a little over aggressive, huh?
House: One funny thing about the home is the original owner added rain gutters to it which increased the value a little. However I live in a desert. It's only rained here about twice this year. So I spend a lot of time removing heaps of sand from them.
Something about the type of loan or mortgage we have keeps us in the house for 5 years. I'll go over the paper work to refresh my memory. Ok, the district has low ratings prob because of the parents and not the teachers or admin. I guess the problem is the disruption in the class room, a high teen pregnancy rate, a whole anti-scholastic attitude, and lots of gangs. I'm in El Paso TX and I'd like her to go to a good college like A&M, Saint Mary's, oe even UT. Rice would be...
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