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I watch PL, Chelsea supporter. If you throw lot of money at them then you can watch all their none televised games off the web via their site. You have to join their international club. It's good to join a local suporter club too so you can get together. Then save up each year and go watch them live. Have you watched the French league. Man, they are a little over aggressive, huh?
House: One funny thing about the home is the original owner added rain gutters to it which increased the value a little. However I live in a desert. It's only rained here about twice this year. So I spend a lot of time removing heaps of sand from them.
Something about the type of loan or mortgage we have keeps us in the house for 5 years. I'll go over the paper work to refresh my memory. Ok, the district has low ratings prob because of the parents and not the teachers or admin. I guess the problem is the disruption in the class room, a high teen pregnancy rate, a whole anti-scholastic attitude, and lots of gangs. I'm in El Paso TX and I'd like her to go to a good college like A&M, Saint Mary's, oe even UT. Rice would be...
Should have listened to subconscious. When I first bought the house I kinda had a feeling it wasn't the best school district but was excited to be a first time buyer. I bought a small home in a nice area, next to a horse farm and nice views. The problem is I have a 3 year old and I just looked into the school system here. One of the worst in the state. So now do I sell as soon as I can and find a better school district with a nice house? I can sell in another three...
Just checked out their site. Their online sample looks like your product. The stitching is rushed. The leather is ok. The trim is normal for cloth but should be sewn using a different technique for leather. This is the only thing that would drive me crazy. I could not find a leather sample on the floor but here is the inside of a ClubMonaco bag. It's the same deal, the fabric continues a little into the starting area. It should not be protruding over the top. You can...
That bottom photo is the piping. It shouldn't pop up on the overlap. Maybe that's their style though. Who made this?
That is horrible. The sewing is bad, the wrinkles are belly leather. They should only be using shoulder if the bag in over $200.00. Under $200.00 then the bag is ok, ya know? The sewing is poor regardless. Maybe they don't have the right machines for the edge or just the new guy was working on that one. I've made bags for saddle back and Ernest Alexander. That just wouldn't fly, my friend.
S Corp and the lawyer thing.
Ordered some rough out Oak Street Boots to match this holster. Pops gifted me his Ruger Commander for Christmas.
I have to order a size larger on their coats, mostly for room to move during work. That jacket's design is cut too short. I had to return mine.
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