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They are doing the jean distressing very well.
Some people on here might be in a high political position. TMZ will sniff them out. Maybe Chris Hansen too!
haha they prob had to pack just one more in the tiny shipping box from the factory.
A friend on mine is has Costa Rica o their short list for retirement. They were going to do round rock but I think the congestion is scaring them off.
Murakami's new book has just come out in English. I need to wait until fall to read his moody stuff.
I think so. I would want the less hot LED under the cabinet and also over me if I was using the counter.
tucked in polo shirts. You look like a cop.
Chelsea has it this year. The PL, I mean. Not sure about the CL.
Yeah, when I drop-ship outside the US for Club Monaco RL is the actual shipper.
Yeah maybe the cleaners can steam it to loosen and tighten the fabric. Good question.
New Posts  All Forums: