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Who pulled those percentages, some undergrad? No, not gang on gang but stupid addicts.Who pulled those percentages, some undergrad? But I only know of NY around 2008, when my room mate lived there in the ghetto.
That's true. The getto shooting are related to drugs for the most part. You could legalize them to end that but who really wants to legalize all the addictive substances. Alcohol is bad enough. I think civilians should be allowed wheels guns and sporting guns like rifles and shotguns. I think we worry to much about "bad guys" as the industry labels them. Do you really fret about getting jacked by an AR? Glocks prob should have never been allowed outside law enforcement and...
Does anyone here hunt? I think the season just started, how's the Upland hunting going so far?
I looked into the Fates and Furies, VaderD. Man, that Lauren Groff can write!
I found, living in Chicago, that only those clunky black security guard boots give you superb traction on ice to where you don't need to change your stride. Otherwise you have to do that weird ice stepping and shouldn't slip if your sole is well scuffed.
I just finished the made for Netflix season of Longmire. I thought it was great. It's plots are more connected now. I'm not sure if I enjoy that or the old format of one crime case an episode. What direction do the books take?
Soon we here in TX may bring our smoke wagons onto college campuses. I wonder if this will change the amount of rapes on campus? The first professor to say, not in my classroom, has spoken up way out in West Texas.
Would you know if a Rancourt 9 is the same as a Quoddy size 9? Thank you
Ok so the preorder will be similar to the Robinson Ranger on the Rancourt site but in the olive bison?
Thanks for all the photos. Those PTB are nice.
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