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Love the big butt with no fat rolls on her stomach. So good!
Looks like El Paso, far east side.
Tods over lizard foot!
purple or blue TODS, love them. But I like the boat shoes for domestic life, washing car ect. I'm looking to get something from Quoddy this year. http://www.quoddy.com/
Just moved to the desert for work. Suede works so well out here. Well, till summer...
yes more photos, please
ahaha where are they Brazil?
Quote: Originally Posted by legit Any comments on the Sig P238 (vs P232)? I haven't shot one before or heard much about them. I haven't shot one but dry fired at the shot show. They are very similar. The shape may be the only difference. I think the big difference b/t a Sig and a bursa is the trigger. It is just so smooth on the Sig Saur.
Legit, I recommend the Sig 232 if you have the cash. It is light, strong, and shoots very well. I just tried out the Ruger LCR and LCP. I'm not a revolver guy but between the two the LCR seems superior, just because it seems more stable and fits into my hand better. The LCP does fit into a pocket and it's hidden, no profile. I also shoot straighter with the LCP, but it just seems like all the plastic parts will break in my hands.
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