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Defo. salt damage. You can see it collecting at the top of the stain like hard water in a toilet. You might get away with the occasional wetting of the leather but salt kills. If you follow the directions above make sure you don't dry these near a heater.
I like this idea. I'm a business man(lad) of sorts. More like Tommy Boy as I'm working with my pops now and running a factory. It would probably beat the quickbooks forum I'm on now.
A swift little subaru legacy. what ever, it's paid for....
I wish it wasn't 75 degrees here...
Do you mean distressed?
Should I get a black shoe that's not a formal shoe. I'm thinking about these.
I have a burgundy one they had for sale earlier this year. I love it as a dad cardi. I say this as its pretty thick and more homey than fashion attire. But I dig it.
Not in the US but maybe theses people have it.
I work in a factory where we mainly use leather. I couldn't decide on an answer myself so I spoke with a lots of monastics (I'm also a buddhist layman). I sucks to be killing shit and eating it. But it is part of our culture and we do use all of that animal. You have to pick your fights and I prefer leather shoes.
Nice! We got some clothing in on the extras for this movie. A friend of mine owns the ranch they did a lot of scenes on and we donated (read-sale at below wholeslae)clothing to his ranch hands that were extras. Can't wait to see it!
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