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I have not read any of the above posts. I just wanted to say I work with the same leather that is on the boots. It scratches really easy and is a pain. I'm talking finger nails, anything will leave a mark. I'm sure a polish will take most of it. Just a heads up.
What was the navy blue jacket/overshirt that he wore most of the film? Not the suit just the overshirt. I was thinking levi but the contrasting collar it's theirs. Ok, I like every movie focus feature has put out so far. But they have been sold to a larger company to keep afloat and will be making films like this with a sprinkling of "babys" or Lost in translations. It did have very nice cinematography and I loved the non-american tits. The ladies in here are...
Barbour are usually roomy. But you being a 44long I'd say go for the 44 for the sleeve length.
Oh man, gum soles on that cream shoe. What a great workout boot. Too small for me though.
My wedding was about 13G with like about two hundred guests, just family really. I didn't but anything expensive for myself to wear, just rentals. The bride had everything she wanted. I got lucky because my sisterinlaw works at a jeweler so I got the wifey's ring at cost!
I just picked up some waxed black Chukkas from Blackbird Ballard that I love. The web page said they were going to throw in some little extras. So I get this box in. Thinking, that's a bit much... Opening it I find they actually sent me a freakin crate! By this time the wife is on me with what the f*$k did you order now! Some nice freaking shoes, babe! Merry Christmas to me! Fully lined so they feel like great barefoot. Interesting...
I have the deck chukka. They feel so good barefoot! The soft leather of the insole lines the sides also, thought they are a separate stitching. I just want to keep them from smelling too much. I'm not a germ-a-phobe. Sounds like I should just wipe them down and then order a new insole when mine is trashed. cheers.
Talking about care... After a good week of summer heat what is the best way to clean up the inside of your quoddy? I don't want too much bacteria up in there. thanks
After receiving a shoe from blackbird ballard that was a half size larger than I ordered I measured my feet. I was trying to talk myself into keeping them and studied the fit of both feet in their shoe. I found my right foot is at least A HALF INCH SHORTER THAN MY LEFT, maybe a little more. No wonder my poor left foot is callused.
Taking a quick work break. Just received my 403's in the post and thought I'd take a photo. They are about true to color on the areas the flash didn't hit. My navy work pants are all faded from the flash. Sizing. I wear a 9US in a dress shoe and clarks, 9.5 in adidas soccer shoes, even though I have a narrow foot. These 8.5 are perfect length and enough room on the sides to accommodate my swollen feet at the end of the day. Cheers Epaulet! what else ya got?
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