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I tried some Merc on in london. They are well built and a little full (puffed)on the look. The cut is probably like the regular baracuta. I would go with the vintage fit baracuta on sale. (pikey's are a fantastic feeder club for us. CFC-double champions-)
a little on the inside everyday , but otherwise I'd say 2001 when my long time friend died of cancer at 27 yrs old. I was living with him and his brother in Chicago. Their father was visiting at the time. There is nothing like the sound a father makes when loosing a son. I can still hear it clear today.
They feel rough to the touch. I was unimpressed.
The rosetta stone has a strange policy. You can't resale their product. They keep all the rights, you merely rent the material for a few hundred.
Great thanks. Maybe i can find an Argentine teacher here, best of both worlds. When in Chicago I was picking up on the smooth boricuas spanish but when I got to my new town the sharp sounding mexican spanish is throwing me off as it runs together.
Cool, thank you both.
Don't you mean estúpido? I like google translate! Yeah, no shit joven, I know each colony has it's own dialect. You're pretty negative. In this regard, I just have a thing for the spanish civil war and would really like to read about it pre-translated and maybe things that didn't get translate.
I need to learn Spanish. What is the best way you good people have found to learn a language later in life. Plus most of my employees don't speak English well. I'd also like to read novels by Spanish authors in their original form. I'm looking at the roseta stone but it's pricey and you don't even get to keep the materials to sell later. I took a course or two in college but have forgotten most of it. I'd like to be able to read and converse fluently. Please help give...
LE Canvass just added a nice wool overshit that is price very low.
Let go of wanting tobe with her. Just keep her as a friend. Other girls like guys with hot female friends. Well unless the hot girl is a faghag... then you got the wrong message going.
New Posts  All Forums: