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My DE razor and my wife. Everything else only lasts ten years usually.
Love them! I wish I were vietnamese so my mother would be able to cook this food!
Prob worth the time. Jewish women have fantastic tits.
Yeah and my wife is one of those. An idiot doctor misdiagnosed her for something, gave her a prescriptions and now she is blacklisted. She doesn't even have the condition anymore after two years. Twenty six and can't buy into an insurance plan. This seems like it needs fixing. The fact that the pres made it a priority is a surprise and enjoy it being in my favor.
F'in crispy bastard! He got to be pres and we are here jerking off online.
Australia shouldn't speak until they become a target too. Spending a little extra cash doesn't hurt. If you can afford to buy off continent you can handle the fees.
I have not read any of the above posts. I just wanted to say I work with the same leather that is on the boots. It scratches really easy and is a pain. I'm talking finger nails, anything will leave a mark. I'm sure a polish will take most of it. Just a heads up.
What was the navy blue jacket/overshirt that he wore most of the film? Not the suit just the overshirt. I was thinking levi but the contrasting collar it's theirs. Ok, I like every movie focus feature has put out so far. But they have been sold to a larger company to keep afloat and will be making films like this with a sprinkling of "babys" or Lost in translations. It did have very nice cinematography and I loved the non-american tits. The ladies in here are...
Barbour are usually roomy. But you being a 44long I'd say go for the 44 for the sleeve length.
Oh man, gum soles on that cream shoe. What a great workout boot. Too small for me though.
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