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Alright, which one of you geezers is nit-picking in their shirt comment section?
I work at a holster factory. Nowdays anything can be made. If you go with a small leather maker then you'll get function plus what every leather/style you want. Try Milt Sparks, high noon, crossbread, ect. Don't do the big names galco, hunter, ect. Although desanti is pretty nice. If you tell me what kinda firearm you have I can help ya. Holsters are easy they just take forever to make. The tricky part is finding a good belt that will hold your weight. One that wont make...
Are Baracuta "made in England" jackets worth the quid?
How about my favorite old neighborhood, Uptown/bueno park? Fine living! hah just kidding-don't move there. It's just an area I like. I really like the peacefulness of andersonville and befriended a few cool lesbians there. They have a fantastic small rental place and a delicious homestyle japanese kitchen there. There are nice little houses for rent here and ravenswood area if you're looking for a condo alternative. My younger, more cool friends love Lincoln...
I hate these. Only good if you are going hunt'in. But yeah I see them all over the fashion adds now.
One thing you MUST do when you get here. Apply for your CHL-Concealed Handgun License. It's worth it when you like to travel alone or head to the west end of TX. Although you can legally carry a firearm in your car as long as it's hidden and not within arms reach. Unless you are on the highway, then it just has to be hidden. El paso is a Democrat voting city. But for presidential elections we always vote Republican-every time. Mexicans just don't like taxes, screw...
Born texan here. El Paso-Currently living in El paso to run a factory. El paso has great food and some really hot women. It's four to every one guy here. But there is not a lot to do after work. And the violence/killing from mexico is seeping over. San Antonio- is like a giant El Paso. You have better shopping there but everything else is the same. It feels very segregated. The people can be stand-offish too. But there are some great places to visit around San...
Yes unless she is ass hot and very cool. The breath just kills me.
Not much money this year so bought my shaw collar carigan here. It is fantastic! Go down a size though, it fit pretty big.
The items looks like a version of a one true saxon that I got a long time ago. This is a better looking version. Good luck.
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