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What has happened to Cloth Logic. They had some well made collections? Looks like they are just selling woman's wear now. Did they loose their designer or just did sell well? Here is a past catalog. Cloth Logic I have a fantastic fishermans cardi with slight colors woven into the gun powder grey fabric. My favorite is the yellow hipster cardigan they had.
Fantastic cardi, damn my man boobs! Just a little too small, this.
J.V. great purchase. I have one also. You should trade in this or buy a G26. I had to do this as I'm small and was not concealing it very well. So far the G26 is perfect! If you keep both, the magazines are interchangeable. if you do go with the G26 make sure you get the slight pinky extenders, they make a world of difference. I also have a LCR and a LCP. The revolver is a better gun overall. The LCP is perfect for concealed carry with clothes that actually fit you....
Sold, thank you.
I picked up a pair which was all black. I like them so far.
sale ends tonight the 22nd.
No just ignore all of them except the attractive nerb types. Well, maybe bang a gold drigger everyonce in awile.
Concealment vest, Saddle Coat, & Affordable wool coat. Some almost new items here. Prices include shipping within the US via UPS or Fedex. I have for sale a Ruger brand gun concealment vest. Size Large. This is a very well made black vest with a red ruger logo. Quilted body with canvass shoulders and soft cotton collar. This vest is just warm enough and looks great under a flannel. Shipped at $30.00 within the US. Inside is a concealment holster perfect...
Izod windbreaker, Size Large. priced to make closet space $15.00, includes shipping via UPS. I have an almost new Izod wind cheater. It is a fantastic red with mesh lining, two zippered side pocket with izod label toggels, and nice black piping on the sleves and collar. This is very nice sporting piece to have which I have worn twice, just not my style anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: