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The seam on the shoulders is at a good place. So the rest is up to you. What are you going to wear under this? One or two layers would both be cool.
pm a sent, good Sir.
MellowFellow, what is that fabric called? The one on your shawl collar cardi.
Oh my baby would love to be held in that. The arms are perfect. But 19" chest, really? seam-to-seam along the front?
Fantastic country/city mix! I need to slim down...
I enjoyed a country barbour look last fall/winter. This year I want to have a more preppy feel. Thinking about purchasing this baracuta Farnley. http://www.baracuta-g9.com/New-Arriv...051235733442/f
Nice vest. 40" chest?
Love that lining! but already have too many barbour in the closet. Or so the missus says
I love how spoiled my fellow americans are. They cry, lay around, and collect wellfare checks after loosing their jobs. Even after years of unemployment. They complain about the immigrants but don't see the immigrants are stronger than they are. Go to where the jobs are.
Picked up some nice cardies and sweaters. Thought abou their military belt and the boots. But probably just go with clarks. 25% is a good deal so got the wifey something too. Such a nice geezer.
New Posts  All Forums: