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Quote: Originally Posted by Big Muscle I hate that skinheads of today have absolutely no sense for style... at least here in our country. And what's worse, when you dress in traditional smart style they look at you as if you were a UFO. I often ask myself "Why are they skinheads when they hate skinhead fashion?". They wear cheap unfashionable t-shirts of poor quality only beause it has LONSDALE label over all chest, scalped haircuts etc. I don't really...
I just got the Matinicus Rock Crew in. I'm not sure if the cardi is cut from the same pattern. Check out the fall Black Book. You can see the sleeve size there. In short, medium fits a 42" chest just right, no extra room, sleeves seem short. So I'd do a large if I were you sleeve-wise. I'm a medium at 5'6" but have a 42" chest( and now a good size beer belly). The medium is right on for a 42" chest with one shirt under it. It would be a tighter fit with a T and...
Looks good.
depends on their period. Go with both and it's a 50/50 chance.
To get that look just grow out your hair a little more. Don't shampoo you hair everyday. Just wash your scalp and scrub with your fingers to get the dead skin cells off, and condition it everyday. The guys are right, it's the oils that are holding it together for that look. Only shampoo it once a week for this look.
I can tell you how to keep it nice and curled. To keep it straight and wet just add in some Marrakesh oil.
Not that is handy!
Hipster hitler! http://hipsterhitler.com/
What has happened to Cloth Logic. They had some well made collections? Looks like they are just selling woman's wear now. Did they loose their designer or just did sell well? Here is a past catalog. Cloth Logic I have a fantastic fishermans cardi with slight colors woven into the gun powder grey fabric. My favorite is the yellow hipster cardigan they had.
Fantastic cardi, damn my man boobs! Just a little too small, this.
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