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Soon we here in TX may bring our smoke wagons onto college campuses. I wonder if this will change the amount of rapes on campus? The first professor to say, not in my classroom, has spoken up way out in West Texas.
Would you know if a Rancourt 9 is the same as a Quoddy size 9? Thank you
Ok so the preorder will be similar to the Robinson Ranger on the Rancourt site but in the olive bison?
Thanks for all the photos. Those PTB are nice.
Anyone have some nice new photos of the kudu leather in their phone? I'm gaining interest on the Clymer. I'm probably going to sell my OSB natural rough-out Trench boot to pick this up.
Has anyone picked up the Scotch Grain Beefroll that are on special? What pant works best with these. I can't place it in my mind's eye.
Yes, that bison on the ranger mocc would be good. I'd pick one up. I used bison for some western holsters last year. It was stronger and a lot softer than cow. It breaks in very well. I have people coming back for more but it was just a short run on some hides I picked up.
Just picked this up. Pulp fiction with a lot of research in it. I'm enjoying it for some summer noir fun.
I just started the TV series Vikings yesterday (Amazon). It's pretty entertaining.
nice look
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