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Those are going to feel so nice. I like the laces, I'll prob cut them down like you said but with an exacto knife and burn the ends slightly with a soldering iron for an edging effect.
You might be paying more per month if you decide to start back up. I'm not sure if they are going to be gentle with us current subscribers during their next rate hike or treat us like dirty bastards. Amazon prime and Netflix use to compliment each other but now they have almost the same material available for streaming. I actually picked up hulu, which has been nice since Disney bought it.
I can't wait.
We are just going around in circles. Cavemen with toilets. Who cares if we can heal disease if we just keep doing the same stupid things, enslaving and killing. We have to quit being jackasses to each other. This is it, there's nothing else before or after. There is no god. That is some fairytail shit. But I'm outta line. Guns have nothing to do with it.
Those are fantastic!
We will never evolve as a species if we don't let ourselves.
The Wild Bunch cowboyish movie is up on netflix now. That's always fun.
The $2 drop is probably just a psychological ploy. I bet they have a nice margin on those.
The outlet shops dress shirts are 3/$159.00. The regular stores dress or sport shirts are 3/$189.00
That's crazy talk. I blame guns in the hands of millennials. Let's just ban one generation as an experiment and take it from there.
New Posts  All Forums: