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Yes, that bison on the ranger mocc would be good. I'd pick one up. I used bison for some western holsters last year. It was stronger and a lot softer than cow. It breaks in very well. I have people coming back for more but it was just a short run on some hides I picked up.
Just picked this up. Pulp fiction with a lot of research in it. I'm enjoying it for some summer noir fun.
I just started the TV series Vikings yesterday (Amazon). It's pretty entertaining.
nice look
haha You're in that Ice box up there. The rest of the year must be nice though. Our winter temps are 50 day- 20 night, no snow. If it the temp goes below 20 the city shuts down. I use to live in Chicago. I hate snow.
What does everyone not in California or Arizona do with their plants during the winter. I have a potted lemon tree that made it through last winter but I need a better plan this winter. I basically just covered it in plastic. The lows here are only 20 degree here at most.
It reminds me of an affordable Stone Island jacket from 2005. Very nice.
Any plans for a restock of the Doyle over dyed navy denim? I should have grabbed a size 42 but had to sell some boots first. Thanks
I felt bad for a reloader at a SASS shoot who was having a bad show so bought some cases. Lesson learned.
Are the aluminum casing jamming your .380? I seem to have this problem with my sig .380.
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