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I'm making a shoulder rig that might be suited for better clothing. For well dressed a small .380 in an ankle holster if what I carry. For casual I try OWB and never tuck in my polo shirts. I can't believe this Oklahoma group did that article and didn't even include my little shop here in TX. I need to get some marketing going! Right now i just have casual, Saturday work style jackets and vests.
Started The Americans. I like the story line so far. Uhm this might me on Amazon prime though.
Sold, thank you.
Companies who bother my email with 10% off.
Great look. I promised myself I'd buy a Barena this year as soon as I loose this extra father weight.
I wear in my factory and just take one bullet out the revolver. A cowhand recommended that. Sometimes they fall out during work on the range and such. In my environment it would maybe fall out when I use the bathroom and forget I'm wearing it. I'm not the sharpest though.
It will always be Albucracky to me.
I watched A Late Quartet tonight. There is some great acting in here, perfect for a Sunday.
Garbstore! I haven't heard that name since '08. Great look.
To rise up against chick-fil-a.
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