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I'd say an EMF single action, .38. Uberti made.
I'm into American Psycho right now. I tried rules of attraction but just put it down after awhile. Life is too short to push through novels I don't enjoy.
I'll admit a modular optic system is kind of an over kill on my glock but it's fun as heck. I made a few very simple prototype holsters that worked well. Looking for new stuff for the Shot Show this year. This pic is them at the gun range and one for my personal carry, the 43.
Received my spur of the moment purchase. I picked them up for about the same price as an LLbean moc. I'm very happy with these. TTF and great for this weather.
I picked up some Navy too. I'm pretty excited, I've been wanting a quality venetian style Rancourt like they have over at BB for some time now. I noticed Kennedy wearing some and it's been in the back of my head ever since. Hope I can pull them off! The white sole looks fun to me.
I went by Kimber at the Shot show just to check it out. It's nice and heavy in person. Their catalog doesn't do it justice. I'd like to get one for my father.
I had a bad time today at the range with said G43, maybe because it's too light. At 7-12 meters I was fine, right in the red of my target, but at 15 meters and up I could barely hit the paper. I'm not sure what in going wrong. I didn't have this problem with my .38 but don't want to use A wheel gun right now. Then after that messed with my confidence my shots were hitting the lower left when I pulled the target back closer.
I replaced my G26 with the G43. It's a perfect carry for the work place. I could almost forget about it and it hides well under a sport coat.
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