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It's a slow interesting read so far, perfect for the start of fall. It takes place in the region north of me and I've just renewed my interest in the outdoors so I'm really into it. The book has also let me in on a lot of forestry insight I had never knows before, like the positive effects of forest fires.
Oh, I really like that. Is it a 9mm?
They prob went public and need to meet growth and certain margins. You can't do that and make it here in the US once you get to a certain size. Even patagonia make things outside the US nowadays.
Card members get 25% off for the next few days.
I live next to what was deemed most violent city in the world in 2009. I can't watch that show, it gives me anxiety. I've seen too many decapitated heads and limbless torsos. I just start House of Cards. That's a pretty great show.
Can someone help me with a question on sole structure. I have a Baxter and it is very comfortable on the balls of my feet maybe due to the leather midsole. I'd also like to buy a Classic Ranger with natural Chromexcel and the new red sole. Is this Classic sole as comfortable as the Baxter? I have the Westport Loafer without the leather midsole and it's rough on the feet if used outdoors for long distances. I'm looking for a city and country shoe.
Selling a fantastic pair of dark olive bison leather Ranger mocs. Size 9. Acquired last year, minimal wear. These are the best wearing mocs I've owned. True to size. The Ranger mocs are lined for structure, very soft. Reltex Aspen sole has a nice cushion and great traction. Made in Lewiston, Maine by Rancourt. Comes with original shoe box, both brown latigo laces and a red/cinnamon pair of latigo laces, plus their original shoe bags. Price is CONUS shipped FedEx second...
So on home insurance claims do people usually have to pay more deductible even if the claim check has it taken out already. Pay to the contractor as per law I mean. But it's already taken out of the check the insurance agency gave me so I'm confused. Any help or ideas are much appreciated. I had roof damage and after arbitration I received an award finally.
The patina, it looks like a replica Colt.I do leather work in the single action business but I'm not an expert.
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