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Hello there! Havent been active for awhile, reason being: I was abroad. Yes, I am Finnish.
Hello, Tried to search for a white loafers from mid-tier brands, but I was unsuccesful. I'm interested to find white loafers from Alfred Sargent, Barker, Cheaney, Church, Crockett & Jones, Grenson, Loake or Trickers. Please be free to suggest any other midpriced brand which have white loafers.
Quote: Originally Posted by cminor Go for accountancy if you want to be a financial controller. I have accounting as a minor. Anyway, financial controller was just an example. I thought there would have been more opinions regarding emerging markets vs US career-wise.
22-year old, soon to be M.Sc. majoring in finance and making plans for the future. Everyone around me are talking about emerging markets (BRIC etc.) and I started to wonder what about the good old land of hope United States of America. To put it short, I´m wondering what are the opportunities for a guy like me to land a decent +80k/year job in America in the next five years? Preferably something like a financial controller would be the job title. Yes, I do know what...
Basically just trying to get best value for my money. Most of all I care about quality of cashmere, since it will only show it´s true quality after some wear. Users with experience of D&G cashmere would be welcome and any comparison to other brands e.g. Nicolas Peal, Pringle, T&A etc. also. Design I can judge myself, but as said earlier quality is harder to tell before some wear.
To keep it simple. D&G cashmere pullovers any good for their price ca. 120$?
I was planning to order luxury set for myself until I noticed that shipping costs doubled the total price for me. Usually I´ve paid 10-40$ for shipping from US to Finland (North Europe) and I think that weight in this package ain´t significantly more than in my previous US orders. Is there anyway Hanger project could check better shipping price for me? I don´t care much about how fast it is or how easy it is to track, I just want my order under two weeks and without...
Quote: Originally Posted by otc People aren't going to do your homework for you. Most of the questions that get answered are simple little questions that are a part of something that someone is working on but they need a trick to make things easier (like an array function) and not a big cut and pasted homework problem go study Well, I´m not seeking straight answer just some basic tips on these assigments. Also, I´ve read the thread and...
Is my assigment too hard or is it just that people dont want to sacrifice time to answer it?
I have relatively little experience about excel and I would have to do these assigments by next Wednesday . 1. Write a Sub-procedure that writes to a spreadsheet named “Test” numbers from 100 to 1 into column A, starting from cell A5 downwards using Do…While-loop. Next ask the user to provide a number and put that number into cell E10. After that activate cell X rows up or down, Y columns left of right from E10 and copy the number to that cell. Get values for X and Y from...
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