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Svenn, are you in London by any chance? I have had horrible experiences with dry cleaners here. They are uniformly bad, and will just nod their head "yeah mate, yeah mate sure" when you give instructions, only to just throw whatever it was you were talking about into the pile with the rest. And I can't count the times my clothes have come back with new stains, after which I was blamed for them. It's shocking. US dry cleaners are no treat, but this.... Rant...
In Florence, Raspini can have some interesting stuff. Also try Michele Negri, which has its own line as well as Kiton. Also the leather school, next to Santa Croce, is a must .
FWIW, I was in the NY branch not too long ago. They seem to have moved out of making RTW suits, as the place was chock full of Isaia (at truly eye popping prices). Only a couple AC suits/coats to be found. The salesman intimated that the focus is on bespoke (maybe he said MTM), and the Isaia stuff was up because they needed something on the racks. Who the MTM is made by, I don't know!
Quote: Originally Posted by romafan Attachment 32574 Heh, heh, XL Holidays!
Second H&H. For the money, my grenadine H&H ties can't be beat. I wear a blue one as a "default" left in the office that gets worn 2 to 3x the frequency of my other ties, and it keeps on tickin'. I have some very nice grenadine (if not, they're very similar to grenadine) Charvets, which are nicer but more dear and more fragile. Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist Can't comment on the quality but Harvie and Hudson have a few grenadine knit ties...
Someone else on the forum mentioned Vintage Watch Restoration: I visited and bought on that recommendation, and the stuff there is brilliant for the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat I don't get the shoe obsession, either. Sure, they're important, but they fit off the rack. There's no challenge there. Off the rack? That's actually part of why I'm more of a shoe guy. I've always hated shopping, and with shoes you just go in look around, buy something, and if you like strap them right on your feet and walk out. I don't like waiting around for ages for even altered OTR suits, let...
I've actually wanted to buy them more because of the blue sole. Sadly, no opportunity to do so yet. But if the blue comes off on the floor, that's kind of lame. I always thought it was more dyed-in.
Didn't mean to! Just out of context it looked like all there was. Apropos of nothing really, I just got a new Delta Dolce Vita rollerball this morning. Enjoying it greatly so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by 518aata Yeah, blue hand is a pain, but it's worth it, because I get to use these beauties! These are all S.T. Dupont Montparnasse pens, which were made in the late 80s - early 90s. Nice! But I have to say this looks like the pen equivalent of mafoofan's one-shoe wardrobe.
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