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Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier The right photo is significantly better. My poor photoshopping skills aside, the smaller knot is simply more elegant looking compared to the clumsy windsor, which draws too much attention to itself. Don't agree. I think the proportions are more harmonious in the original.
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan Aren't B&C and M&M a similar price? B&C: £1950 + vat = £2292 M&M: £2124 + vat = £2495 It worked out to about £300 less than M&M.
Thanks, all. Resurrecting this post (again) to say that I finally went to Benson & Clegg. It's a split-the-difference. Made a last-minute decision to save the money on Meyer & Mortimer, but went a little above the price of Connock & Lockie and Sims & MacDonald. Very pleased with the results. Not as close-fitting a suit as some, but a relatively structured suit -- which is what I was looking for. Very personalised, with great customer service, and I think we can...
I'd have to answer yes to the OP's question. Ideally, I would like to have a leather sole. However the past few days here in London has pointed up the fact that much of the rubber soles are almost a necessity. I found myself crunching over a salty slush in leather soles. Cringing with each step thinking that at the end of the day I'd see the trademark white salty residue creeping through the leather above the sole -- something that I've found tends to mark the...
Thanks, all. Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Are these the semi-bespoke? I think they are. I didn't ask this time, but last time I was there I asked about these and IIRC that was the answer. Not a bad deal for around 250 quid. The other ones are, I believe, rebranded CJ Aintrees - edit: maybe not, looking at the Aintrees they have three sets of lace holes, not two. In any case, they look very similar. I was going to pick up...
Cleverley damage -- brilliant sale BTW, with substantial markdowns. Visited EG and CJ and the difference in what was available on sale was striking.
Pick a sacrificial tie, cut it in a spot which would normally be under the collar. Sew (or have sewn) velcro on both cut ends. Tie as usual. When the tie pops off, the perp will be befuddled long enough for a getaway. If you need more than one tie, repeat. edit... and CDFS beats me to the velcro trick!
I am liking these, if they ever get into 3 digits: Here: Someone put me out of my misery and buy them.
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 She can leave the boots on.
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